Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naruto 610 Prediction : Madara's secret power

Hachibi: EAT THIS!
The Ox strikes from above! Is this is for the Juubi?

Bijuudama is about to smash the Juubi
Madara puts his hand up and absorbs the biju dama
Hachibi: As expected, time for the old fashion way!
Hachibi continues to fall and goes to strike the eye with it's horn
Hachibi: !?
Juubi is holding Hachibi with it's tails, preventing him from striking the eye
Madara: A good plan, but not good enough.
Juubi throws Hachibi miles away with it's tail
Kakashi and Sage Naruto land on the Juubi behind Madara and Obito
Naruto: I'll take Madara, you take Obito!
Kakashi: Right.
Kakashi runs towards Obito with Raikiri and Naruto runs towards Madara with Rasenshuriken
Kakashi attacks Obito but he goes right through him.
Naruto attacks Madara with Rasenshuriken but through him as well.
Naruto: !? Since when could Madara do that?
Kakashi: They must be connected now via the Juubi!
Obito: Correct Kakashi, so expect the unexpected.
Obito creates Madara's Susano and grabs Kakashi with it
Madara pulls Naruto in with Bansho tennin and starts sucking him inside Obito's dimension
Out of nowhere Gai's foot is right near Madara neck
Madara resorts to phasing, which results in Gai slipping through as well as Naruto and Kakashi
Gai: If they share the same moves now, they have the same weaknesses!
Naruto: I see, if that's the case...
Naruto goes to punch Madara
Naruto: I'll use fro katas!
Kakashi: I see, Gai! morning peacock!
Gai uses Morning peacock on Madara as well.
Kakashi warps into his box world
Madara: *I see, they want me to use Obito's technique to that Kakashi guy can take me out from the other side, but if I don't then I'll have to absorb the fire from that Gai fellow, but Jinchuriki boy is going for a physical attack in this strange mode of his...I guess I'll use that.*
Madara reverts to his eternal.
Madara: Reverse Polarity!
Gai, Naruto and Kakashi all freeze and start back peddling in time.
Naruto: I'll use frog kat--
Madara grabs Naruto with Susano, turns to Gai and uses Amaterasu
Kakashi: !? Gai!
Gai is hit but enters the 7th Gate, pushing the fire away and having it land on the Juubi, causing it to scream in pain

Madara: *So that didn't work..let's try again*
Madara: Reverse Polarity!
Naruto: I'll use frog katas
Madara: indeed you will...but first.
Madara punches Gai with Susano before he enters the 6th Gate, sending him flying to the rocks
Naruto: !?
Madara then turns around and smashes Naruto with a susano punch, naruto's clone disaspears
Kakashi: What's's as if he knew what we were planning all a long?
Kurama: He didn't...that's the same technique he used against Hashirama...his reverse polarity...
Naruto: What?
Kurama: Madara's eternal grants him a special technique, the technique that allows him to manipulate time and space in the real world. It's the very technique that made people think Madara was immortal.
Naruto: What!? How do we beat him then!
Juubi teleports behind Naruto
Juubi: You dont.
Naruto/Kurama: !??
Hachibi lands near them in a forest
Hachibi: Urgh....that hurt...
Hachibi turns his head and see's something
Hachibi: !?? That chakra...those eyes...
Two dark figures walk out of the forest
Hachibi reverts back to Bee
Bee is trembling while on his knees
???1: Seems I was right, there are people in this world capable of becoming full fledged jinchuriki's...other than him.
???2: You always doubt my word brother, but I can't blame you, being the oldest should make you the superior.
???1: We're not here for our minor brawl, we have one purpose and one purpose only.
Bee looks up at them
The two elder brothers stand in front of Bee
Elder brothers: To clean up our fathers mess.
Chapter end.

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