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Naruto 614 Prediction: Little hope appear in overhelming darkness

Madara is shown grab Obito hand, to don't let him finish jutsu which could release Jyuubi. Madara has serious look on his face, while Shinobi are schocked and scared by turns of events.

Madara: I see, so it was plan with double possibilites of plans B in case it could fail. Impressive. *So they tried to stop our movement, assuming that one of us will be forced to stay on Jyuubi, so they take over mind two of us, and looking for answer how to stop Jyuubi, but I predicted it, and disconnected himslef from Jyuubi so they was forced to fight, while yamanaka clan was searching for way to stop Jyuubi. Unlucky for them I noticed Obito doing jutsu, so I stopped him, but even now they have backup plan as they try to use Obito to overpower me to do this jutsu. They certainly think that I won't hurt Obito in fear of his life, so they can attack me in meanwhile *

Madara: heh, Really amazing plan, whoever created it. I am impressed but...
Everyone: ?!
Madara: Wood release: piercing root !
Yamanka clan ?!
Yamanka Clan: argh!!!!

Obito body is shown being impaled by many roots, everyone is schocked as Yamanka clan shinobi are bleeding a lot, a with every moment they loose a lot of blood. Madara is shown with serious face while looking at them.

Everyone: ?!
yamanka clan(coughs blood): gagh! egh! ugh!! shit!
Madara: so evil strategy to use one of us against other, but I am not fool. I fast realized that Obito is controlled, so while being controlled yamanka clan body will feel everything want expieriece controlled person right.(evil smirks)
Madara: I will finish you !

All yamanaka clan shinobi: break connection with Obito, now !!

Madara stops root about to pierce Obito body in last second, after Yamanaka clan Ninja come back to their body, Obito begin to slowly restore his consciousness. Madara connect himself to Jyuubi again. While Obito is coughing blood and looks his wound on his body.

Obito: ?!
Obito(coughs): Argh!!, geh!! , kargh!!, what did just happen to me
Obito(turns to Madara): How can I be so wounded..., Madara you ?!
Madara(turns to Obito with serious face): yes I pierced you with wood release.

Obito is shown slowly regenarating with wounds making smaller but very slowly
Obito: Bastard, so you betrayed me !
Madara: No fool, you was controlled but these guys(points at Yamanka clan shinobi laying on ink birds while suffering), they almost made you release Jyuubi.
Obito: What ?!(suprised and mad)
Madara: You can only blame yourself about what happened to you, Obito. They almost destoryed your plan.
Obito: Understood, but I told you to kill them fast, and now ?!
Madara: Now, you told me to begin Mugen Tsyukomii right away, now you see how dangerous they are, I was right and you was wrong simple.
Obito: Whatever, Now you will control Jyuubi and I will kill them(looks at yamanka clan shinobi) *Shit, my regeneration is so slow, and I feel almost chakraless, this is bad*
Madara: Before you go, take this, Obito

Madara comes to Obito then put one of his hand on Obito transfering great amount of chakra to him. Obito is slowly recovering and feeling better.

Obito: Thanks for chakra Madara, but you need some to control Jyuubi.
Madara: Obito, I am immortal with infinite amount of chakra, because I have limited amount of chakra I can have but this chakra is restoring in mere few seconds at most half of minute, and I am full power again.
Obito: Ok, you are right. Enough!, I am full power now again, take care of Jyuubi while I will kill yamanka clan shinobi and these Nara clan too !
Madara: Won't fail again, Obito.
Obito: hmpf !

Madara is connected to Jyuubi, while Obito looks serious at Yamanka clan shinobi suffering on ink birds with his MS glowing reddish. Madara break Kage Mane no jutsu by sending powerfull schockwave in circular way make it expanding in add directions, which push them away,send them flying in rocks.

4 of 5 kages are shown jumping thorught tree to tree in battle against Jyuubi direction as we can see huge smoke comming from far distance away in background. Raikage, Kazekage, Mizukage and Tsuchikage are shown all healed and being back at full chakra.

A: I wonder what just happened after our defeat !!*cursed Madara*
Onooki: I wonder, this shockwave abd vibration comming from this direction make bad feeling for me.
Gaara: I Hope, Naruto and everyone else is alright.
Mei: They can wait for our support.

Inoichi: Raikage-sama, Tsuchikage-sama, Kazekage-sama, Mizukage-sama !
Kages: ?!

Inoichi: I have to inform you about situation, there is really bad, for now Naruto can fight with Kurama along because Kurama is recovering, same with bee. Alliance shinobi arrived just one hour ago, but there is great amount of dead shinobi already. Opponents are Madara, Obito Uchiha restored by Madara and Jyuubi icomplete form !

A: Madara !, but Jyuubi, Naruto and Bee are alive so what that can mean ?!
Onooki: They found way around to ressurect in without hachibi and Kyuubi chakra !
*Madara, for him there is nothing impossible to do*
Gaara: We need to hurry up
Mei: They need us there !

Kages: Let's speed up! *wait for us everyone, we are comming to help!*

Sasuke , Orochimaru, Suigetsu and Jyuugo are shown in know temple, Naka shrine, they are all standing before Uchiha tablet. Sasuke with activate EMS is reading Tablet, while everyone else chill out or look around. Inside Temple two torches placed on wall, one of left side of Uchiha tablet, second on right side of Uchiha tablet throwing a stream of light on Uchiha Tablet for Sasuke to read. Torches with fire on shining all room where they are.

Orochimaru: so, Sasuke. Did you find it ?
Sasuke(stops reading): Yeah, although no everything is clear to me, because I couldn't read some of words, strange...
Orochimaru: it is because EMS is not final stage of dojutsu, Rinnengan is final form !
Sasuke: ?!, Rinnengan, but how can I get it then ?!
Orochimaru: I have certain hipotessis, but we can't be sure. We will back to this topis after You will done what you want.
Sasuke: alright

Sasuke gives something Orochimaru then, Sasuke take few step back as Orochimaru put scroll on ground while doing Edo Tensei, Suigetsu has creppy look on his face, Jyuugo stay unfazed as well as Sasuke.

Sasuke: Let's begin
Orochimaru: You are impatient Sasuke-kun,kuku. Edo Tensei !
Sasuke: ...

Casket appear from ground then it open and reveal Elder Son Sage of six paths. Eleder son take few steps forward the look at Orochimaru then at Sasuke.
Elder Son: Impressive, to summon me via this jutsu...
Orochimaru: kukuku
Sasuke: This jutsu *So Orochimaru didn't create it?!*
Elder Son: what do you want from me young one ?
Sasuke(activates EMS): I want a answers !
Elder Son: about what ?!
Sasuke: what is village, clan, everything !
Elder Son: interesing, your eyes are similliar to mine. Ok, I can't give these answers but I know who can give you these answers ....
Sasuke: Who ?!
Elder Son(with glowing eyes): My father obviosly, Sage of six paths !
Sasuke: How can I talk to him !
Elder Son: You need two things to do it before, First condition: You have to turns your eyes in Rinnegan, second condition: You have to find Senjuu tablet too, then summon my younger brother, only I and him can break spell which keep our father from this World. He can't be summoned via Edo Tensei, or revived.

Sasuke: Then I wil find this Senju tablet and do it !
Sasuke: I will meet Sage of six paths and get my answers!
Sasuke: But first, how can I get Rinnengan !
Elder son: Listen exactly what i will say, young one.

Last scene shows Sasuke smirking, Orochimaru licking his face, Suigetsu scared while Jyuugo looking around in temple, then Elder brother begin to his speech.


615 - Searching for Senju Tablet

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