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Naruto 611 Prediction: Utterly Destruction

Kakashi and Naruto clone in sage mode are falling down from air, as Kakashi activates Mangenkyou Sharingan then he uses Kamui to bring out Hachibi tentacle from his Dimmension. Hachibi is reconstructed from Hachibi tentacle, while he is falling down from sky on Jyuubi head Hachibi creates Bijuu bomb aiming it at Jyuubi huge eye.

Obito(scared): *Damn it, I can't become intangible while being connected to Jyuubi* ?!
Madara(smirks): *it will be interesting to see what Jyuubi can do* Let's show them power, Jyuubi!

Falling down Hachibi launches his bijuu dama at Jyuubi big eye, before Hachibi Bijuu dama connects with Jyuubi, Jyuubi big eye flashes for second then releases it huge amount of chakra while Bijuu dama connects with Jyuubi big eye. Bijuu dama is being absorbed as chakra shield is created around all Jyuubi. While Jyuubi is absorbing Hachibi Bijuudama, Naruto sage mode clones creates six Fuuton Rasen shurikens, throwing one after one at Jyuubi head with Madara and Obito standing on it's head. Jyuubi notices Rasen shurikens are flying at it so Jyuubi waves his nine of ten tails to throw away all Fuuton Rasen Shurikens in different directions like they were flies, each one wipe out area in 100 m radius creating explosions. Three of them are thrown at Naruto in Kurama form as one is send back straight at Sage Naruto clone, Kakashi and Hachibi who can't stop firing bijuu dama at Jyuubi.

Sage Naruto clone: Damn, it!
Killer bee: shit !
Hachibi: *damn!*
Kakashi: Kamui!

As Fuuton Rasen Shuriken is about to connect with Kakashi, sage Naruto clone and Hachibi, Kakashi open black hole in air straight in front of incomming Fuuton Rasen shuriken, sending it to other dimenssion.
As Fuuton Rasen shuriken dissappear completly. sage mode Naruto clone charge at Jyuubi with stretching his both fist in Jyuubi eye direction while putting all his sage chakra in his both fists to use the most powerfull frog katas he can.

Sage Naruto clone: WHA!!!!!
Jyuubi: grr!!
Madara(looks serious): *this boy is so stuborn*
Obito(mad): *Damn it , I don't let you attack Jyuubi!*
Sage Naruto clone: Frog Katas!

As Naruto sage mode clone punch is about to connect with Jyuubi head, Obito is about to breaks connection with Jyuubi to try block Naruto attack suddenly Madara stops him putting his hand on Obito arm, then Both of them looks up to comming Naruto sage clone, Madara smirks for moment then when they are about to be hit by Naruto Sage mode clone with fist, one of Jyuubi tails block Naruto punch full force, which causes Jyuubi tail to get lower being pushed by Naruto powerfull sage chakra. Ground shakes a little under Jyuubi as Jyuubi deflect Naruto then throw him away by moving his tail. As Naruto clone out of sage mode is hit, he disappears, then Jyuubi finishes absorbing Hachibi Bijuu dama. After finishing Bijuu dama Jyuubi try to attacks Hachibi and Kakashi while Hachibi lands on ground wraps Kakashi with one of his tails to protect him from Jyuubi attack. Hachibi land on Jyuubi side as he is about to be smashed by all Jyuubi tails. Suddenly it is hit by hirudora full force which push it a little back.

Jyuubi: grr!!!
Madara(smiles): they are all stuborns!
Obito(mad): Damn!

Green aura emitting from Gai without pupils in his eye is shown as huge aura is still emitting from his body. After hirodura Jyuubi is shown not wounded with Madara and Obito on it's head. Hachibi catches Kakshi with tentacles then jump back to Kurama, but is being pulling in Jyuubi direction, as Jyuubi big eye glows.

Killer bee: Damn it !
Hachibi: This is bad !
Kakashi: Shit!

As Hachibi is being pulling by Jyuubi, Hachibi unable to oppose pulling force, throws Kakashi with all force to Kurama and Naruto with Gai. Kurama notices Kakashi send flying to Kurama so Kurama catches him. Meanwhile Hachibi uses his tails to attach itself to something but pulling force is too strong. Hachibi is being pulled with great force to Jyuubi, Kurama put Kakashi and Gai away, then charge at Jyuubi to save Hachibi. Jyuubi notices Kurama so it fire off it own bijuu dama, which forces Kurama to stop and envelopes itself with tails to tank Jyuubi bijuu dama. Gai disactivates inner gates to rest, Kakashi is tired from use Kamui on Hachibi, so he fall on his knees as well as Gai. While Hachibi is send flying by pulling force to Jyuubi, Hachibi charges it the biggest Bijuudama it have created by putting all power in int. Area around Kurama is covered by dust created by Bijuu dama. As Hachibi is about to get to Jyuubi position, it fire off his own lst bijuu dama, Jyuubi stops pulling and switches to absorbing Hachibi Bijuu dama. While Hachibi is keep using bijuu dama, suddenly it is catched by Jyuubi all tails. Hachibi with killer bee is too weak to release itself, while Kurama with Naruto uses chakra roar to clear up visibility limited by dust.

Killer bee: it is bad my mate!
Hachibi: We are in bad shape, bee!
Naruto: We need to do something to help bee and Gyuuki.
Kurama: they try to break us from Killer bee and Gyuuki, damn.
Jyuubi: Roargh!
Madara(smirks): Yes, catches, keep and absorb eight tails at right moment!
Obito: Eight tails will be finally captured!

