Sunday, 18 November 2012

Naruto 610 Another prediction

Dust is swirling around the Juubi who is crouched, seemingly ready to spring into action. It's ten-tails are whipping around, causing the smoke to flush over the distressed heroes.

Naruto: !

Kakashi: We were too late?

Gai (bloodied): Damn ...

Bee: I thought we stopped it!

Orochimaru: (Face blurs) This chakra ... ! It can't be.

Sasuke: (Turning slightly) What is it?

Suigetsu: Probably gonna try and take your body now ...

Juugo: (Kabuto is on his back) ....

Orochimaru: (Smiling) We must hurry. The end of the world is nigh.

The panel split's into a triangle showing Taka's faces, confused.

Sasuke: What are you talking about?!

Orochimaru: (Turns and his tongue rolls out) Can't you feel it, Sasuke-kun?

Sasuke:What? (Closes his eyes and focuses before opening them, a giant hand belonging to the Juubi crashing towards him)
__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

Naruto: (Grabs Kakashi) Move! (He jumps aside, nearly being flattened by the Juubi's palm)

Obito: (Phases through it)

The Earth sinks in, fissures tearing throughout the ground as it capsizes into itself. It quickly locates Naruto's position, willing it's tails upward only to have them crash back down onto him while he barely dodges, Kakashi flailing on his back.

Naruto: (Sweating and sorrounded by tails) That Sharingan it has must of predicted my movements, but still, I made it out alive.

Bee: (Shooting a bijuu-dama) Die Motha****a, die!!!

The black sphere races towards the Juubi which acts as red to a bull and it roars, the sound wave dispersing the bomb and slamming into the eight-tails chest, sending him backward through forest and Gai falling off of him.

Bee: Gyaah!

The Juubi's tails begin to pull, yanking the rock they were dug into out, the product, a ball the size of a mountain. Naruto forms tails out of the cloak and slams them into the mound to keep his balance. It flings the mountain towards Bee's location.

Naruto: Woah!

Kakashi: Kamui! (The two teleport away and they appear next to Gai whom they take in. The mountain crashes onto the eight-tails who screams in agony)

The Juubi begins to charge it's bijuu-dama which blots out the moon, cascading the area in darkness. It sends it to the Hachibi which has reverted back too Bee.


The explosion spreads miles wide and miles high. The tremor leveling the entire area, making everything sink inside itself. The United Shinobi Front who are nearly there see the explosion in the distance. The Kages all healed except Tsunade also see the explosion. Obito is now standing next to Madara

Madara: That's enough ... make it stop. Since your Rinnegan is directly tied to the beast, you can exert control over it.

Obito: (Show's his Rinnegan) The creature falls back into a crouch, waiting.

A spiral is seen in the middle of the destruction. Four individuals appear, Kakashi whose jounin vest is shredded and his mask gone. Gai who is covered in blood and sweat. Naruto who's left sleeve is obliterated and pants now shorts. And finally, Bee who was rescued but sunglasses gone and flash burned.

Behind them, join their friends who are ready for the final battle.

Sasuke: This is ...

Suigetsu: How the hell ... ?!

Juugo: So this is why we went to Konoha, hm?

Orochimaru: Ask them anything you want .... Sasuke-kun --- (Hashirama, Tobirama, Sarutobi, and Minato stand on top of a tomb) --- hahahahahahahahaha!

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