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Naruto 613 Prediction: Grand Master Plan Misscalculation

Naruto is shown with all shinobi standing behind him in front of Jyuubi with Madara and Obito standing on it head.

Darui, Kitsuchi, Mifune, Kakashi,Shizune, Shikamaru are slowly approaching Naruto, then stop at Naruto position. Dauri, Kitsuchi and Shikamaru are standing on Naruto left side while Kakashi, Shizune and Mifune are standing on Naruto right side.

Darui(serious look): I am sorry for being late, Naruto-sama
Naruto(suprised): Naruto - sama?!
Darui(smiles): you deserve this title even if you are not Hokage.
Naruto(smiles back): Thank you very much
Kitsuchi: Look like you went through tough battle.
Naruto: Indeed, I am happy you are here.
Kitsuchi: No, I am happy to finally meet our saviour...
Naruto: But I didn't stop Edo Tensei...
Kitsuchi: Yeah, but without you, Itachi could be still under Kabuto control.
Naruto: ok
Shikamaru: Long time no see Naruto, It looks like you are more intelligent know, hehe
Naruto: Nice to se you Shikamaru too.
Mifune: so you are this destined child, nine tails jinchurki.
Naruto: you can say that, but please call me Naruto.
Mifune: as you want.
Shizune: I missed you,Do you feel good Naruto ?
Naruto: I missed you too, yeah quite good.
Shizune(smiles): Medical team is ready.
Kakashi: now when support is there I wish I have some time to read my book, hehe
Naruto: oh Kakashi, you certainly will have time but now we will take care of jyuubi.
Kakashi: I will follow you ,Naruto
Naruto: It is sad that gokage are not around as of now, but as I said I have plan, so come closer and hear carefully.

Naruto is shown telling his plan to all captains, while All shinobi behind them is wondering what Naruto plan could be. In front of Shinobi Army Madara and Obito are standing on Jyuubi head.

Madara: Hmm..., so ninetails jinchurkii has plan after all
Obito: I wonder, what his plan could be. Should we attack them now ?
Madara: no, let's wait for their attack then we will attack them.
Obito: but we ?!
Madara: Patience, Obito Let's play more before we go to serious bussiness.
Obito: Tsk.., ok.

Naruto finish telling his plan to all captains, so they come back to their battalions of shinobi, then stop. Each captain is calling all his shinobi in each battalion to create ranks of them, then captains turns around, looking forward an Naruto back.

Captains: Understood.
Darui: impressive strategy...
Shi: he has good mind...
Kitsuchi: Hmm..., I am impressed
Shizune: That Naruto *reminding Naruto as child* creates so complex strategy, woow
Mifune: Amazing strategy, he is good strategist.
Shikaramu: I can't believe, Naruto is quite impressive strategist. Looks like this war changed him a lot, he grown up.
Shi: I want to support you Naruto
Naruto: hehe, thank a lot.
Kakashi: I am proud of you Naruto(smiles)

Naruto turns around to every captain, then look forward at Madara and Obito, them smirks.

Naruto: Ok, captains please confirm you and your battalion readiness now
Darui: First battalion is ready!
Kitsuchi: Second battalion is ready too!
Kakashi: Third battalion is ready!
Shikamaru: Fourth battalion is ready!
Mifune: Fifth battalion is ready
Shizune: Medical team ready!
Shi: Sensing squad ready!
Naruto: Ok, let's begin then!
Everyone: yeah!!!

All captains: Shinobi of mist village use Kirigakuri no jutsu !
Mist Shinobis: right!, Kirigakuri no jutsu.

Mist appear from nowhere in front of Alliance Shinobi, covering them slowly. Madara and Obito notices mist appearing from nowhere.

Madara: Mist, so Shinobi of Mist village are using Kirigakure no jutsu, eh
Obito: exactly, they try to limit our visibility and attack as in moment of suprise.
Madara: Interesting, but Jyuubi will clear up this mist.

All aliance shinobi army is show protected by thick mist, which makes eyesight completly useless. Captains continue with plan, following next steps.

Captains: Ok, now Sai creates as many birds as you can, then take as many shinobi as you can create birds, take them with you, a attack Jyuubi from air, so it takes attention to air, so we can procced with next step, understood ?!

Sai: I will do it rightaway! , Ninpou: Chouji Giga!

Sai draw very fast many birds using ink on his special scrolls, while loosing his chakra. After he finishes and is unable to draw anymore. Sai focus his chakra, form tiger seal then birds come to live by begin to come out from all scrolls.After All birds came to live, Sai take some shinobis with himself, so everyone can have one bird for yourself. then they prepare to fly.

