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Naruto 612 Prediction: Saviour speech

Shinobi Alliance stand in front of progenitor of shinobi world in incomplete form with Madara and Obito standing on it head. Madara has annoying look on his face, while hands folding on his waist, while Obito is concerned with little fear and questioning look on his face. Madara talks first.

Obito(little fear and quetioning look): *Damn there is so many of them, and they support Him(looks at Naruto)* ?!
Madara(no emotions): so more worms arrived, it changes nothing.
Obito(turns to Madara): ...
Madara(dissapointed look):Eh Obito, don't be afraid. We will rule this world, it shouldn't bother you how many worms are against us, they will be all killed.
Obito(retore serious face): Yeah, worms will be crushed.

Every shinobi looks at Jyuubi with fear and disgust in Silence, after moment shinobi begin to look at each other with disbelief and helpless, some of them begin to talk that they don't have any chance against this monster, creating panic and chaos in Shinobi Alliance.

Random Shinobi: So this is the Jyuubi ?!
Random Shinobi 2: so this beast was ressurected !
Random Shinobi 3: damn!, so we are doomed!
Random Shinobi 4: We lost this war, where are kages ?!
Random Shonobi: oh, no we will die!

Meanwhile Rookie of Konoha is looking at Jyuubi with fear and disbelief, then they begin to hear sounds of fear, disbelief in around of them, sounds of fear and panic are comming from all directions.

Hinata(with questioning look): This monster Jyuubi, how can we fight against that ?!
Kiba(smilling with confidence on face): Don't worry I will defeat this monster alone, hehe
Shino(stone face): and get killed in one second without accomplishing anything.
Kiba: Shut up Shino!
Shikimaru(lazy face): yeah, we might get killed, what a pain.

Ino pat Shikamaru in head

Ino(mad face): Shut up, Shikamaru. Stop joking, this is serious.
Shikamaru(becoming serious after rubbing his head with hand): what a pain. alright She is right we might be killed and be powerless against monster, but we are not alone. Jyuubi can be powerfull but Alliance Shinobi is force, which should be reckoned with.

Rookies restore calm, and smilling after Shikamaru speech which encourages them.

Chouji(smilling): Yeah, we will show them, that we are strong !
Lee(excited): Yes, they will feel our youth !
Ten Ten(shy smilling): Yeah...
Neji: We will fight for our destiny, everyone can change it *Naruto, you showed my way to change destiny, now we fight to change fate of our World!*

Rookies: ?!

They see everywhere Fear and helpless look at most of the shinobi faces when they turn around. Some shinobi begin to scream, panting, and even pass out. Captains and generals of particular teams tried to encourage them and stop panic.

Random Shinobi: I don't want to die!
Random Shinobi 2: Jyuubi will kill us !
Random Shinobi 3: We can't win against monster
Random Shinobi 4: Everyone will die, no!!!

Rookies: what these sounds mean ?!

Rookies begin to loose their confidence in chance to win against that Jyuubi. Panic is expanding on more shinobi, fear of the Jyuubi is growing more and more, making some shinobi trembling, shaking and almost pass out.

Rookies(fear on face): what the hell were thinking, everyone is right.
Rookies(giving up with sadness mix with fear): We can't defeat this monster, we are powerless...

Kakashi and Gai are comming straight to Rookies then put their hands on rookies while begint their speech.

Kakashi(serious then smiles): Enough!, you are young generation of Konoha, there is no doubt you are powerfull, because you belong to Alliance Shinobi army.(smiles)
Rookies: ?!
Gai(serious then show his teeth shining): Exactly, and power of Jyuubi is nothing against our connected power of youth!, Right Kakashi(teeth shining with his gesture).
Kakashi: something like that, and remember fate of this world depends from all of us, we all fight for safety of world, to protect our friends, family, Don't forget about it
Rookies(restoring confidence in yourselves): Yeah!, we will save this world, we have hope!

Meanwhile panic, fear and powerless feelings are expanding on all shinobi army, Captains and generals try to stop expanidng panic, and encourage shinobi to fight, but they can only make it slower expanding.

