Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Naruto 611 Prediction: Unstoppable

Naruto 611 Prediction: Unstoppable
*Madara looks up with an uninterested look on his face, just as Hachibi fires his BIJUUdama

*The BIJUUdama is inches away from the Juubi's eye.....and then it suddenly stops there

Kakashi, Naruto, Bee: ?!!

*Kurama squints his eyes

*The Juubi emits a shock wave from the centre of its body, like a circle of repulsive force expanding outwards

*Hachibi, Kakashi and Sage Naruto are all blown away

Kakashi, Hachibi, Naruto: aaaarrrrgghhhhhhh!!!

BM Naruto: Tha......that was.....!!

Kurama: So it's true after all.

Inside Naruto: What are you talking about?!

Kurama: Naruto, I should have told you this......much sooner, but I didn't believe it myself.

Naruto: What?

Kurama: That beast has some of the same powers as Nagato's Tendo.

Naruto: You mean......

Kurama: Yes....the gravitational force...of the Earth itself! And it's on a completely different scale. What he used just now, was probably just a warm up.

Naruto: !!!?

Madara: That was a pretty good strategy, but it's all useless.

Obito: That was too close, *looks at Madara* we could have been obliterated.

Madara: You underestimate me, nothing can escape these eyes!

Obito: Then why don't you end this game already?!

Madara: Relax Obito.....have a little patience, the world belongs to us now....nothing can stop the Juubi, even the Rikudo Sennin couldn't.

Obito: Hmph...

Madara: I'm curious though.....*turns his head to look at Obito* How does that man possess the Mangekyou Sharingan?

Obito: *Looks down, then straight ahead* That's none of your concern, more importantly, let's finish this.

Madara: *Smiles* Fine then.

Inner Naruto: So we have to attack him during his 5 second recovery time right....just like Pain?

Kurama: I'm afraid not, that thing doesn't have a recovery time. It's virtually unstoppable!

Naruto: Whaaaaaaat?! Then how are we supposed to.......?!

Kurama: We should have never let those two move on top of that thing!

Naruto: You mean....

Kurama: Madara and that other guy are controlling its every move, otherwise the Juubi wouldnt even bother with us. In order to do something about the Juubi, we've gotta sever its link from those two first.

Naruto: Right......gotcha!

Kurama: Naruto! Dont tell me!

Naruto: Yeah!

* Hachibi and Kakshi are shown recovering*

Kakashi: Ughhh....is everyone alright?

Bee: Yeah....somehow......Naruto?

*Sage Naruto is standing in front of them with a confident look on his face, smiling, looking at the Juubi*

*Madara and Obito are shown from behind, standing on the Juubi*

Madara: So then...how shall I......!!!!??

*Madara and Obito hear running footsteps coming from behind them, they both turn around*

Madara: When did he.....?!

Obito: !!

*A Sage mode Naruto is running at them from behind, with a Rasengan in each hand*

SM Naruto: Konoyaaaroooo......!!

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