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Naruto 611-12: Kurama’s Techniques

Naruto 611-12: Kurama’s Techniques
Naruto is watching from a far in Kurama mode as the attack plays through.

Naruto(clone), “you Okay Sensei?”

Kakashi as the last bit of Hacibi exits his Kamui, “yes, Kurama right? Well he gave me a lot of Chakra being in his cloak for that time and when he threw me at Obito.”

Bee(Hacibi body), “You hard to die, but here’s mud in your eye!”

As the Bijuu ball impacts Kakashi and Naruto are still descending upon the Juubi and Hacibi is coming down with a two handed club blow.

Juubi, “roar!”

Two tails block the blow from Gyuki, and the Juubi is absorbing the Bijuudama.
With other tails it grabs Gyuki , Bee/Hacibi tries to fight back with it’s tails.

Naruto(clone) and Kakashi land near Madara and Obito.

Madara, “persistent aren’t you. Are you sure those were the Kages I fought before or just decoys. You seem to be giving me more trouble.”

Naruto(clone), “you watch your mouth, I haven’t forgotten about them, you show some respect!”

Clone jumps in the air towards Madara and Obito.

Kakashi, {what kind of attack Is he planning?!}

Obito, “foolish, never lose your head. That’s how you make mistakes.”

Obito, “fire style: giant fireball jutsu!”

Naruto(clone) cracks a smile then a great puff of smoke occurs when the fireball reaches him.

Naruto(Kurama mode), “they are buying us time but we gotta come up with a plan. Hey Kurama I got a question though?”

Kurama, [what is it?]

Naruto, “how come it looks like that, I mean you guys don’t look like that, didn’t you come from that thing?”

Kurama, [thing is right, it is just a thing right now. Father created us using the chakra, the pure energy of the Juubi, we have no memory of being it but we know it when we see it. If me and Gyuki were part of it it would be in it’s complete form, it would look a bit more like me actually.]

Naruto, “wow, okay, also why don’t you know any cool stuff like the other Bijuu? You know like the ink stuff and hiding in it’s tail thing that Gyuki can do.”

Kurama, “what?! Cool stuff, your such a kid, I just started being nice to you. Now you want to see my techniques?! Fine, let me take control, do a full transformation for a while, you think of a plan.”

Naruto, “uhm okay, sure.”

AS he says that the Naruto standing on his head disappears.

The body of Kurama starts changing when we see a full picture of a flesh and blood Kurama.

As that happens we see smoke clearing where Obito is caught under the foot of Gamabunta, whom Naruto summoned just before the impact.

Kakashi, [wow, his summoning skill is amazing, I didn’t even catch it.]

Flash back, moments earlier:

Smoke appears as the flame impacts.

“water bullet!”

A huge water bullet emerges taking out the flame.

Gamabunta landing, “what do we have here?!


Madara, “as long as you are connected to the Juubi you cannot use that favorite jutsu of yours. I would help but I must control the Juubi. You can handle this right?”

Obito, “looking up at Madara, of course.”
The root detaches from Obito and he phases into the Juubi and rises close by.

Gamabunta, “what the hell is this thing I’m standing on Naruto?”

Naruto, “it’s the Juubi, the ten tailed beast!”

Gamabunta, “first the one tails, now the ten tails, the beast of legend? Who do you think I am the old man? I can’t be bothered with this troublesome matter.”

Obito, “then allow me to get rid of you.”

He begins to use the Kamui on Gama.

Kakashi, “Naruto get off, quick send him back!”

Naruto clone disperses and Gama pops out before getting sucked in.

Obito, “just me and you, again. I will kill you now, then begin the ritual.”

Kakashi just looks and steadies himself.

Voice from off panel, “Fox Hole technique!”

Madara, “?!”

Suddenly the Juubi seems to be falling into a huge hole. Everyone gets knocked off there feet when it lands.

Madara, “what is this?”

He and Obito look up to see that they are miles down.

Obito looks shocked , “I can’t use my jutsu!”

Madara looks at him then looks around, he changes to EMS, nicely done.”

Obito, “at least we have the 8 tails, we can …”

Madara, “no, I doubt we still have him. I am sure we still posses the Juubi, but the 8tails is gone.”

Obito pointing at Hacibi being held by the Juubi, “look he is right there, what’s wrong with you?”

Madara, “where is your Opponent?”

Obito, “what?”

As he turns.

“lightning blade!”

We see Kakashi stabbing him with Hacibi freed from the Juubi and Kurama smiling with a sinister scowl. He and Gyuki are fighting the Juubi.

Gai is jumping onto Gyuki, “what just happened? Seemed as if they were in a Genjutsu, but how?”

Gyuki, “Kurama used his fox hole technique, he is a master at trickery and illusions. He used be quite a menace when we were kids, pulling all sorts of pranks on our father and us.”

Gai, “hmmm, interesting.”

Madara whom was standing still as well, “I see, you never told me about that 9 tails. Any other tricks you have? Well I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

A storm of several Meteors are seen coming down.

