Thursday, 15 November 2012

Naruto 610 Prediction 2

( ) = thinking
* * = doing an action

*the ten tails' raws again knocking a frail Kakashi to his knees, even Obito and Madara have trouble withstanding the chakra emitted from the beast*

Naruto: Oh sh*t. *looks completely shocked standing there*
Kurama: Naruto! You must take your comrades and run! Not even I can compare to that monster!
Naruto: Noo... I must protect my-
Kurama: Shut up Naruto! Our situation is desperate
*we see the 8 tails revert back to Killer Bee, even he is silent in awe*
Naruto: Bee! We have to-
Bee: I know Naruto *uncharacteristically calm and wise*
Naruto: (even uncle bee is serious what can I do)
*Obito begins to walk towards the ten-tails*
Obito: Finally, my moon eye plan shall begin and I will become the new jinchuriki *devilish smile*
*there's a close up of the ten-tails eye and then a shot of the moon*
Naruto: Hey stop! Your fight is with me *he weakishly runs towards Obito but is stricken by a menacing glare of the ten tails*
Obito: Oh shut up Naruto, I told you you were nothing just like the rest of this pathetic world my plans are going to happen whether you like it or not.
*a figure emerges from the dust*
Madara: No..they are my plans so its time you step aside Obito *Madara pose*
Obito: huh-
*Naruto dives in for a mini tailed beast bomb on Obito*
Obito: Please. *the ten tails swipes one of its huge tails and hits Naruto, it immediately sucks Naruto's chakra and he is in base from*
Kakashi: NARUTO STOP! We failed... I failed.
*the clone disappears leaving the real naruto in BM mode*
Madara: I wouldn't do that if I were you, the ten tails isn't happy with its chakra being shared, its just taking what's rightfully there's. Right Obito?
Obito: Tsk, Madara do you plan to stop me?
Madara: No the question is Obito: Do you plan on stopping me?
*the final panel shows Madara facing Obito with the ten tails eye glaring in the back ground*

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