Sai: I have done it, we are waiting for signal.
Captains: great, everyone take one sensing shinobi with yourself
Sai and rest shinobi on ink birds: right!
Captains: now go!

All shinobi sitting on Sai ink birds take off and fly high in sky in Jyuubi direction, while Shinobi Alliance procced with great Naruto Master plan, Madara has bored look on his face, Obito is concerned and feel uneasy about this thick mist.

Madara: eh..., I am bored, give litte more time.
Obito: *Something is not right*, Madara, I have bad feeling about it...
Madara: stop complaining..., give them little more time. If they still don't attack then We will begin our assault then.
Obito: Ok

Shinobi of Amry is shown with zoom on captains and Naruto standing before captains. Everyone turns his sight to Sensing team which has task to inform when Jyuubi will notice Sai and shinobi and begin to attack them, so Jyuubi will turn away his attention from us and focus on flying support team. Meanwhile Naruto sit down on ground in meditation state, Naruto begin to gather nature chakra and recovering.

Back to Madara and Obito standing on Jyuubi covered by thick mist, which limit their visibility.

Madara(unfold his arms): Enough, they don't attack, then we begin our assault
Obito: Finally(smirks)

Madara, Obito: ?!

Madara and Obito notice birds flying in sky as rain of shuriken and kunai with explosive notes are falling down at Madara and Obito.

Madara: heh, it looks like they begin...
Obito: It looks like that...

Back to Alliance shinobi army, captains are standing still with Naruto sitting down on ground while meditating gather nature chakra. Sensing team is focused on Jyuubi position and flying team of shinobi position.

Naruto: *I need to recover my chakra...*
Captains: ...
Sensing team: ?!
Captains: ?!
Sensing team: Madara, Obito and Jyuubi caught it decoy, you can begin.

Captains: great !, Now Nara clan please split yourself in four teams then rush to four directions, North, South, East and West and take your position, then wait for our signal

Nara Clan: Yes!!

All Nara Clan shinobi split yourself in four teams, then each team move to take their destinate position, so they surround Jyuubi from four directions.

Back to Madara, Obito and Jyuubi. Madara and Obito notices shinobi flying on ink birds, Madara and Obito order Jyuubi to use it tails to attack shinobi floating in sky. It looks like big monster trying to throw away all flies. Some of shinobi are almost hit by Jyuubi tails but avoid in last second thanks to sensor shinobi being with them

Madara: Attack from air, eh.
Obito: they understimate us.
Madara: hmph, let's finish them
Obito: Kill them all.

Sai: Damn!
Random Shinobi: I am quite good, hehe?!
Sensor shinobi: dodge this now!
Random Shinobi: wow, so close but I am lucky one
Random shinobi 2: monster is quite big, but...
Sensor shinobi 2: look out on your left side
Random shinobi 2: thank for warning
Random shinobi 3: this monster is too slow!
Sensor shinobi 3: watch your back!
Random Shinobi 3: Woah!!!, wow, I survived

Madara: Using sensor shinobi to predict incomming attack, impressive.
Obito: they are flies, besides they are not dangerous for us *wait, could they try turn our attention away from ground, it is prey, Madara at least didn't notice something suspiscious, so*(turns to Madara)
Madara: *looks like they try to attack us undeground or on ground while we will be focused on air, impressive strategy, let show me*
Obito: Looks like mist begin thinner and thinner, it is no more thick as before.
Madara: so they covered area to realize their plan, now they will attack.(smirks)
*I wait for you Alliance shinobi, attack with your full power, then you notice your attack is meanigless, so I can destroy you all slowly or wipe out everyone in on second, hehe *

Back to Alliance Shinobi, Naruto still sitting on ground while recovering , while Captains are waiting for mist to clear up, so they give next order. Mist is clearing up slowly, meanwhile all four Nara clan teams are showed on the of Jyuubi all sides, 100 meters from Jyuubi each team. Jyuubi is shown as big creature, with small team of Nara clan shinobi 100 meters away at West, East, North and South. Then we finally comes back to Shinobi army while mist is about to disappear completly.

Captains: Nara clan teams attack!

Nara clan team first: Kage mane no jutsu !
Nara clan team second: Kage mane no jutsu !
Nara clan team third: Kage mane no jutsu !
Nara clan team fourth: Kage mane no jutsu !

Madara: ?!
Obito: ?!
Madara: Signal to attack ?!
Obito: From where ?!

Back to Shinobi Alliance. Naruto still is meditating, while Alliance shinobi army prepares next steps of Naruto Master plan. Captains give new order to earth element users.

Captains: Earth elements users, now it is your turn !

Earth elements users: right!, Earth release: Earthquake !

Earth elments users: Earth release: Giant crater no jusu !