Gai, “damn.”

Gyuki, [we gotta change back Bee, I’m too big a target for those things!]

Kurama, “okay, you think you have power Uchiha brat!?”

Bee, [wait a minute, Kurama bout to get it!]

Gyuki, [huh?]

Kurama let’s out a huge roar that shakes everything.

“Tail slice!”

He waves his tails as he roars and the meteors are destroyed. Sending much rubble to the battlefield.

Obito is holding his wound, “damn you Kakashi, you think you have beaten me?”

His wound was on the Zetsu side and healed itself right in front of Kakashi.

Kakashi, “Dammit. You are more resourceful than you used to be.”

Gai, “I bet Madara can’t use his jutsu while he is controlling the Juubi, probably takes his concentration.

Naruto, [I got it! Now it’s my turn Kurama.]

Suddenly Kurama changes back to the Chakra mode with Naruto on his head. He appears beside Gai and Gyuki with Kakashi in his chakra cloak.

Naruto, “I have an Idea, on how to get rid of Madara for good and the Juubi!”

Kakashi, “well we trust you Naruto, we will follow your lead!” {I have faith in you}

Madara, “Obito, why don’t you take care of them while I prepare the ritual, I have the Juubi by myself for now.”

Obito, “sure, soon as I am done the ritual should be well on it’s way.”

He teleports.

Kakashi sees this, “here comes Obito.”

As the Kamui swirl opens Kakashi jumps out of the cloak and faces Obito.

Obito, “I will kill all of you, then my new world will…”

Madara from a far, “be nothing but a child’s dream!”

Obito, “what?!”

Madara, “I have the Juubi now, I am going to show this world the power of the Uchiha!”

As Obito is distracted Gai tackles him and they go through a kamui Kakashi made.

In the other dimension.

Obito, “you?”

Gai, “you couldn’t beat me before so I figured I had the best shot, let’s go!”

Obito, “I supposed Kakashi is waiting for me with a chidori or Naruto with a rasengan if I don’t huh?”

Gai says nothing just takes his stance.


Madara, “oh well I guess I will have to kill the 8 tails instead and the 9 tails anyway.”

He sends a Bijuudama their way, but Gyuki sends one as well. They collide causing a great impact of chakra.

Suddenly a kamui portal opens and Obito emerges in front of the Juubi looking up at Madara.

Kakashi, {Gai?} he uses kamui and Guy emerges in front of him just fine.

Gai, “no worries Kakashi, a little fist to fist and the power of youth made him see the light!”

Naruto, {see the light?}

Obito, “you lied to me a bout the new world I could make, where everyone would be alive and happy. You made me hate them, hate everything.”

Bee, “this is unreal he switching the deal.”

Obito, “you will fight me now, old man!”

Naruto, “so is he on our side now?”

Obito, “I will take the Juubi from you and make this world into what I want! Genjutsu or not!”

Naruto, “I guess not then, but for now…”

Kakashi and the others landing behind Obito, “we help our enemy beat out other enemy, then sort it out later!”

Naruto, “okay!”

Suddenly the Hokage Guard appear.

Genma, “dam that thing is ugly!”

They surround Naruto, “sorry kid, you have an appointment.”

They disappear taking Naruto with them.

Gai, “wasn’t that…?”

Kakashi, “yes, Hopefully the 5th Hokage has a plan for this that involves Naruto!”

Madara, “come children, show me your power.”

Obito, “ we are not friends Kakashi, we are not done!”

He jumps to attack Madara.


Hokage Guard appears.

Naruto, “What’s the big idea?!”

Tsunade’s voice, “Naruto, quiet. I told them to do it.”

Naruto turns to see Tsunade in half and the other Kages gathered around her, unconscious.

Naruto is in horror that she is split in half.

Naruto, “granny, what can I do. I know you wanna tell me I’m the new Hokage. I will take care of the village. Sleep in peace.

She does her finger for him to come close as he does she hits him on the head.

Naruto, “ouch!”

Tsunade, “No, I’m going to be fine, just gonna take time for Katsuya to put me together and for the Kages I could help, to wake up.”

Genma, “we are supposed to teach you your Dad’s FTG jutsu. How your supposed to learn it so quick I have no idea.”

Naruto, “let’s go!”

He makes 6 clones.

Naruto, “we’ll split up into three groups each taking two of me, I can and have to learn this in 15 minutes, so I can get back to Kakashi sensei and the rest!”

Tsunade, “you heard him get started.”

Naruto, “oh yeah that fake Madara is somebody Kakashi sensei knows, Obito something.”

Tsunade, “Obito Uchiha? How strange.”

Naruto, “you knew him too?”

Tsunade, “yes, he was Minato’s student. Now hurry!”

Naruto shocked, {My dad taught him?}

Else where.

We see Neji, Shikamaru, Shino, Choji, Ino and Kiba.

Shikamaru, “well isn't this a drag?”

Sasuke with Orochimaru and hawk standing behind him, “you have no idea.”

Next: “Reunion”

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