Thursday, 22 November 2012

Naruto 611 Prediction: Capturing the Bijuu

Naruto 611 Prediction: Capturing the Bijuu
- Gyuki hits the Juubi in its eye and a huge explosion occurs -

Bee: Alrighty!
Naruto: Yes!
Obito: Tch...
- Madara emerges from the smoke and uses Shinra Tensei to push Gyuki back to Naruto -
Obito: That's enough! We need those two!
Madara: Is the Juubi okay?
Obito: It can't die, can it?
Madara: ... I'll fetch those two myself. But this time I'm done playing.
Secret Wood Style Jutsu: Deep Forest Emergence
- Huge tree trunks come from the ground and quickly restrain Naruto and Bee -
Madara: You better seal them directly, Obito.
Obito: ...
- Obito forms an unknown seal, the mouth of the Juubi opens -
Obito: Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons
Kurama: Naruto, quickly let me take over!!
Naruto: Roger!
- The dragon coming to Kurama suddenly shatters, the one headed for Gyuki speeds up -
Naruto: Octopops!!
Kurama: Will I make it in time!?
- Madara appears between them and repels Kurama using Shinra Tensei -
Madara: He's all yours.
Gyuki: Damn it all...
- The dragon passes Gyuki and pulls its chakra with it, returning into the Juubi's mouth -
Madara: One down.
Naruto: Tch... Kurama, what did you just do?
Kurama: It was an ancient Rikudou jutsu, gramps left it to me.
Obito: ( That reminds me... Where did Kakashi go? )
Naruto: Is there even any way to bring Gyuki back?
Kurama: Not unless we defeat the Juubi... That Bee guy could still be alive though...
Naruto: ...
Kakashi: I'll get only one shot at this!!
Obito: *shocked, turns around* What!?
Kakashi: Kamui!
Obito: Like I'll let you...
- Kakashi's Kamui hits on a huge scale, but nothing happens to the Juubi -
Kakashi & Naruto: What!?
- The Juubi smashes Kakashi far away into a mountain -
Naruto & Guy: Kakashi!!
Kurama: This is bad... His sharingan was very useful.
Naruto: What do we do now!?
Kurama: Naruto... Are you?
- Tears come out of Naruto's eyes -
Kurama: Naruto, calm dow-
Naruto: Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
- Hundreds of clones appear around the battlefield, all cloaked with the Kyuubi's chakra -
Kurama: T-This is...
Obito: *surprised*
Madara: Annoying....
- Madara appears in front of the real Naruto -
Madara: Shinra Tensei!
Naruto: *shocked*
Kurama: N-Naruto!!
- Another dragon comes from the Juubi's mouth and charges towards a falling Naruto -
Madara: It's over...
Kakashi: Not yet!
Madara: What the...

- The dragon disappears as if its neck was cut -
Kakashi: You're not the only one with Senju DNA, Obito...
Obito: Wait... Is this?
Kakashi: Now I can use the full potential of Kamui without any drawbacks!
Madara: So the next 30 seconds will decide the winner...
Obito: Ah... I see... I should've killed you when I had the chance, Kakashi!
Madara: I'll take care of the ten tails, it needs time before we can use that jutsu again.

- Obito and Kakashi confront each other -


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