Thursday, 15 November 2012

Naruto 510: Awakening

*Juubi roars. There's a massive wave of chakra and everyone is struggling to keep on their feets. Madara stands up and breaks a smile. Meanwhile, Naruto, Kakashi, Bee, Gai and Obito stare with amazement*

Kakashi: Oo-obito, what assurance did you have that you could even control such a beast? Surely, this beast will either destroy everything or side with us as its the collective chakra of the remaining Biju who have complete trust in Naruto.
Obito: ... Heh. Did you really underestimate me Kakashi, don't you think I have a plan. You should have faith in your old friends.
Kakashi: ...
Obito: The Juubi can only be controlled by one who possess the Rinnegan. That is the purpose of my left eye.
Naruto: You idiot!
Madara: He's right you know, Obito
Naruto/Kakashi/Obito: ?!?!
Madara: I'll control the Juubi with my Rinnegan and put you all under my control. Either die or obey me.
Obito: ?!?! I was supposed to ...
Madara: Supposed to be the one who put everyone else to sleep? My dear child, you're grossly mistaken. You're just another one of my puppets. Don't worry though. You can see your beloved Rin again, although it will only be an illusion.
*Obito grows uneasy and starts to show his concern*
Madara: Oh well, knowledge and understanding are themselves ambigous and you can easily mistake reality with illusions. Therefore, it shouldn't really matter at all.
Obito: Madara, let me control this beast with you, its the least reward you could offer me...
*Obito is cut off by Madara*
Madara: Reward?! You insolent child!
Obito: ?!!
Madara: I gave you life when you were dead. I showed you the path that you were destined for. I made you who you are! Don't talk about reward to me. You are merely repaying a debt you owed me!
Obito/Kakashi/Naruto: ?!?!
*Obito begins to tremble*
Obito: ?!?!
*Obito turns around to see Kakashi's hand on his shoulder*
Kakashi: I'll protect you with my life old friend.
Obito: ?! .....
Obito: Kakashi .... you ...
*Madara suddenly creates a handsign. He takes control of the Zetsu goo attached to Obito*
Obito: .... !?
Madara:You didn't think I had a fail safe in place?
Obito: I .. I can't move, nor can I use my chakra!
*Madara suddenly teleports to where Obito is standing and rips out his Rinnegan*
Obito: Gahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto/Kakashi: ?!?!?!
Madara: I will not allow you to use my Rinngegan anymore.
*Madara smiles devilishly*
Madara: Play time is over!
*Madara heads towards the Juubi*
Kakashi: Obito, is this the peace you were looking for?
Obito: ...
Kakashi: Do you really think this is the peace that we deserve?
Obito: ... I would have made the world perfect ... I was going to make a world with you, me, Rin and Sensei!
Kakashi: But would you have been content knowing that the world was false? Obito, we deserve more than peace.
Obito: ....
Kakashi: We deserve the truth!
Obito: ?!
Kakashi: Obito, you have a choice now. A choice to be in a peace within a world of lies, or fight for peace in a world of truth.
Obito thinks to himself: Whats happening to me, my emotions, why...
*Obito sees an image of Rin*
Naruto: Hmm ... his emotions are changing Kakashi Sensei.
Kakashi: He's realised a truth he had long forgotton.
Naruto: Mr Obito ...
*Obito is on his knees having a breakdown, his hands on his head and his right eye wide open*
Naruto: I forgive you for hurting my parents
Obito/Kakashi/Kurama: ?!!??!
*Kakashi smiles*
Obito: Kakashi why are you doing this, why are you helping me. Trash like me doesn't deserv....
Kakashi: I don't abandon my friends!

*Naruto smirks*

*Obito becomes serious and clenches his fist*

Obito: Naruto, Kakashi. I have a plan. Follow me.

Last panel shows Obito and Kakashi standing together with caption: "Together, we are invincible"

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