Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Naruto 612 Prediction:Overwhelming

Madara: tsh! It seems that your friends have finally arrived. It does matter, the situation remains the same. You are all fodder compared to the power of Uchiha Madara and the Juubi.
Kakashi: Its true that we outnumber them, but the situation is still dire. Those two were hard to fight by themselves, but with the Juubi here, i don't see how we are going to beat them.
Naruto: Kakashi-Sensei, never before has the ninja world been united like this, together, our power is even greater than anything. This is the answer that the Pervy-Sage and my dad were looking after. This, will bring us true peace!

The shinnobi alliance is getting inspired by Naruto's world.

Shikamaru nods the other captains.

Captains: Attack! Let's give them everything we got!

Alliance: Katon Flame Devastation!
Shikamaru: Wind users, use your powers to strenghten the flames!
Alliance: Fuuton Air Vacuum!

The Katon and Fuuton techniques combine to create one giant fireball that scorches the earth as it moves.

Madara: Obito, you take care of the Juubi, i will deal with this puny alliance.
Obito: But...
Madara: Your techniques are good, but not powerful enough to deal with such an amount of opponents.

Madara disconnects himself from the Juubi and jumps down, facing the slowly approaching giant fireball directly.

Madara: Time to put the combined powers of the Uchiha and Senju to use. Preta Path!

The alliance is shocked to the sight of Madara absorbing the whole technique.

Sakura: Impossible! He just absorved the whole thing! It was the combined chakra of thousands of shinobi! Not even Pain could do that to such extent.
Obito (thinking): He is the true Rinnegan wielder after all.Terrifying.

Madara: well then, time to clear the battlefield a little bit.

Madara: Mokuton Jukai Koutan!

A whole forest is formed, killing hundred of shinobi as it emerges from the ground.

Madara: Chou Shinra Tensei!

The shockwave completely destroys the forest, creating millions of knife-like splinters that stab fountless shinobi. In the midst of destruction, a few still survive thanks to Earth Style shields.

Madara: Well then... Now for the rest. Susanoo!

A complete Susanno forms around Madara (like the one Itachi and Sasuke achieve, not Perfect Susano)

As Susanno moves forward, Madara prepares to swing his sword.

Madara: Die!

From the smoke of the battlefield comes another sword, that parries Madara's with almost the same strenght.

???: My vengeance will have to wait, there are more pressing matters right now.

Next time: Just like old times.

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