Friday, 30 November 2012


*Darui, Mifune, Kitsuchi and Shizune step forward in line with Naruto*

Darui: Naruto you've done well now excuse me while I show them the power of Kumogakure!

*He makes hand signs and black lightning sparks wildly from his body*

Darui: The power behind this technique is that this lightning can travel along any surface! Black Lightning: Hunter wave

*the ground in front of him is shrouded in black sparks that travel at blinding speed towards the Juubi, crackling at its
underbelly causing paralysis in its arms and legs(if it has legs)*

Killer Bee: Yeah fool ya fool! When Darui's lightning strikes it's over for you!

Kitsuchi: Where is the tsuchikage, Naruto?

*Naruto looks angry and points to Madara*

Naruto: The one with the girly long hair defeated him and the rest of the Kages

Sakura: Tsunade...

Kitsuchi: Very well. Kurotsuchi?

Kurotsuchi: Lets do it dad

*she smirks and makes hand signs*

Both: Earth Release: Opening Earth Rising Excavation!!!

*The mountain spews lava underneath the Juubi it roars in distress*

Madara: I'll deal with this begins to make hand signs, Wood release: Grand-

*A sword slices right though him he is completely shocked a figure lands behind them*

Mifune: Don't underestimate the power of the samurai!

Obito: Tsk, you was careless Madara.

*another figure flash steps behind Mifune*

Lee: I managed to keep up with you in the 5th gate Mr. Samurai sir!

*The Juubi's tail attempts to whip them away but they are too fast, meanwhile back on the ground*

Naruto: Kakashi! Stay with Hinata so she can tell you when to use Kamui on Lee!

Kakashi: Naruto... the truth is, if I use that juts again, even with Sakura's healing it will be the end of me.

Naruto: I understand it must be some toll on you using it so much.

Hinata: Naruto! Something's coming!

*Madara's rinnegan is glowing and his hands have formed wood and melded with the ground, Mifune and Lee are lying on their backs unconscious next to Obito*

Madara: How dare you challenge my authority, this is how Hashirama defeated my full power Susano'o:
Wood style: Grand Obelisk Hell Bringer!


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