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Naruto 609 Prediction : The power of the 4 Hokages

Naruto 609 Prediction : The power of the 4 Hokages
Orochimaru: * No holding back this time, they're on full killer mode*
Tobirama creates a hand signs
Tobirama: Water style: Extreme water bullet jutsu!
Sasuke dodges it, Tobirama follows him with the bullet
Sasuke: *It's guided!?*
Sasuke activates Susano and takes the hit
As Sasuke does, Hashirama comes from the side and punches Susano
Susano shatteres
Sasuke: *He's strong!*
Sasuke: !?
Sasuek's feets are held down by Mokuton
Hashirama branches out trees from the fist he used to smash Susano, similar to Obito
Sasuke uses sharingan prediction to dodge most, but is cut by most.
Sasuke: Chidori Nagashi!
Hashirama is sent back and his mokuton is destroyed.
Sasuke reforms Susano and created an arrow aiming at Hashirama
Sasuke: !??
His Susano starts to be filled up with water.
Tobirama: Water style: Water prison jutsu!
Sasuke: *What? How can he create the water prison without actually holding it!?*
Orochimaru: I see, using the water in the air inside Susano, he's going to drown Sasuke inside it kuku.
Sasuke *Urrh..I can't move....or breathe...*
Orochimaru: Come now Sasuke...even old man Sarutobi was able to best these two...
Sasuke: Enton!
Orochimaru: !
The water around Sasuke starts to burn up with Amaterasu
Orochimaru: *He's using Amaterasu to burn away the water...not bad..he's certainly better than I thought*
Sasuke breathing and trying to get air.
Sasuke: !
Sasuke side steps the Enma staff which shatters his Susano again.
Enma's arm come out and grabs Sasuke by the throat.
Sasuke: Chi-dori!
Sasuke tries to cut his arm off with his Sword enhanced with raiton, doesn't work.
Orochimaru: You cannot cut or break the monkey king Sasuke...
Sasuke looks at Hiruzen.
Hiruzen is supporting the staff with one arm, his other hand starts to create hand signs.
Sasuke: *What? one handed hand signs? Just like Haku!*
Hiruzen: Swamp of the underworld!
Sasuke starts sinking in
Orochimaru: I guess this is where he dies...
Sasuke fully inside the swamp
Orochimaru: now..for his body--
Sasuke jumps out of the swamp, covered in electricity.
Orochimaru; Your raiton element sure is coming in handy here...
A kunai appears right near Sasuke's head but he dodged it
Sasuke see's that it was Minato who launched it.
Sasuke: I'll take you out first then! Amatera--
Minato appears behind Sasuke with a giant Rasengan
Sasuke: Did he, teleport!?
Orochimaru: There it is, Hiraishin lv2.
End panel has Sasuke being struck by Minato's Rasengan.
Chapter end.

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