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Naruto 612 Prediction : Hero of the leaf

Naruto 612 Prediction : Hero of the leaf
Obito: !? *this view....I've seen it before...*
Flashback to the very beginning when Obito was late and the entire crowd looking at him
Obito: *It's the exact same me.*
Madara: ? Is something wrong Obito.
Obito: No, let us continue. *I know what he's doing...he's pulling the same trick he used against Nagato. I can see why Naruto is truly dangerous in battle now, but it won't work on me.*
HQ intel: Word from HQ, all the divisions are here!
Shizune: What about the 5 kages?
Naruto and Bee look at the HQ guy
HQ intel: They didn't make it.
Naruto: !! Granny Tsunade...Gaara...old man tsuchikage and raikage...
Bee: Brother....
>Onoki: *We'll handle Madara over here, you handle that Madara over there*
Naruto: I promised...
Sakura: It's alright Naruto. We'll take it from here.
Mifune: Our leading general is absent, so I will call the shots here. All remaining generals, form up.
The generals make a line in front of everyone
Darui: So how do we stop them...
Kakashi: It's not easy, but if we all attack at the same time, and aim for the eye, we can win this.
Mifune: Very well, we'll attack in the mist.
Mist starts to cover the shinobi alliance up.
Madara: Hide and seek now? Do they really believe they can defeat my Juubi?
Obito: Madara, ignore them, it's been long enough now, you should have enough to start Infinite Tsukyomi.
Madara: That can wait, this is more fun.
Obito: What are you talking about? This is what my life was dedicated to, and your lif--
Madara: No.
Obito: !??
Madara: You're just another fly, like them.
Obito: Excuse me?
Madara: There is no infinite Tsukyomi.
Obito: What?
Madara: To create a genjutsu of that level would require an enourmous amount of time to prepare, not a few minutes. Even if the plan was ready, once casted, if someone decided not to look into the moon, that person could single handily stop us.
Obito: The entire shinobi alliance is here, there is no one else!
Madara: Oh yeah? What of Sasuke.
Obito: !??? How do you
Madara: You underestimate me boy, sit down and watch the show.
Obito: betrayed me...after all I've done for you..
Madara: Well, shit happens.
Obito: *No I can see what Naruto see's.* >Konan: you are the darkness!< *Konan was right...Madara is the darkness.*
Panel of Obito putting his hand on the head of the Juubi
Obito: You underestimate me.
Obito starts warping the entire Juubi including Madara
Kakashi and the alliance are about to attack
Madara: !?? He's!
Obito's eye is bleeding
The Juubi and Madara get sucked into Kamui
Obito lands on the ground.
Naruto: He just...
Shizune: Wait...who is that?
Kakashi: The one you call Tobi, and the one I call Obito.
Shizune: !
Obito: It's over...even you can't escape from Kamui...
Madara: Is that so?
Obito: !???
Naruto: What? how?
The Juubi and Madara appear infront of Obito
Obito Impossible...
Madara: Yeah, I thought so as well. But it seems the Juubi can mimic any jutsu used on itself. That includes your Kamui.
Madara: Time to die Obito.
The Juubi's tails is about to crush Obito but he phases through it.

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