Earth elements Shinobi slams their all hands in ground, creating powerfull earth quake which begin to spread reaching Jyuubi position, making it unstable, then second jutsu cause ground under Jyuubi to cracks, Jyuubi fall down in huge, deep hole with only Madara and Obito with highest part of Jyuubi head with it is eye above ground a little, rest of jyuubi body is all underground.

Madara: ?!
Obito: ?!
Madara, Obito(looks at ground): Earthquake ?!

Madara: ?!
Obito: The hell ?!

Jyuubi fall down in big hole, Madara and Obito are suprised

Madara: What the ?! (looks down), so this was their strategy after all
Obito: Damn, they caught us by suprise.

Madara: ?!
Obito: ?!

Madara notices shadow appraoching Jyuubi, being so close that they couldn't manipulate Jyuubi to avoid this attack. Madara disconnect himself from Jyuubi then dashes forward falling down on ground. Obito notices Shadow approaching Jyuubi two second later, he wanted to disconnect himself too, but Madara before dashing forward stop him.

Madara: that Shadow ?!
Obito Shit ?!
Madara: Stay here, someone has to control Jyuubi.
Madara(dashes forward): I will take care of them meanwhile.
Obito: Wait, damn!

Shadows approaching from South, West, East and North directions finally connect with Jyuubi make it stop moving. As Obito tried to use strange jutsu Yamanaka clan shinobi appear on ink birds flying forward.

Nara clan teams: caught them!
Obito: damn, don't think I let you *try to some seals*
Yamanaka clan shinobi's: our aims get pinpointed, Shintenshin no Jutsu !
Obito(with fear): Shit !

Obito is caught by Shintenshin no Jutsu , so he unable to move at all, meanwhile Madara land on ground, then begin to look around, he spot Yamanka clanon birds, Sai and shinobi flying on birds and Shinobi army, with Captains and Naruto meditating. Meanwhile Yamanka clan notices one evil guy missing on Jyuubi head.

Yamanaka clan: Shintenshin no Jutsu ended succesfull !
Captains: Excellent, now Yamanka clan search their mind for way to stop Jyuubi, there must be some way.
Yamanaka clan: yeah !
Madara: I am not fool to be caught by shadows,now let's look around and locate all enemies.
Madara(spot Yamanaka clan shinobi floating on birds): one, (looks around then spot all shinobi army with Naruto) two, so with the flies before, three of them.
Yamanka: wait, them, but there is only one guy on Jyuubi
Captains: What ?!, where is another then, find him!

Madara: Looking for me ?!, Wood release: Birth of Forest !
Captains: Shit !, Naruto Madara attack is comming !
Naruto(open his eyes): ?!
Naruto: Kurama, did you finish recover your chakra ?!
Kurama: not yet, give me little more time.
Naruto: Tsk!, at least I recovered some of my chakra.

Roots are sprouting from ground at crazy rate, then becoming huge forest cooming at Shinobi Army. Captains prepare counter attack plan to stop forest.

Kitsuchi: Earth elemets users create earth wall now, stop this forest !
Kitsuchi: Earth release: Grand Earth wall !
Earth elements users: Earth release: earth wall !

Kitsuchi slams his both hands in ground, creating Huge and wide earth wall which block sprouting forest, but then roots begin to pierce by Earth Wall and spreading in Naruto and Captains direction. Shikamaru as captain give order Fuuton elements users to attack incomming forest.

Shikamaru: Now ! Fuuton elements users attack with your all might !
Temari: Everyone now! Fuuton release: Wind cutter justu !

Incomming forest in slashed by many wind wave comming at forest, but more roots begin to sprout from ground. Mifune decided to give order to Fire elements users to use Wind created by wind users to create and increase burning effect on incomming roots and forest.

Mifune: Fire elements users your turn !
Fire elemens users: Fire release: Fire devastation !

Fire in shape of mass of flames using wind becomes bigger and bigger overhelming Forest and sprouting roots, by Roots are still recreating as they were burnt. Kakashi notices Forest stop for moment then he orders ligtining elements users to destroy roots completly.

Kakashi: lightining elements users attack now !
lightining elments users: lightining release: lightining ball !

Powerfull lightining comming from shinobi hit roots finally destorying all of them, wipe out it completly.

Everyone: succed !!

Everyone is cheering for a while Madara notices his forest destoryed completly, Madara becomes serious and decides to show them wrath of Perfect Sussano.

Shinobi: We can stop him, saw it. We are powerfull force.

Madara: My forest destroyed, so you was able to stop Hashirama powerfull jutsu, let's see how can you match my power.
Madara: Perfect Sussano !

