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Naruto 611 Prediction: TRUST

Naruto 611 Prediction: TRUST
Kakashi : Bee!! Hachibi!!
KB : Opreation Octopus-Pot! Not a Porn Star But I ain't shy...
(Kakashi Kamuis' Hachibi loaded with TBB directly from above)
Hachibi : ....Here's a money shot right in your eye!!
Naruto/Kurama : Yeah!!
Gai : Ohh!!
Obito/Madara : ?!!
Madara : Persistent brats!! (grins)
KB : FIRE!!!
(The TBB blasts off and spreads rapidly as soon as hits)
(Whole area is covered with smoke while the tails of the Juubi swings in the air)
(Suddenly the smoke blows away from the Juubi)
Obito/Madara : SHINRA TENSEI!!!
Hachibi : Hmm?!! Everyone get back!!
Kakashi/SM Naruto : ?!!
KB : F**k!!
(Holds one of the spikes of the Juubi with the tails and swings away from the Juubi)
(Holds Kakashi and SM Naruto from back into his arms and are thrown away due to the impact)
Kakashi : [This is the Jutsu to repel everything away.] KAMUI!!
(The three of them are sucked into the portal)
(KM Naruto tries to block the impact with its tails but is thrown away)
(At the same time, Kakashi and others teleports on the battlefield but gets caught in the impact and are thrown away along with KM Naruto)
SM Naruto : Kakashi Sensei!!!
Kakashi : [Damn it!! I must use Kamui at correct timings]
(jumps off along with SM Naruto and manages to land. KM Naruto lands near Kakashi)
SM Naruto : That thing has no effect at all.
Kakashi : They might have used the repelling jutsu before our sneak attack.... And..
KM Naruto : And that tube thing at the back of their neck connected with the Juubi allows them to control it.
(Everyone looks at the cord connecting the Juubi with Obito and Madara)
KM Naruto : We must separate them.
Gai : I'll do it.
Naruto : ?!!
Kakashi : ?!! Gai, you won't be able to do it in your condition.
Gai : Kakashi, I'm fine. (gives a thumbs up and a shining teeth smile)
Kakashi : But yo-
KM Naruto : Don't worry about him. I already gave him some of my chakra.
Kakashi : Alright then. I have a plan.
KM Naruto : Will it succeed?
Kakashi : Well... can't say. But, Naruto... as your Sensei, I always believed in you.... Now then Lets do this Gai!!
Naruto : ?!!
Hachibi/KB : .....
Gai : OK!!
Obito : What are they up to now?
Madara : Nothing can touch us. Don't Panic.
Gai : Eighth Gate : Gate of Death... Open!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
Madara/Obito : ?!!
Kakashi : Are you willing to die so early?
Gai : ....Not at all!! (The blue chakra mixed with the burning sweat releases out of Gai as he moves)
Naruto : Woah!!
KB : Cool!!
Madara : What kind of jutsu is that?
Obito : That's a Taijutsu technique. The Eighth Gate of the Eight Gates. Even I don't have any intel on this.
Madara : Hmm?!!
Kakashi : Naruto, Bee... Wait for my signal.
Naruto/KB : Roger!!
Kakashi : Are you ready Gai?
Gai : Whenever you are!!
Kakashi : [Lets do this!!]
(raises his hand and shows the fist and then points two fingers {the index and the middle finger} at Obito and Madara)
Gai : Hmm!! Okay!! Lets do it!!
KB : What was that?
SM Naruto : Don't know. This is the first time I see Kakashi Sensei acting like that.
(Kakashi and Gai dashes towards the villains)
(Gai moves ahead with lightning speed and circles around Obito and Madara creating a wall of sweat and chakra mixed odour)
Gai : Feel the Youth!!
(Suddenly one cord comes out from the Juubi and is about to wind up Gai into it)
Gai : ?!!
Obito : One down!!
(looks at Naruto & Bee)
Naruto : Super Bushy Brow Sensei?!!
KB/Hachibi : ?!!
???? : Not so fast!!
(A portal opens rapidly in between Obito and Madara standing, before time to act)
(Kakashi, Kakashi's clone and Gai pops out of the portal)
(Kakashi punches Obito and Gai punches Madara directly on their face hard)
(At the same time, Kakashi's clone with Lightning activated in both hands cuts both the cords)
Obito/Madara : ?!!
Obito : So they intend to separate us from the Juubi.
Kakashi : Yeah.
Gai : This is our secret combo move Rock, Paper, Scissor!!
Obito/Madara : ?!!
(Tries to link up with the Juubi by popping out two new cords)
Naruto/KB : ?!!
KM Naruto : They hit from the middle. (remembers Kakashi's actions) So that was the line of action.
SM Naruto/KB : ?!!
SM Naruto : What do you mean Kurama?
KM Naruto : Kakashi showed his fist first and then pointed at the two brats. He meant to say Rock and Scissors. So the only remaining was Paper. And Gai understood the Paper part.(Rock,__?__, Scissors) Their teamwork is good and they both trust each other.
Kakashi/Gai : I won't let you...
(Both Kakashi and his clone holds Obito and teleports away before the cord connects)
(Gai lands a hard kick on Madara, but the cord connects to Madara)
(The kick damages Madara's right side, but the chakra absorbed through the cord heals him at faster rate)
Gai : Shit!!
(Before Madara acts, Gai jumps back)
Gai : Naruto, Bee!!!
(KM Naruto and Hachibi dashes towards Juubi)
----------KAMUI's DIMENSION----------
(Kakashi, Kakashi's clone and Obito lands in the dimension)
(Kakashi's clone poofs away)
Obito : You Bastard!! You think you can stop me by teleporting to this dimension?
Kakashi : No... Are you in a hurry to bring your plan to fruition?
Obito : Are you mocking me?
Kakashi : No. You're not a hasty kid. I guess.
[I read their words through Sharingan.
Obito : Madara... You just want to play with our new toy, right? That's why you intentionally... Just like a Kid.
Madara : You're wrong... The Kid... is the one who can't wait to get started.]
Obito : I'm not. [But....]
[Obito : I want to start the ritual for the Infinite Tsukuyomi right away.
Madara : ...It will take us time to prepare the Moon for a Genjutsu of that scale... They will, without a doubt, interfere....Things will proceed a lot smoother for us if we take care of them with the power of the Demonic Statue first. Do you not agree?
Obito : .......]
Kakashi : Are you sure?
Obito : Ok, I'll fight you here and kill you so that not even your comrades get your corpse back.
Kakashi : ......
Obito : Only one of us will leave this dimension. And that's me.
Kakashi : [This is it then]
(Both the MSs are focused)
----------REAL WORLD----------
Madara : (looks at Naruto and Hachibi dashing towards Juubi) [So now I can finally capture these brats with all might without Obito's interference]
[Obito : I want to start the ritual for the Infinite Tsukuyomi right away.]
Juubi : (growls louder)
Madara : (grins) [And that cheap plan. I suffered a lot to reach my goal and yet he still did not understand that this world is FULL OF LIES...even my spoken words]

(Is Madara planning to betray Obito)
(Who will leap out from Kamui)

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