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Naruto 605 Prediction: CHANGE OF WILL

Naruto 605 Prediction: CHANGE OF WILL
(Scene Shows Kakashi still crying while his Raikiri is still intact on Rin's Chest)

Rin: Kakashi please dont cry, everything will be alright. At least I made my choice at the last minutes of my life.
Im free from this Cursed Ninja World. Lastly im glad to meet you, sensei and to where Im going now (Obito)

Kakashi: Im so sorry!! Its all my fault!! My promise.... i broken my promise to Obito.

Rin: You've done your will, To kill me and save Konoha and by controlling your emotions, your indeed a great jounin.

Kakashi: Please forgive me, also ask for Obito's forgiveness......

**My Prediction on Why Kakashi killed Rin is:
-Rin must be a spy from Iwagakure (Earth Country) (Where Deidara came from)
-Although Rin lately knew that she was from Iwagakure
-One jounin from Iwagakure (maybe her father) explaining that she has an timed explosive jutsu built in her body
-Since there is an ongoing war with the Earth Country (Like the incident ok Kakashi,Rin, Obito vs. Earth Ninjas)
-The Built in Explosive will be triggered by someone to blast off Hokage Minato Together with entire Konoha
-On the Last minute before the Trigger, she explains it to kakashi and taught that lightning jutsu can prevent the explosive when triggered** moving forward

(Scene Shows Obito Landed near kakashi/rin)

Obito: Thinking (Why??? Why??) You bastard!!!!, quickly attacks kakashi!!

Kakashi: Who the Hell are you!!!

Obito: Im the man who will kill you!!!,

(Scene shows handseals for Katon Jutsu)

Kakashi: Katon?!!

(Scene Shows Kakashi activated Sharinggan and making Hand seals)

Kakashi: Katon!!! Fireball Jutsu (this explains his sharinggan copying jutsu)

(Scene Shows huge numbers of Zetsu appears on land canvass)

White Zetsu: Ive told you to stay away from fight, and let me do the talking idiot!!!!

(Scene Shows 10 Zetsus attacking kakashi)

Obito: Ugh!!! my body!!!

(Scene Showing Zetsu armor is somewhat melting)

Obito: Ugh!!! my body is not yet capable of fighting....

(Scene showing Kakashi flew away due to huge number of Zetsu attacking him and plans to go back for Rin's corpse)

(Scene Showing Obito quickly grabs rin's body)

Obito: Ive got to be quick!!! The Mazo of that old hag may save Rin

(Scene shows Obito Talking to Madara)

Madara: I Taught youre not going back you little uchiha!!!

Obito: I want you to save her like what you did to me!!

(Scene shows Madara examining the body of rin from afar where he is sitted near the Gedo Mazo)

Madara: Hashirama Cells is no use to corpse, shes dead already. Im going back to sleep .....

Obito: Damn you!!! I said do anythinh to heal or to save her!!! You are the great Uchiha Madara you can bring her to life again.

Madara: How fool of you commanding what youve said the Great Uchiha!!, Indeed there is one thing to save her from death.

Obito: (Glares) Huh??? So do that to her, (Crying)

Madara: You see kid, that girl is lucky to have you. I will bring her to life but,,.... with my current condition i cant do that forbidden jutsu to bring her to life.

Madara: But I can do that sometime, if you will participate with my mission.

Obito: What mission, Ill do anything for her to lived.

Madara: You will retain my corpse hidden here and...... come on here lets talk.

(Scene shows Madara and Obito finished talking)

Madara: Little Uchiha!! i think its better to give back Rin's Body to Konoha

Obito: What?? Why should I, Shes the only Family I know lately.

Madara: Look to it!, Konoha will search for her body. Worst case, our plan will be ruined if the detect our hideout.


(Scene Shows Obito Finally decided to bring back Rin's Body, he put it where kakashi before was)

Obito: Im alive!! you knew im dead, but im alive!! (Crying) Im alive!!!!!!!!!

Obito: I swore to your grave, Ill repay every debt of kakashi to you,...... to us!!!!!!

(Scene Shows Zetsu recording Obito and Rins body)

(Scene Shows Madara at the hideout)

Madara: Everything is going as to Plan hahahah!!!

Madara: My rebirth will be soon!, and Konoha, no.... The Ninja world will be mine.. Wait for my greates forbidden jutsu where only Uchiha Madara created!!!!! hahahah!!!


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