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Naruto 608 Prediction: FULL OF LIES

 Naruto 608 Prediction: FULL OF LIES
(Scene shows Kakashi and Obito Talking)

Kakashi: Madara Brainwashed you did he??

Obito: He's the one that saved my life, After you got my other eye you really did not came back for my corpse at least.

Kakashi: .....

Obito: So how does the do-it-all ninja before speechless huh??

(Scene Shows Obito Making handseals)

Obito: Wood Release "Piercing Strike"

Kakashi: (Sharinggan Activates) it will not work obviously since its a kekkai genkai.

(Scene shows Kakashi is pierced)

Gai: Kakashi!!

(Scene shows Kakashi pierced is just a lightning bunshin)

Obito: Still the tricks... but it sure eat a lot of chakra did it not??

Kakashi: (heavily breathing) for sure my chakra for that bunshin is huge. But he can also use Mokuton and makes him an Uchiha with Senju powers..

Kakashi: So this moon's eye plan of yours will be a huge genjutsu for everyone, how come your are fighting to kill us with the five nations then you will revive everything on your genjutsu??

Obito: I just want to kill you for killing rin..

Kakashi: Its just a mistake, The reason why I killed Rin is because Rin is about to....

Obito: Stop!! I dont want to hear it.. its full of lies!! (Kamui Activates)

(Scene Shows Naruto and Madara)

Naruto: So this is the Jutsu that bound you Kurama before huh??

Kurama: Thats before yes, but now, since im with you as a jinchuuriki, my power is somehow quadrupled so NOT THIS TIME

(Scene Shows the Wooden Dragon is struck by Naruto Chakra and suddenly trees Sprouted on its body)

Madara: Unbelievable such life force that even kekkai genkai like mokuton can be advers its reaction

Naruto: I will say it once more, There is a lot of things that is passed on to me so I WONT FAIL!!!!

Madara: ahahaha your full of yourself, You people are easy to manipulate and easy to be carried by...

Madara: Im just testing the jutsu that boudn the Kyuubi before but I guess its useless now.

Madara: I congratulate you in unleashing the kyuubi's full power, but against an uchiha-senju enemy its still no match

Naruto: Your words is nothing to make us down you know

Kurama: Naruto keep focus, i think madara is up to something.

Madara: (Rinnegan Activates) from Hashirama, Konoha, Nagato and even Obito, you all are been used...

Naruto: You used Obito also??

Madara: Dream world huh??? ahahahah!!!! though its also a part of my goal...

Kurama: What goal??

Kurama: (thinking) is this the old hag sage of the sixth path speaking of "the destruction"???

Madara: With Obito's help or the Dream World he speaking off... you all people will be under genjutsu.. but my real plan or Uchiha Madara's Real plan is to get you all under genjutsu and take the bijuu's under control to unleash the juubi from the moon where it lies asleep..

Naruto: So you have different plan as the moon plan talked by Obito??

Madara: Lets say its a partial of it, After the Moon eye activates, Obito with the Mazo will revive me using the Rinne Tensei.

Naruto: Thats a lie, your alive at the first place by the edo tensei..

Madara: yes im alive but my real goal requires that im alive as a human being not like a edo tensei zombie.

Madara: After Im really alive, i will take all the bijuu under control to break the moon where the juubi lies asleep.

Naruto: No way!

Madara: Then with the Juubi awakens, and the help of Uchiha and Senju powers in me.... Like the First son and Second son of the sage of the 6 paths...

Kurama: Lets go naruto we cant win this war with just talking..

(Scene shows naruto flicker then punches instantly madara)

(Scene shows Naruto Punch is shielded by Madara's ultimate susanoo)


**Madara is using Obito from the first place, Dream World seems a Death World for everyone...

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