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Naruto 610 : True terror

Scene starts showing the Juubi

Juubi: Grr... Alive again...Foolish mortals do you realize what have you done?

Madara: Juubi... the most powerfull source of chakra on earth (menacing glare with Rinnegan) and soon you will be under my control

Juubi: Oh please,the Rinnegan!Boy, I'm it's creator.Do you think that you can beat me?You even resurrected me on about half of my power I see that the Kyuubi and Hachibi are still sealed on human bodies,but since you resurrected me I will not kill you,for now!Speaking about a body I need one myself

The Juubi spots a body of a dead man.He goes near him and his eye starts glowing

Juubi: Life creation!Revival!

A bright light hits the body and then the man slowly wakes up

Ninja: What the?

But as soon as the ninja stares the Juubi in the eye he gets paralized

Madara: (thinking)The Juubi truly is amazing!To be able to resurrect someone but even without giving your life energy,it's like Rinne Tensei but without risks!But wait,why did he resurrect a dead body?Only if!!!I have to stop him or else my plans will be in vain!

Madara goes Susano'o completed form and tries to attack but the Juubi with only one tail pushes back and slams him to a rock stone

Juubi: I will handle you later.Now....Sealing technique!Chakra sealer!

A giant mass of black chakra form around the Juubi and the ninja.The chakra takes a spere shape and it gets so dense that you can't see anything inside.Soon it disperses showing only one body.It has the face of the ninja,it wears a black uniform with a black cloak that has writen in white the kanji ''GOD''

Juubi: Now,this body is better.To tell you the truth I hate my bijuu form,it's big and you can't fight well because of your size,but now...I can do everything

Madara: (walking toward Juubi)You truly are powerfull,even with half of your power,but I am more powerfull! (makes handsigns)Mokuton!Wood prison!

From the earth giant trees emerge traping the Juubi inside of them

Juubi: Mokuton eh?You are the second person besides Rikudo that can use it,but it's useless at this level!

Juubi: Chakra barrier!

A giant black chakra barrier forms and cuts all of the trees.Scene switches to Naruto,Kakashi,Guy and Killer Bee while Obito is watching from far away the fight

Naruto: Such power!What can we do?

Hachibi: Right now the Juubi is fighting Madara so for the moment we are safe,but we must prepare.Naruto go base mode so that Kurama can recuparate the chakra that he loss

Kurama: Even if I recuperate my chakra still he's more powerfull...Damn,only if i were complete then we would be equal on power...Wait!I have an idea!If we find a way to connect with the Death Gods dimension we could find and get my other half!But that requires a genious on sealing techniques!

Naruto: !!!Kurama I think I got it!

Kurama: Who?

Naruto: The person!When I was on Sage Mode before I got terrified of a presence that I sensed...Orochimaru.It's risky but he can come in hand since he knows a lot of techniques

Kurama: It might work.Well now let's go and find him

Naruto: (enters Sage Mode)I found him!He's heading toward Konoha!!!And with him is Sasuke!!Damn!!We must hurry!

Naruto: Kakashi sensei I must go to Konoha to find some answers and until I come you just watch the fight and if it gets dangerous leave.

Kakashi: I hate to admit but you're right.Go now and be safe...

Naruto leaves with a serious face.Scene changes to Madara vs Juubi

Madara: Impressive,but that was just a simple demostration of my power.Now lets get serious (makes handsigns)Katon!Fire holy dragon!

A dragon made of fire starts heading toward him

Juubi: Child game!Fire nova!

From an instant from hes hand a giant ball of fire emerges.It anhiliates the dragon and clashes with Madaras body but the later by using the Rinnegan manages to adsorb the technique

Juubi: I see that you manage to control a portion of the Rinnegan.But that is nothing with this technique!

Suddently the sky gets dark and the Juubi envelops it's body with huge black chakra while it's eyes are pulsating and the nine tomoes start spining.

Juubi:This is the power of a god!Life extinsion!Armagedon!

A red beam of energy hits the battlefield from the sky and a giant light for about ten miles envelops the battlefield.Scene changes to Sasuke and Orochimaru.they are in Konoha.

Sasuke: (Seeing the light)What is that?

Orochimaru: The Juubi!They were fool enough to resurrect it.Now if we don't do something we will all be killed

???: If you help me we can still win.

All: ???

Scene shows Naruto coming out of a shadowy place

Sasuke: Naruto?What do you want here?

Naruto: Same to you.Orochimaru I want you to help me,you see I want to...

Orochimaru: Get back the other half of the Kyuubi so that you can beat the incompleted Juubi,right?

Naruto: How did you?

Orochimaru: (smiling)Kukuku,you forget who I am.Anyway I'm going to help you since Sasuke will also meet some people that are sealed inside the Death God.

Naruto: Good,now then shall we go?