Random Shinobi: what we are doing, there we will die!
Random Shinobi 2: The jyuubi is too powerfull
Darui: Enough!, stop spread panic. We can win, we have to belive in yourselfves.
Random Shinobi 3: There is nothing we can do!
Random Shinobi 4: there is no hope!
Kitsuchi: Stop it, we are all shinobi, with our connected power we can win!
Random Shinobi 5: What we can do!
Random Shinobi 6: Monster will kill or eat us!
Mifune: Enough!, you are shinobi, you shouldn't doubt in your power. There is nothing impossible what you coudln't do, understood!
Random Shinobi 7: this no true, where the kages ?!
Random Shinobi 8: They became scared so they escaped in fear against of jyuubi.
Karui: You are bunch of cowards!
Kurotsuchi: My grandfather didn't escape at all
Random Shinobi 9: so where is he, where are the kages ?!

Everyone: ?!

Suddenly from opposing side of Alliance Shinobi is evil laugh heard, which take attention of all shinobi. Madara and Obito make evil laugh then begin to speak while being serious.

Madara(evil laughing): Some of you for sure have great feeling of humor.
Obito(evil laughing): yeah
Madara(serious, slowly speaking every word): Hope..., friendship..., love..., dreams..., everything is meaniglees against overwhelming power, which is key to Everything. This world is corrupted and occupied with hate for so many years, hate, jelously, revenge and much more are part of humankind, us. Do you really think that one guy(points his finger at Naruto) can change fate of the World?, where are the kages now ?!
Obito(serious face): your resistance is admirable, but pointless at the same time.
Madara(bored look): Exactly there is no hope, everything was prepared, fate of this world is set, what only left you is accept your fate and obey me
Obito: "Me", you mean us, yeah ?!
Madara: whatever.
Madara: Now obey us, you can do it fighting or peace way. Choice belong to you.

Panic explode again in shinobi army, this time on greater scale cause complete chaos in shinobi army. Ranks of shinobi begin to break down, creating total disintegration in shinobi army. Captains and generals try to stop panic and encourage them, but they can stop spreading panic involving more and more shinobi.

Naruto back profile is shown, while he hear Shinobi scream, sounds of doubt, powerless, then he hear doubts in his friends words. Ony generals and captain try to encourage shinobi to fight, and stop spreading fear and panic.

*Naruto mind*
Naruto(is thinking): so many ninja doubt in our victory...
Naruto: why so many ninja doubt in yourselves

Naruto hears many voices comming from Shinobi army, they are floating around his mind, while he closes his eye and focus on thinking. He bothering by sounds of doubts, panic, powerless, death and much more. Naruto slowly lower his head as more sounds of panic, defeat are comming to him.

Random Shinobi 3: damn!, so we are doomed!
Naruto: *we are doomed...*
Random Shinobi 4: We lost this war, where are kages ?!
Naruto: *we lost, kages failed*
Random Shinobi: oh, no we will die!
Naruto: *We will all die*
Hinata(with questioning look): This monster Jyuubi, how can we fight against that ?!
Random Shinobi: I don't want to die!
Random Shinobi 2: Jyuubi will kill us !
Naruto: *death, Jyuubi will kil us...*
Random Shinobi 3: We can't win against monster
Naruto: *We can't win*
*Naruto mind*

Naruto hear Madara and Obito speech, while every shinobi looks with attention and fear at Madara and Obito. Madara every words are floating in Naruto mind, while making him less and less confident

Madara(serious, slowly speaking every word): Hope..., friendship..., love..., dreams..., everything is meaniglees against overwhelming power, which is key to Everything. This world is corrupted and occupied with hate for so many years, hate, jelously, revenge and much more are part of humankind, us. Do you really think that one guy(points his finger at Naruto) can change fate of the World?, where are the kages now ?!

*Naruto mind*
Naruto: *Hope..., friendship..., love..., dreams..., everything is meaniglees against overwhelming power*
Naruto: *Humankind corrupted with hate..., jelously..., revenge...*.
Naruto: *Where are the Kages ...*
*Naruto mind*

Naruto is shown after Madara speech in deep thinking process, then he hears panic epxlode again as more ninja begin to complain, doubts in victory, confirm ther being powerless against Jyuubi. Even Captains and generals begin to loose his confidence in victory. Naruto lower his head and look at ground.

*Naruto mind*

Naruto: *My friends..., shinobi, everyone doubt in our victory...*
Naruto(remember his words): *I will become Hokage, I will stop Madara, I will not fail...*
Naruto: *It looks like I failed, no everyone failed Jyuubi is ressurected, maybe Madara and Obito are right, there is no hope...*

???????: enough !
Naruto: ?!

In Naruto mind Jirayia as chakra signature appear in front of him, while Naruto has completly lowered his head, and look at ground.

