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Naruto 610 Prediction: Destroyer

Naruto 610 Prediction: Destroyer
Sasuke and Orochimaru are jumping through trees.

A huge vibration hits them

Sasuke: !!?

Orochimaru: !?

Sasuke: Whoa what the hell was that?

Orochimaru: *It couldn't be...already?*

Sasuke: Answer me!

Orochimaru: There's a war going on, it was probably an earthquake, nothing to worry about.

Sasuke: Hmm...


Naruto: Shit! What chakra!

Kurama: Naruto, this real bad.

Naruto: I'll hit it with everything I've got!

Naruto creates a ridiculous amount of clones, each holding bijuu dama's and rasenshurikens

Naruto: TAKE THIS!

Naruto fires them all at the Juubi.

Madara: !?

The Juubi blocks everything with it's tails

Naruto: !? It just....

Kakashi: *There's no way I can warp it away...and if I do, Obito will cancel it last time.*

Bee: How the hell do we stop that?

Obito: You don't have to.

Naruto/Kakashi: !?

Obito: Let the big guy handle it.

Scene shows Madara landing in front of the 10 tails.

Madara: In order to control something of this magnitude and power, I'll have to knock it out or weaken it.


Madara: With this body, I guess I can play around with you for a bit. I wonder how Me and Hashirama would fair against this.

Madara claps his hands.

Madara: Secret Earth Jutsu: Deep forest creation!

Enormous amount of Trees wrap around the Juubi.

Madara forms more seals.

Wood dragons start to form all around it


Juubi is resisting the trees and destroying them

Madara: Amazing, Hashiramas trees don't hinder it whatsoever. But what about this.

4 Meteors falls drop from the sky and are about to land on the Juubi

The Juubi grabs them with it's 10 tails and sends them flying at Madara

Madara creates Perfect Susano and starts cutting them with his sword. most of the Meteor chunks get sent at Naruto and co

Bee smashes most with his fist, Naruto as well. Obito slips through most of them

Kakashi: It's too dangerous here! We should retreat.

Obito: And what would that accomplish?

Kakashi: ?

Obito: You all die here today anyway. Peace is finally here, I will be re-united with Rin.

Naruto: Bastard!

Obito: !

Madara is running towards the Juubi with Perfect Susano, he goes for a sword slash but the Juubi vanishes

Madara: !?

Juubi re-appears behind Madara and smashes through his Perfect Susano, crushing Madara into the ground with it's hand.

Naruto: !!!?

Kakashi: It just..defeated Madara?

Bee: Holy shit yo! We should seal him!

Obito: I wouldn't do that. You see, me and Madara are the only current people alive that can stop the Juubi.

Kakashi: What do you mean?

Obito: Just watch.

Madara is lifting the hand of the Juubi using Hashirama's strength.
Madara is regenerating

Madara: I guess even I would fall to such power back in the day. I guess it's time to use the rinnegan's true power.

Madara jumps back in front of it

Madara claps his hands and his pupils become larger and larger, he starts bleeding out of his eyes and mouth.

Kurama: No way! How does Madara know that technique!?

Naruto: What is it Kurama!? His chakra is off the charts!

Kurama: That's the technique that the old man sage used to stop the Juubi!

Madara: Supreme ninja art: Divine Seperation!

A giant mouth comes out the ground, similar to Nagato's rin tensei, but darker.

Naruto: That's the the same thing Nagato used!

Kurama: No, nagato used the tensei of life, this is the tensei of death! He's going bring the Juubi to near death and then control it! Using this technique consumes the entire rinnegan forever.

Kakashi: ! * I that's why Obito never used his rinnegan this entire time...*

Dark soul hands come out of the mouth and attach to the Juubi's chakra

The Juubi is collapsing as his chakra is being drained out

Madara's eyes are pitch black and are bleeding everywhere.


Naruto focuses his chakra into his feet

Kakashi: Wait Naruto!

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