They start walking and Naruto goes near Sasuke

Naruto: (Whispering to Sasukes ear)How the hell is he still alive?

Sasuke: I resurrected him because I needed answers

Naruto: Damn,what were you thinking,but seeing the situation you made a good move

Sasuke: (Smiling)As always,anyway what was that red light?

Naruto: (serious face)The Juubi.Madara is currently fighting him but I think he isn't going to last much,our only hope is to get the otherhalf of Kurama.What about you,what are you doing here?

Sasuke: I met Itachi and we defeated Kabuto together and now I am going to find my answers and by those answers it will depend my actions.

Naruto: I see,well for now we must collaborate if we want to win.

Orochimaru: We arrived!

Scene shows the Hokage mountain.Orochimaru presses a stone and a hidden pasage opens.Soon they are inside a room and in the middle of it it's a giant scroll.The Hokage Scroll.Orochimaru takes the scroll and opens it,then he finds the Shiki Fuujin seal.

Orochimaru: Hmm,so if we modify the handsign here we will be able to open a portal to the Death God but without having to pay with life.Well then be ready!

Orochmaru: (makes 16 handseals)Fuuinjutsu!Reverse Shiki Fujin seal!

A portal opens and they go inside it.Inside the portal it's a world without life,completely deserted.

Orochimaru: They must be there.Naruto,you can enter Sage Mode right?Use it to sense life in here

Naruto: (enters Sage Mode)I sense 6 chakra sources,4 are of the First,Second,Third,Fourth Hokage,the fifth is the other part of Kurama while the last one it's strange,it has the same type of chakra with you Orochimaru.Follow me let's go to them!

Soon they find themselves in from of all of them.

Hashirama: You (refering to Orochimaru) were the one to resurrect us back there.

Tobirama: Yes,I remember him.

Hiruzen: Orochimaru,and Naruto with Sasuke look how you've grown

Minato: Naruto...I'm glad to see you again

Naruto: (tears roll from his eye)Dad...

The other half of the Kyuubi: You're my new jinchuriki?And from what I sense my other half has became friends with you

Naruto: Soon you will be back with your other half.

Naruto enters RS mode v2.All of the kages look on astonishmet

Minato: did it!You managed to control the Kyuubi!

Sasuke: What power!

Naruto: Now,to deal with you...

He appears right in front of the other half of Kurama and places his hand on his forehead.

Naruto: NOW!!!

He starts pulling the other half of Kurama inside his body until nothing is left.From inside Naruto we see that Kurama has grown in size.From the outside we see that Naruto's v2 form has more seal marks.

Naruto: Wow!So this is your true power!Amazing!

Sasuke: Now,I want you to answer my questions.He puts the Kages on a revelation genjutsu by showing them all that has happened.

Hiruzen: So you know the truth....Believe me I didn't want it to happen...

Hashirama: Then,I will tell you the truth that you want to hear boy...

Scene switches to Kamuis dimension.Kakashi is shown there with Killer Bee and Guy

Kakashi: ...paint,paint...I'm sorry that I brought you here but it was the only way to escape death.

Hachibi: You did well Kakashi,if it werent for you we would be dead now

Guy: What was that light?

Hachibi: It was the Armagedon,a technique that the Juubi used in the past to destroy the world,only Rikudo was able to withstand it,anyway let me heal you first

He puts one tentacle to Kakashi and the other to Guy giving them chakra.Soon they are full on chakra.

Hachibi: Kurama isn't the only one able to do that

Guy: Thank you now my youth is full again

Hachibi: Why did I help this weirdo...

Kakashi: Now everybody touch me so that I can transfer you back

He uses Kamui to transfer them again to the real world.When they arrive there the image they find is shocking.The earth from a radious of ten miles was deserted from the technique

Kakashi: What power and to think that he's just on half of his power...But where are they?

A blast is shown about one mile ahead.It shows Madara on perfect Susano'o clashing with Juubi that has transformed into a bijuu form with chakra like Naruto's.

Kakashi: We better get out of here...

Obito: I don't think so Kakashi,not without fighting me.

Kakashi: Well,I gues that we must finish what we started Obito...

Scene changes to Naruto & co.

Hashirama: This was the story of we Senju and Uchiha.I considered them as brothers but it was Madara's fault that the hate toward each other began.Now what is your answer boy?

Sasuke: Madara was the reason of all this,it was his fault not Konohas.He will die by my hand.Naruto, let's go now we have work to do.

Naruto: Everybody I'm sorry but I must go...

Minato: made me proud my son.Now go and defear the Juubi

Everybody in unison: Go and show them the Will of Fire!

Naruto/Sasuke: Yes!!!

They go out of the portal but soon after them Orochimaru goes out smiling.He makes a handsign and the portal closes.

Orochimaru: Soon after the war will finish I will make my move kukukuku.

The last scene shows his hands now complete.He got them without noticing from the others.


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