After Jyuubi finish absorbing Hachibi Bijuudama, Hachibi is being pulled by Jyuubi tails close to Jyuubi head, where Jyuubi big eye begin to glow. Kurama chakra roar clears up dust, then he notices Hachibi in danger. Naruto disactivates Kurama form by switching to Bijuu mode then he flashes to Killer Bee and Hachibi, Jyuubi notices Naruto comming so it shoot laser beam at incomming Naruto, which forces Naruto to switch in full Kurama form and defend himself. Meanwhile from Jyuubi jaw many chakra shaped arms catches Hachibi and begin to absorb Hachibi chakra and pull him closer to Jyuubi jaw as it big eye is glowing. Hachibi uses ink to cover Jyuubi but Jyuubi push it away with push force. Hachibi unable to switches back to Killer bee or bijuu mode v2 is being swallowed by Jyuubi.

Killer bee: Let me go, fucking beast!
Hachibi: NO!!, cursed Jyuubi!
Jyuubi: Roargh!
Madara: heh, absorb it!
Obito: do it!

From some distance Naruto in Kurama form is shown, as he notices Killer bee in Hachibi from being swallowed almost completly.

Naruto(furious): NO!!!!
Kurama(looks sad): I won't let you Jyuubi to do it!

Naruto in Kurama form charges straight at Jyuubi with Bjuu dama forming in it's jaw, as Hachibi is almost completly swallowed. Killer bee is shown almost out of the hachibi, as hachibi is trying to protect his jinchurki, then before being completly absorbed Hachibi use last power to throw Killer bee to Naruto in Kurama form incomming. Naruto in Kurama form catches dying Killer bee, while screaming at Jyuubi , Madara and Obito. From backward Kakashi and Gai look sad as Hachibi dissappear in Jyuubi jaw.

Naruto: NO!!!!!!, fucking beast, fucking bastards, you will pay for that!
Kurama: Damn, I am sorry hachibi..., Naruto, you need to calm down or ...
Naruto: I know..., but I am really mad, I can't be calm!
Kurama: You have to calm down, so we will beat them somehow.
Naruto: kh!!, ok, I will fight with all my power!

Madara: Finally it is done, only nine tails left.
Obito: Exactly, but we should do moon eye plan right away, why wait?!
Madara: Easy Obito, everything needs to be done in right time
Obito: That why you didn't catch eight tails and Nine tails earlier ?
Madara: No, I didn't know their strentgh, I was revived and forced to fight 5 kage in compare to man who has a lot of time, and rushed everything!
Obito: *Damn you, Madara*, whatever.
Madara: *he begin to think too much* hmpf.

Suddenly Jyuubi all body begin to glowing, and it is glowing more and more as Obito and Madara are little suprised. Naruto with Kurama feel Jyuubi power raising a lot after it asborbed Hachibi. Jyuubi begin to break Madara and Obito control over it, as ground begin to shake as well as powerfull blows of winds create around Jyuubi and push everythinh away.

Madara: Time to catch nine tails!
Obito: exactly
Madara: ?!
Obito: ?!

Jyuubi beigin to glowing and emiting more amount of more powerfull chakra, makes ground shakes ass well ass blows of winds comming from it.

Madara: Beast is releasing itself now!
Obito(show fatigue on his face): Damn!
Madara: shit!
Obito: shit!

Madara and Obito dissconnect themselves from Jyuubi then Madara dissapear slowly as his part of body dissapear, Obito use Kamui to get away as Jyuubi blows up everything, creating enormus epxlosion around itself, destroying everything in its way. Naruto dashes fast to kakashi and Gai then protect them with Kurama shroud, while having problem to keep stand alone from Jyuubi power.
Alliance shinobi are shown jumping from tree to tree as they feel powerfull vibration and after schockwave comming to them force them to stop runing and protect yourself with all jutsu.

Everyone: We will get there soon.
Everyone: ?!

Forest and everything around is suddenly blown and pushed away straight at Alliance shinobi comming.

Darui: Shit!!!
Kitsuchi: earth release: earth gate!
rookies: ARGH!!!! *Damn it, at this rate we will never go to Naruto, these monster powers are still comming!*

Elsewhere Sasuke and Orochimaru are shown jumping from tree to tree as we see fragments of Konoha buildings ahead of them.

Sasuke: *I wonder what Naruto is doing now...*
Orochimaru: We are almost there, Sasuke.
Sasuke(cut from his thinking): ?!, finally(smirks).

Suddenly Taka and Orochimaru feel powefull vibration reaching them, so they have to land on ground and defend yourself against weak schockwave reaching so far.

Sasuke: What is that ?!
Orochimaru: No way?!
Suigetsu: argh!!
Jyuubi gah!!

Karin is shown close to rest of Taka team and Orochimaru, while she protect herself under tree from schockwave comming in her way.

Finally scene switches back to Jyuubi.

All battlefield is covered by dust floating everywhere after powerfull explossion Jyuubi created. Naruto is shown in Kurama form whit Gai and kakashi while Madara appear slowly, as his cells body slowly appear, connecting with itselves as Obito appear from vortex. Madara and Obito looks serious with their Rinnengans glowing.

612 - The truth is revealed

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