Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Naruto : This is no longer a half-assed band. Take a good look 'cuz what we have here is the Ninja Alliance Jutsu!! The most terrifying and awesome jutsu in Ninja History!!! It's a jutsu that gonna kick Infinite Tsukuyomi's ass!! Wrap your useless head around that!!
(All the teams arrived on the Battlefield and the captains Shikamaru, Mifune, Kitsuchi, Darui, Shizune, Kakashi gathers at the front near Naruto)
Shizune : Naruto? Are you alright?
Naruto : Yeah!!
Captains : What will be our next step?
Naruto : ?!!...For now, We must keep some distance from them. We can't attack them directly.
Kakashi : Naruto is right. Call for contacting team(CT). We must step back and make some strategies.
Ino : I'll search for one of the team. Hinata help me out.
Hinata : Yes!!. Byakugan!!
Ino : (Make handsign) Mind Transfer Jutsu!! (Shikamaru holds Ino's body)
Ino/Hinata : (Searches the Shinobis with Byakugan) Found!! (focusses on one of them) I'll get them. [Mind Transfer Jutsu!!]
(Ino mind transfers into one of the contacting member)
Kakashi : So that's how she shifted the attack.
Ino/CT member : Listen, just make contact with the other teams and spread in to the Shinobis and wait for the signal. Some of you reach to the front.
CT member/Ino : Ok!!
CT1 : Everyone listen!!
Ino : (retrieves to her body) Everyone's ready!!
Madara : How did you missed that shot?
Obito : Someone Mind Transferred into my body. But I managed to pull it out. It won't happen again.
Captains : Is that the man behind the Mask?
Kakashi : ..... Yeah!! He is a Konoha Ninja. Uchiha Obito.
Captains : Uchiha?!!
Naruto : (still in handsign position) We must deal with them first.
????? : (make handsigns) Wood Style : Deep Forest Creation!!!
Naruto : ?!!! Damn it!!
Shinobi Forces : ?!!!!
Madara : Too much talk!!
(Several trees emerge out of the ground and advances to the Shinobi Force covering the whole Perimeter)
Shikamaru : Retreat!!
(Earth Style Users steps forward)
Shinobis : Earth Style : Moving Core of the Earth!!
(The ground at the front lifts up lifting all the shinobis and the ground moves back moving every shinobi back)
Madara : Is this what you call Ninja Alliance Jutsu!!
(The trees hits the lifted ground but still advances further cracking the lifted ground into pieces.)
(As the ground cracks a huge light shines behind it)
Shinobis : Lightning Sytle : Lightning Slice!!!
Shinobis : Wind Style : Wind cuts!!
Shinobis : Fire Style : Fire Ball Jutsu!!
(The rocks bursts out as the Jutsus clashes and destroys the branches of the trees)
(Naruto runs over a branch and jumps in the air)
Naruto : Take this!!! Rasen Shuriken!!
(A violent sound is echoed over the battlefield)
(throws the RS)
Madara : Hmm....
(The Juubi tails swings to block the RS)
Naruto : That's not enough!!!
Obito : ?!!
Madara : ?!!
(As the Rasenshuriken dashes towards Madara and Obito, it splits in four RS of same size as the original and circles around the tails and dashes towards Madara and Obito)
Madara : So...there were actually four.
(Madara and Obito gets ready to absorb the RS)
Naruto : Watch out for the Ultimate Teamwork of the Shinobi Force!!
Madara/Obito : ?!!
(Shinobis lands on the front)
Shinobis : Earth Style : Mobile Earthquake!!
(The Earth shakes trying to imbalance the Juubi as well as Madara and Obito)
(Sakura lands at the front)
Sakura : Cha!!!! (Punches hard on the ground)
(The cracks advances to Juubi who is balancing on its hands, makes it to fall in to the crushed ground)
(Chouji and Choza lands infront of the Juubi)
Chouji/Choza : Super Expansion Jutsu!!
(Punches directly)
(But the Juubi blocks their punch with its hands and holds their fist)
Choji/Choza : Damn!!!
(The RS expands before hitting Madara and Obito from all four sides)
[Kurama : Damn you!! Why did you wasted your chakra? Your tank is about to empty.
Naruto : I have to buy some time. You said it.
Kurama : Yeah I know. But look at your hand now.
(Naruto's hand is totally burned because of using RS in normal mode)
Naruto : Don't worry Kurama. I have you and my comrades to back me up.
Kurama : ?!!!]
Madara : Enough of this!! (makes a seal.) Shinra Tensei!!!
(A huge wave is created surrounding the Juubi)
(And it advances through the battle field)
Naruto/Kurama : ?!! (who is still in the air watches the whole battlefield getting destroyed)
????? : Wood Style : Giant Dome!!
(Several woods grows out and creates a huge wall like dome separating the Shinobi Forces and Madara, Obito and Juubi)
(The wooden dome blocks the attack to some extent)
Shinobi Forces : ?!! (watching at the growing wooden dome)
Kakashi : Is that Madara's Jutsu?!!
Madara : ?!! [Hashirama?!!]
Obito : ?!!
[Kurama : Shodaime Hokage?!!
Naruto : What?!!]
Obito : That guy?!!
(A person is shown near the wooden dome wall at the corner panting to breath)
Naruto : (lands on the wooden dome and looks at the person) Captain Yamato?!!
Yamato : (coughs) [It really took a hefty toll on me using the jutsu. The First Hokage's cells really boost up my cells to such an extent.](remembers getting out of that flower after getting conscious using wood style jutsu)
(Naruto lands near Yamato)
Naruto : Welcome back Captain Yamato. Nice timing!!
Madara : How that jutsu was able to block tha-
Juubi : Because that's not my full power...brat!!
Madara/Obito : ?!!

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