Naruto(schocked and happy): Ero... , Jirayia -Sensei, how could you appear there ?!
Jirayia: I left you some my chakra, so I could support you one time when you need it the most.
Naruto(becomes sad again): ah...,
Jirayia: What the matter Naruto ?!
Naruto(looks at Jirayia with sadness): Sensei, I failed..., Jyuubi is ressurected, we, all shinobi are wrong ?!

Jirayia slaps Naruto in face, which schocks Naruto completly.

Jirayia: Say one word more and I will forget that you was my student, Naruto
Naruto: but, this is true...
Jirayia: No, you are wrong. I asked you stop cycle of hate in this world, Fourth Hokage, your father believes in you as I, your mother too and now everyone was following after you, you are so close and now you want to give up!
Naruto(doubting): ?!, yes, but the kages and shinobi...
Naruto(sad and powerless): Besides we are powerless against this monster, I am so sorry.
Jirayia(mad then turns sad): I understand, it look like looser really can't become Hokage so he never will be Hokage, looser can't accomplishes his dreams and make dreams into reality. I was fool to believe in you...
Naruto: ?!
*Naruto mind*

Naruto begin to remind all adventure with Jirayia, talk with Haku, Gaara, all Konoha shinobi believing in him , meeting with his father, mother, even Raikage belives in him. Naruto talks with Kurama and convince Kurama, and now getting that far.

*Naruto mind*
Naruto: *I come that far, and now I will fail ?!*
Naruto: No way, I can't fail, so many entrusted me fate of this world!
Jirayia(smiles): that my boy, Naruto Uzumaki !
Naruto: I will make all shinobi believes in me and support me while I will prove to be saviour!
Jirayia(smirks): exactly, now go and kick some ass!
Naruto: Jirayia- Sensei but...
Jirayia: Yes, we won't meet again until you dies, I will wait for you in other world.
Naruto: ...
Jirayia: but I am proud of you being my student, you makes me so happy, I will never foget about you, now go!
Naruto(tear falling down on ground from his eye): Thank you , Jirayia - Sensei.
Naruto(become serious): Time to go, and fight for destiny of World !
*Naruto mind*

Naruto wake up himself from his thinkings as he hear sounds of total panic overhelming all shinobi army, then he hear Madara final speech.

Madara: Obey me, all shinobi, there is no hope in this world.

Naruto: NO!

Everyone: ?!

Madara and Obito turn attention to Naruto, as well as Enterie Alliance Shinobi Army. Wind is moving Naruto hands, while Naruto begin his speech

Naruto: It is true that this world is not perfect and we, shinobi, people make mistakes as humankind...
Naruto: but there is no simply solution as put everyone under big genjutsu, which creates perfect world. Yes it will be perfect world, but with everyone freedom enslaved. Everyone of us, Shinobi had to expierience pain, suffering, but this no justification, that we should creates false World, or fight against each other becuase it only make more hate in this World.

All shinobi: ?!

Naruto: Obito, Maybe you went through hell, I don't try to negate it, but how can you know that you expierienced more pain and suffering than everyone else, you can't. What let you judge people, shinobi when you don't even know what anyone else experienced in thier lives.
Obito: Tsk...
Naruto: Madara, you have great wisdom and uderstading of many things, yet you took wrong way and actions to reach peace, false peace which enslaves everyone.
Madara: you are stubborn, aren't you ?
Naruto: Shinobi, it can seems that absence of 5 Kages could mean that they are afraid to fight or simply give up, failed, but it is not true. 5 kages fought very well against Uchiha Madara, who has overhelming power, although they lost, they stopped him for enough time, so Obito was forced to ressurect ten tails in incomplete form. They provived that with faith in yourselves we can do impossible.

Naruto: At least, I can't promise that we will win this war, that everyone will surivive, but I promise that I will fight with all my might to win this war and let everyone survive, Can count on your support friends ?

Everyone: Yeah!!!, let's fight!!

The prelast scene shows all shinobi army to restore it confidence, any kinds of doubts, disbelifes, powerlessnes disappear completly after Naruto speech.
Everyone cheers on Naruto, while generals and captains compliment Naruto ability to convince everyone to fight and loose their doubts. Kakashi and Gai smiles.

Naruto: Let's fight then, I have plan!

Last scene shows Naruto smilling, with all ranks of shinobi stading behind him while smilling and ready to fight.

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