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Naruto 608 Prediction:Bad news

Naruto 608 Prediction:Bad news
Kakashi: All this where the one who killed the mist ninja....I just..
Obito: Don't you get it Kakashi, me and Madara are trying to create peace. This is the only way it can work.
Kakashi: This isn't real though! If you bring Rin back with genjutsu, she will be nothing more than a memory, a false existence!
Obito: Easy for you to say, considering you never felt anything for her.'re wrong...after your death...Rin became more than a friend....
Obito: !?
Kakashi: Do you have any my life's been knowing that everyone on my team, including sensei were killed?
Obito: !! what?
Kakashi: Those mist shinobi were after her body, to experiment on her kekkei genkai.
Obito: *Rin had a bloodline limit?*
Kakashi: Her kekei genkai was a special recording property in her mind. She was able to record anything.
Obito: !? (Rin: I'm watching you)
Obito with a mad look
Obito: *that sounds very familiar*
Hachibi lands behind Kakashi and Gai
Gai: Bee-san!
Hachibi: Bee take over..fighting Madara in full beast form is a bad idea..
Bee: Ye I hear ya.
Bee lands near them.
Madara lands beside Obito
Madara: Obito, where is the 9 tails?
Obito: ....
Scene change to cubeland
Naruto: There has got to be a way out of here!
Naruto: !
Naruto notices a door.
Naruto opens it and steps inside.
Naruto: !? what the...
The room has sharingan everywhere, with Danzo's body on a desk
Scene switch back.
Obito: *I can't go and get Naruto yet, it's far too risky, and I can't use my sharingan while Naruto is in there..*
Obito: I'll bring the 9 tails here after I'm done with these three.
Black Zetsu appears.
Madara: Oh my, it's been a while.
Black Zetsu: Indeed, and Obito I have news, bad news.
Obito: Sasuke.
Black Zetsu: Yeah, he left the fort and destroyed everything in it.
Obito: Big deal.
Blaxk Zetsu: Everything.
Obito: ! Don't tell me..
Black Zetsu: Yeah, he killed the original white zetsu.
Madara: ...
Black Zetsu: That's not all, he teamed up with Itachi's Edo-Tensei and took out Kabuto.
Obito: *They managed to put down Kabuto?*
Obito: Where is Sasuke now?
Black Zetsu: That, is the bad news.
Obito: Tell me.
Black Zetsu: He's on his way with Suigetsu and juugo and.... Orochimaru.
Obito: !??
Kakashi and Gai: !?
Obito: That bastard, he just won't die. Zetsu, when you have the chance, kill them all.
Madara: Who is this "Sasuke" guy you keep mentioning?
Black Zetsu: A jr. Madara in my opinion kuku.
Madara: Leave him alive then.
Black Zetsu: Right.
Kakashi: Dammit...Obito, Madara, Sasuke and now Orochimaru....
Gai: Kakashi, we have to end this right here, right now.
Bee: I agree yo, I can even get Samehada lend you some of it's chakra yo!
Kakashi: that won't be see...I've already lost vision in my left eye...
Gai: !
Obito looks at Kakashi and see's a blurry image
Obito: *You too huh*
Gai: Then I'll have to step this up a notch. I can't keep holding back.
Kakashi: !
Gai: I'm opening the 7th gate, Bee-san you're my backup.
Bee: Right!
Gai: We hold the line here, let's go!
The Beasts attack!

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