Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naruto 611 Prediction: Incomplete

Scene shows Killer Bee and Hachibi going down at Jubbi with a Bijuu Bomb)

Killerbee: Eat this pack you jigga jack!!

Madara: huh??

Obito: What the??

(Scene shows a big blast from the bijuu bomb)

(Scene shows Killerbee and Hachibi is thrown out far due to the bijuu bomb impact)

Killerbee: Did we??? did we hit him??

Hachibi: I think so, our bijuu bomb hit something..

(Scene shows Madara summoned Ultimate Form Susanoo)

Madara: Is susanoo late a bit??

Obito: Thats what a kid like, being excited all of a sudden with the Juubi's power

Madara: Tsk..

(Scene shows Juubi is vanishing and somehow melting)

Juubi: raaarrrgghghhh!!

Obito: Whats Happening??? The Juubi is disappearing!!!!

Madara: As I expected, Obito you are so harsh to summon the Juubi without the full chakra of the Nine & Eight tail

Obito: I guess we really need to capture them both before summoning the Juubi again..

Madara: hmmm.. So its Incomplete Juubi... But its worth it, ive seen its partial powers...

(Scene shows Naruto and the others)

Naruto: We did it!!!!

Killer bee: Thats a hell of a strategy kakashi!!

Kakashi: yeah!! (Heavily Breathing)

Gai: Thats my all time rival!!!

Kurama: No... the Juubi that we defeated is an incomplete Juubi, as we all know The masked guy summoned the Gedo Mazo that only absorbed the Hachibi's single tail while for me they absorbed the gin-kin brothers chakra.

Naruto: I see. so the Juubi is Incomplete as to its full powers.....

Kakashi: But defeating the Incomplete Juubi is a great progress in this war I guess...

(Scene Shows Madara and Obito)

Madara: I guess its the real time to be serious huh?? Obito you can handle your friend kakashi and that fast guy..

Madara: Ill handle the Hachibi and Kyuubi..

Obito: Right and for all time sake to begin our Dream World!!!!!

(Scene shows The whole Ninja-army gathered near the Battlefield)

Naruto: Now!!! Lets end this once and for all!!!

Hachibi: Yeah!!!

(Scene shows Madara and Obito)

Madara: So they somehow been spirited after defeating the Juubi huh??

Madara: I guess ill just clean the battlefield for now!!!

(Making Handseals)

Madara: Mokuton!!! Juukai Koutan!!!

(Scene shows trees sprouted and headed to target the just arrived Ninja Army)

Naruto: What??? The others!!!

Kurama: You sensed the others?? Madara's target is them!!! Lets go Naruto!!!

Hachibi: Wait!!! (So it seems madara is upto something)

Kakashi: Naruto!!!

(What will happen to the ninja army??) (Will Naruto finally defeat Edo Tensei Madara and Obito??)

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