Thursday, 15 November 2012

Naruto 610 Prediction: Grudge in the Heart

Naruto 610 Prediction: Grudge in the Heart
Kakashi : Is it the end?
Obito : Yeah...of this world!
Madara : (chillin out) Oh well!! Shall we Begin?
Naruto/Kakashi/Gai/Bee : ?!!
Juubi : (growls) Grhhhhhhh!!!!
(The ground near the Juubi is covered in dust)
(Juubi wavers its tails in the air as if creating a storm)
(Madara jumps off the cliff, lands on the path created by the TBB and head towards the Juubi)
Obito : The time has come.
Naruto : Don't talk bullshit! We haven't lost yet. (dashes towards Obito)....?!!
(Kakashi grabs Naruto's hand)
Kakashi : Naruto and Kyuubi.... thank you for being a hope for us. Naruto.... I'll handle Obito from here. You must...
(A huge blow of wind stops their discussion)
Naruto : Ok Sensei!! (then looks at Juubi) .... [Lets go, Kurama]
Kyuubi : Hmm!!
(Naruto goes to Hachibi)
Obito : Kakashi!! I played enough with you.
Kakashi : ?!! Obito... you are still not getti-
Obito : Just stop your blabbering!!
(Naruto stands besides Hachibi)
[Naruto : Hey Kurama!! Will you do another favour?
Kurama : No need to ask. Switch over!]
(Naruto and Kyuubi switches)
(Kyuubi extends the chakra arm to Gai and replenishes his chakra)
[Naruto : Thanks!!
Kurama : (smiles)]
(Kyuubi and Naruto switches)
Gai : ?!! Thanks Naruto and Kyuubi....(jumps down near Kakashi) Don't worry Kakashi. I'll be fighting next to you, we're rivals!!
Obito : (looks at Gai) You're still the same... Pathetic!!
Gai : Hmm?!!
Kakashi : Obito?!! Even if you succeed in building that world.... will you able to befriend with Rin. Will Rin accept you the way you are now?
Obito : ?!! (gets hyper) (another wooden branch grows out of his arm) ..... I said you....(raises his hand to attack) shut your mouth!!..... ?!!
(Gai lands a kick on his arm)
(Obito's arm gets detached from his body and is thrown away in the direction of the kick)
Gai : I said, I'll be fighting next to Kakashi!!
Kakashi : ?!!
Obito : ?!! (holding the arm at the shoulder) You bastard!!
Hachibi : (looks at Madara) What's that bastard doing?
Naruto : Whatever he is doing, we must stop him!
(Juubi swings its ten tails around it and blows away all the dust)
Juubi : Grrrrr!!!
(As the dust clears away, Madara steps forward towards Juubi)
Madara : You must obey my orders from now on!
Juubi : Grrr!!
Madara : I'll be your master (activates rinnegan).
Juubi : Grrrr!!
(Moves its only Eye up-down-right-left)
Madara : (tightens his hand gloves, twists his neck) (Starts to make handsigns)
(As the dust clears through Naruto and others)
(Everyone covers themseleves from the dust)
Naruto : ?!!
Hachibi : ?!! Woah!! He got nailed there.
Kakashi/Gai : ?!!
Obito : ?!!
Madara : ?!!
(Madara is pierced by one of the tails through and the Edo pieces are totally dispersed in the air except his head)
(At the same time, Juubi is shown crushing four meteors, into dust, held by each tail)
(The whole scene is shown with small rocks falling on the ground)
Juubi : (to Madara) Don't play with me brat!! (widens his Eye, Sharinnegan(say))
Madara : ?!!
Naruto/Others : ?!!
Naruto : The Juubi can even talk?!!
Juubi : ?!! (looks around)
(Juubi looks at Naruto's glowing cloak standing yards away)
(retrieves his tail back which was pierced through Madara)
Juubi : I waited so long for this time to come. Rikudo Sennin?!!!(hurls its tails in the air)...I'll shred you to pieces!!!
(Juubi roars violently after watching Naruto in Rikudo mode as if he saw Rikudo once again, the one who sealed him)
(The land shakes and cracks advances everywhere)
Naruto/Kurama : ?!!

(Juubi sees Rikudo in Naruto)
(What will be the consequences)

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