Thursday, 29 November 2012

Naruto 612 Predictions: Answers

Naruto: I'm glad you guys arrived. Perfect timing!
Naruto: Have you heard from Granny Tsunade and the......
*The Kages Arrive. A seems to be holding Tsunade unconsious and Sakura goes to help but then she sees that A is holding the other half of her body on his other arm.*
Sakura: Tsunade-sama!!!
*Shizune watches in disbelief*
Naruto: What the fuck happened?!
Gaara: Madara beat us to death but Tsunade saved our lives. Even after being cut in half she pulled an amazing jutsu.
A: She reversed her regeneration technique and applied to us instead before she died. She even managed to recover my arm.
Naruto:Granny......Tsunade.......I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!
Madara:Will you now? I doubt a incompetent fool like you could kill a god like me.
Naruto: Listen up everybody I need 8 minutes.
Shinobi Alliance: Well give you 8 minutes just make sure is not more than that.
Madara: Enough of this!
*The Jubbi launces small bijudamas at the alliance but Bee uses Samehada. Samehada restores Bee's chakra*
Madara: Well looks like you have some fight left.
Obito: That's the Samehada. It is a Biju killer so don't underestimate it while he wields that weapon. One of my strongest and most loyal associates wield it once.
*Naruto backs up and start absorbing chakra. He tells Kurama he has a plan. The Alliance starts launching attacks at the Jubii but they are futile. Samehada gives chakra to Gai and Kakashi. Jubbi is about to launch a huge Bijudama*
Bee: That shit is to big. I won't be able to block that yo!
*Out of nowhere a huge Susanoo arrives. Sasuke uses Amaterasu on the Jubbi's eye but Tobi absorbs it. Sasuke, Orochimaru, Jugo and Suigetsu arrive.*
Suigetsu: That shit is fucking huge!
Sakura: Sasuke-kun....
Kakashi: Sasuke...
Gai: Kakashi look!!!
Kakashi: Orochimaru?!
*Naruto senses Sasuke but Kurama tells him everything is Ok for now.*
Madara: What's this?! An Eternal Magenkyo Sharingan? Interesting.....
Tobi: Sasuke? Why are you here?
Sasuke: Shut the fuck up. I'm here for some answers and the all mighty Uchiha Madara is going to give them to me.

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