Friday, 26 October 2012

Naruto 608 prediction: Narutos will

Naruto 608 prediction: Narutos will
naruto is full tailed beast mode biting onto madaras wood dragon

naruto, "its too strong i can't get free"

kurama, "naruto even with all my strength iam only half as powerful as i was"

naruto, "!? what do you mean you fed on my chakra right so your back to normal"

kurama, " thats not exactly what i meant the forth well your father sealed the yin part of my chakra into the death reaper seal so that actually made me half as strong as was"

naruto, "then what should i do?"

kurama, "retreat"

naruto, "no we can't do that if we don't defeat madara the world is over"

kurama, "no you will need a place to gather senjutsu"

naruto, "with sage mode alone i won't be able to defeat madara"

kurama: you don't know do you, the original user of sage mode was the granpa sage


kurama: but thats another story the thing is instead of using your chakra use mine this will not only increases my chakra but it will make me stronger than i was from the beginning

flashback shows naruto confronting nagato with a mixture of sage mode and kyuubi eye

naruto, "i remember that time....."

back to the present

naruto is seen going out of bijuu mode back into km version 2 with his head to the ground

madara, "so you finally gave up"

madara runs straight for naruto drawing out his sword

madara, "so long kyuubi boy no matter what you do your all the same"

naruto, "summoning no jutsu"

the whole area is filled with smoke from the summoning jutsu

madara, "what?"

suddenly out of the smoke something grabs madara

madara, "who are you?"

a toad form is seen in the smoke

toad, "ah naruto boy what have you gotten yourself into this time?"
the end.

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