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NARUTO 608 Prediction:Naruto vs Madara

NARUTO 608 Prediction:Naruto vs Madara
Naruto: "Waaaaah waaaah, I'm the son of the 4th Hokage even though he was a bitch daddy"
Madara: "Lol oh that guy? There's a reason why I left Obito to him, take a wild guess"
Naruto: "Why?"
Madara: "Because he's a bitch that's why!"

Naruto rages and becomes a lil more stronger only for Madara to laugh at him.

Madara: "5, 4, 3, and 2. All of them were nothing to me, that's why I left my underling Oro to the 3rd(don't ask why, I had a hand in this somehow even though I was never even talked about until Valley of The End and Part2), Obito to the 4th, some of those Ninja dudes to the 2nd and whooped the whole current generation with my pinky"
Naruto: "I'm Naruto and I will be the next ho..."

Madara pimp slaps Naruto

Madara: "Yes son of a bitch, you will be my hoe"

-Obito vs Kakashi
Kakashi: "Obito, just wait. Rin was a..."

Obito gives Kakashi the Uchiha-fuck-you by performing some jutsu that I don't care to explain.

Guy comes to the rescue only to be tailed by Hachibi/Bee.
It is now Hachibi/Guy/Kakashi vs Obito.

Obito: "You let Rin die, despite in my flashback where you actually killed her!"

Obito rages similarly to how Naruto did when Madara mocked his pops.

Obito performs "MOKUTON: Wood Dildos," 1 old twig for Guy, a big ass huge tree 1 for Hachibi, and a dog-looking 1 for Kakashi.

Obito: "I will show you what Madara showed me"
Obito proceeds without any lube, only to be interrupted.

Termites start to eat the wooden creations, while some Dark pushes Obito back(badum tss)

Darui and some of the Aburame Clan have arrived.

Obito: "Lol, you guys interested too?"

Obito ponders whether he should try something, but goes ahead anyway.

Obito: "RINNEGAN: fawpoejsfkdjfwoajlefdsa Jutsu"

Something awesome happens, but words can't explain(oh bummer or Obama)

Then something else happens.
The surrounding area starts to grow large amounts of Trees creating a Large Forest. Obito looks at Madara, Madara looks at Obito.
Madara in thought: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..."
Obito in thought: "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..."

Naruto/Kurama chat

K: "Naruto, do you feel this?"
N: "Yes, I feel it in nuts Kurama. What is this?"
K: "Well unless you were born yesterday you'd know that the Senju Clan were called, "Senju Clan of the Forest."
N: "What? I never knew that. If so, why am I feeling like this?
K: "Well like your mother stated, Senju/Uzumaki share a common ancestor or are blood relatives depending on the scan group. When us Biju were chilling, there was a clan headed by some dude with a forehead protector. He was the younger son of the Sage. One day he exploded a huge load on a desert and out came a huge forest. Well it turns out that there was female chilling in that desert, and the load hit her in the right spot. She had red hair"
N: "No way, if that's so then I'm a Senju?"
K: "Yeah, I just confirmed it you dumbass"
N: "Wow, so that means someone is ejaculating right now?"
K: "So strong, yet so stupid. No you dumbfuck, there are Uzumaki on the way here. The ones that scattered across the globe. Not only Uzumaki, but some of the hidden Senju too"

Like little heads popping out, thousands of Gingers are seen surrounding the whole battlefield along with Greyheads and a few Blackheads.

Madara: "So it seems they have returned"
Obito: "It's like you planned, so I guess we should proceed with our counter?"

Madara creates more clones, Obito leaves.

Obito returns and does a Kuchiyose-no-jutsu.

BAM... 5000 Zetsu... yet something is different.

The Zetsu each have a single Sharingan. Scene shows the Sharingan Wall as empty. Shisui's eye is still chilling since it's crushed.

An Uchiha Revival vs a Senju Revival?

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