Madara begin to emit great amount of chakra, which begin to surround him taking shape of humanoid monster. Bones appear in chakra shorud then forms skeleton, then it is covered by cloak. Cloaked Sussano is surronded by armor created from Madara chakra, Sussano then begin to grow more and more bigger, meanwhile manifesting legs.
Every Shinobi in Alliance army begin to shake, and tremble at sight of huge humanoid monster made from chakra. On most of the shinobi faces fear is shown.

Shinobi: Oh no !!!, what now ?!
Other shinobi: we will die !
Captains: Don't lost you faith, we can win !
Kitsuchi: I will stop him, Earth Release: Sandwich Technique !
Darui: lightining release: black lightining ball !
Mifune: Arts of Samurai: heaven glowing cut !
Shi: I will blind him, Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar !
Shikamaru: Kage Mane no jutsu !
Kakashi: Kamui!

Kitsuchi creates two huge rocks then try to crush Perfect Sussano by closing both gigantic rocks to themselves , but Madara Perfect Sussano unstable form break it easily, then Darui unleashed black lightining ball which is shot at Madara Perfect Sussano, it touch Perfect Sussano unstable form unleashing powerfull electricty, which try to paralyze Perfect Sussano unstable form, but it only makes Perfect Sussano stop moving for few seconds, while PS incomplete form being paralyzed Mifune charges his sword with chakra then swings with all force sending powerfull glowing slash at Perfect Sussano unstable form, fading away in Sussano. Shi use his technique, that causes Madara to can't see anything, then Shadow approaching is it, but disperse when it touch PS.Kakashi use his Kamui to open black hole in perfect sussano aiming at Madara, but Perfect Sussano body made of chakra is too thick to be pierced or opened hole to hit Madara. Captains fall on ground tired while Madara look at all their efforts then begin to laugh.

Captains: damn it !!, we are powerless against this monster
Madara: haha, Let's me show you , power which could kill Kages, but I left them live to experince their powerlessnes and fear of my power.

Madara Perfect Sussano takes out it sword unleashes huge cuting slash which slash mountain in half destroying it , everything what was in way of slash was completly wiped out only huge cloud of dust is comming from ground after slash, Shinobi army barerly avoid direct attack thanks to earth elements users lowering ground with themselves. About 100 of shinobi army are killed by PS slash, but most surivived this slash. Madara notices them still living so who is mad and is about to unleash more powerfull slash when he notices somthing.

Madara(enjoyed): what do you think about this ?!
Madara(suprised): What, they are still breathing ?!

Alliance Army is shown in hole protecting them in last second again slash.

Earth elements users(panting): he..., he... it was so close ....
Kakashi: We are saved
Kitsuchi(panting): Yeah
Darui: What a guym he is terryfing
Shikamaru: it could pain in ass if we were hit by this slash
Mifune: So much power, Uchiha Madara is monster, there is no doubt
Shizune: Saved.., everyone?, oh everything is alright...
Shinobi: Saved !

Back to Madara using Perfect Sussano, while he destruction of his slash, then spot Shinobi Army as ground lift up with them where was big hole

Madara(mad): This time I will wipe out all of you with one swing of Perfect Sussano sword.
Madara: ?!

Meanwhile Madara was fighting with Shinobi army, Jyuubi is hold by shadows, while Yamanaka clan take over Obito mind and are looking for way to release Jyuubi, make it disappears.

Yamanka shinobi: Hmm..., try this way !(notice redundant information)
Yamanka shinobi: No i was wrong
Yamanka shinobi 2: I will go on left
Yamanka shinobi 3: I will there

After while

Yamanka shinobi 2: shit, nothing interesting at all
Yamanaka shinobi 3: ?!
Yamanaka shinobi 3:that it ! (notices data about Jyuubi in Obito mind section)
Yamanaka shinobi 3: I got it, now we can begin unsumoning Jyuubi
Yamanaka shinobi 2: let's do it
Yamanaka shinobi: stop this monster, fast !

Nara clan team first: We are about to hit our limit
Nara clan team second: We are almost powerless
Nara clan team third: We can hold this monster only a little more
Nara clan team fourth: Damn, monster almost begin to overpower us !

Back to Obito standing on Jyuubi head, suddenly Obito begin to form some handseals. Nara clan teams spot them and smiles, Shinobi Army lift ground with earth jutsu back to deafult height.

Nara clan: finally !
Yamanaka clan: just little more !
Shinobi army: unsummon monster !

Back to Obito, He is doing many handseals while everyone is cheering and smilling at each other.

Obito: Ying Yang release: spliting of Jyu... ?!
Everyone: ?!
Everyone: Oh no..., that Madara !

Madara is shown stop Obito finishing his jutsu, by grabbing one of Obito hand and pulling it away on side. Madara has not pleased look on his face. Shinobi are schocked and scared by turns of events

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