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Naruto 607 Prediction: THE DREAM WORLD BEGINNING

 Naruto 607 Prediction: THE DREAM WORLD BEGINNING
 Tobi: Im the great Uchiha Madara.. and You are Nagato from Uzumaki Clan are you not??

Nagato: History says you are dead already, are you a fraud?? (Rinnegan activates)

Tobi: Oh hohoho! I know those Rinnegans, you should stay calm... I knew you assembled 7 man-team of yours starting with you, yahiko and the others..

Nagato: How did you?? such knew confidential details?? what do you want?

Tobi: Lets talk...

(Scene Shows Tobi, Zetsu, Yahiko, Nagato and the others talking in a cave)

(Scene shows flashback)

(Scene Shows Tobi speaking with Kisame)

(Scene shows Tobi holding the Mizukage under his genjutsu)

Kisame: This world is really full of lies indeed.. So you are controlling Mizukage from the very start...

Tobi: kukuku... You kisame, you will be the new wielder of the great samehada.

Kisame: And you are??

Kisame: Im Uchiha Madara.

Kisame: You're still full of lies... he's long dead..

Tobi: History says Uchiha Madara is killed by Senju Hashirama, is the story true?? or fruitful lies

Kisame: hows your proof hehehe..

Tobi: (Sharinggan Activated) (Tobi explains his goals in meeting he's dream world)

Kisame: I dont believe it, your dream world,, thats the place i want to be. hahaha.. Uchiha Madara.. so how do you plan to achieve it??

Tobi: come on now Kisame, lets talk

(Scene Shows Tobi and Kisame sitted on the dead body of Fuguki Suikazan)

Tobi: how did you killed Fuguki??

Kisame: its simple, he let his guard down although were comrades ahahaha

(Scene shows flashback)

(Scene shows Pain with Konan and Hidan talking in a hidden forest)

Hidan: Lord Jashin will be happy for this dream world we'll making, also is that girl of yours taken??

Konan: Shut up idiot!! (make hand seal) 1,000 folds of birds jutsu!!

Hidan: waaahhh... although im immortal it still hurts!!!!

Pain: Tsk... come on now..

(Scene shows flashback)

(Scene shows Pain & Kakuzu fighting in a dessert)

Kakuzu: (heavily breathing) this is the second time i fought hard since with Hashirama's time.

Pain: Same here, your the first capable in beating the 2 out of 6 paths of pain..

Kakuzu: Die you!!!! (Make handseals) Suiton Water Blast..

(Scene shows Kakuzu left with onyl 1 heart)

Kakuzu: I decided to test your faith and dedication with this Dream World that you are insanely thingking of.

Pain: Its insane if the effort is less, i needed you as a fragment in meeting this goal. Dream World awaits us.

Kakuzu (Choking with blood) ahehehee...

(Scene shows Flash back)

(Scene shows Deidara and Pain talking in a blasted house)

Pain: I know how you feel, your mastery of art is not acknowledge by your people

Deidara: For such idiots!! they dont know what art really is.... its a bang!!!

Pain: So... you coming???

Deidara: I should, I blasted those idiots already... Is that dream of yours doable??

Pain: in time..

(Scene Shows flashback)

(Scene shows Pain with Konan talking to Sasori in a hidden hideout near Sand Village)

Pain: So this puppet of yours and your forbidden jutsu makes you immortal..

Sasori: Apparently 90%, see my poison attach as my heart is not wood, its the only live attachment in my puppet-body.

Pain: Are you going back to sand??

Sasori: Miss my Old hag though.. but my emotions are long dead.. I just want to experience new things.. like your dream..

Pain: hmmm.

(Scene shows flashback)

(Scene shows Pain with Konan speaking Itachi Uchiha)

Pain: Are you sure you are joing this group??

Itachi: hmm.. I decided to join, so yes..

Pain: Rumors or may i say truth spread about you for killing the Uchiha Clan of the Hidden Village of the Leaf

Itachi: I put my memories and history far from my back..

Pain: I see.. so I think you and Kisame will do just fine..

Itachi: (Rumors also said Uchiha Madara lies within this group) (I guess this is a long observation and further findings)

Itachi: Sasuke....

(Scene shows flash back)

(Scene Shows Pain talking to Orochimaru)

Pain: Youre in...

Orochimaru: Yes.... (At last.... Uchiha Itachi) (Scene shows he's long tongue)

(Scene shows Orochimaru trying to get Uchiha Itachi's body)

Itachi: Your jutsu is no match for my sharinggan, Go home you low-levels or should I kill you for trying it second time.

Orochimaru: Ugh... The uchiha eye prowess... Ugh...

(Scene Shows Orochimaru left the Group)

(Scene Shows the gathering of Pain, Konan, Hidan, Kisame, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori and Itachi)

(Scene shows all the members standing on top of the Gedo-Mazo's Finger)

Pain: This will be the start of our journey, our longwait for the eternal peace. THE DREAM WORLD AWAIT US

Pain: First, we will gain money..

Kakuzu: yeah... first... could be mercenary hiring coming from us...

Pain: Second we will obtain the Bijuus to unleash the Juubi's power in meeting our goals

Hidan: Master Jashin will be happy...

Deidara: Shut the hell up!! or should my explosive clay will do the honors..

Hidan: Just try it you dirty scumbag.. come here already..

Kisame: Hey hey, both of you listen to our Leader.... hey!!

Pain: As our cloaks displays clouds that symbolizes all the tears shed during war, hatred and sufferings...


(Scene shows Pain and Tobi talking..)

Pain: So Madara... As planned, and as an acting leader for this group... I want to call this group...

(Scene shows Pain with the other members)


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