Sunday, 25 November 2012

Naruto 611 prediction

Scene starts with dust everywhere

Kakashi: Did he destroy the ten tails?

The ten tails is seen regenerating.

Madara: Even in his incomplete stage nothing can stop him. He possesses all the powers of the bijuu!

Madara: Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees

Trees appear under the kyuubi.

Kurama: Lets go up!

Kurama jumps in the air with Gai

Madara: You think it'll be that easy? Wood release: Wood Dragon

The dragon entangles the kyuubi and starts draining chakra.

Gai: View Gate: Morning Peacock

Gai destroys the wood dragon and the tree's below.

Obito appears in front of kakashi.

Obito: Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation

Kakashi starts to warp his body into the other dimension

Obito warps the fire release to make it a vortex in both dimensions.

Kakashi: This is bad! Water style: Water Encampment Wall! Kakashi uses this jutsu several times to encompass him while the flames surround him!

The flames and water create an area of steam

The ten tails regenerates and wails releasing enormous shock wave allowing the ninja to see through the mist.

Gai: Fear my youth! Seventh gate: Gate of wonder!

Gai is seen using hirudora pushing the ten tails back.

The ten tails crashes into a mountain.

Madara stands next to Obito

Madara: This is going to be difficult if we do not remove the kyuubi and hachibi from the picture. I'll stop holding back and go all out now.

Madara uses susanoo and starts to form seals. Tajuu Meteorite technique!

Dozens of meteorites fall from the sky

Naruto in thought: I have to save everyone

Madara:Wood Release: Nativity of a World of Trees! A sea of trees is seen coming towards naruto. You think this is all you have to deal with? Amaterasu! Amaterasu coats the meteors and trees.

Obito: Don't die on me now kakashi we were just getting started.

Kakashi: I wasn't known as the copy ninja for nothing. Naruto and Bee, launch multiple TBB at me!

The TBB are fired in succession at kakashi as he warps them under the trees and in the meteors. A huge explosion happens in the air and under the ground. Amaterasu is burning all over the ground.

Madara: Impressive, your mastery of Kamui is on par with Obito over there. However your against fire style masters with no water style users of tobirama's level you can't compete with this next technique.

Madara and Obito: Combination jutsu! Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction. Madara: Don't think this is it! Madara swings his gunbai causing a tsunami of fire to approach Kakashi!

Naruto I finally merged these chakra's together. Naruto is seen glowing in a radiant aura.

The will of fire burns brightly as Naruto stands firm. What will happen next? No one will ever know as chapter 610 is too hard to make predictions for.

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