Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Naruto 609 Prediction: Silent words

Naruto 609 Prediction: Silent words 
Naruto and Kakashi stand side by side, the sensei with a reverberated resolve, now ready to do everything he must to protect his fellow student.

Kakashi: Thank you Naruto for intervening, but you must go and help the others face off against Madara. I fear that they will be no match for his power.

Naruto: Kakashi Sensei ...

(The area where Madara was knocked into suddenly explodes as a massive figure sprouts into the air. Madara has now equipped the "Ultimate Susano'o", looking heatedly towards Guy and Bee's location.)

Kakashi: Go! You must protect them!

Naruto: (Looking down, grimacing) Alright! But be careful! (Jumps away.)

Madara: I assure you, that blow you've dealt to me will be returned ... in full power! (The Susano'o forms hand signs.)

... Meiton: Malevolent Destruction!

A black torrent of energy is released from the the palms of the Susano'o towards Guy who is on top of Bee's head.

Bee: Shit! Da fool intends to wipe us out completely?

Guy: Damn! I've never heard of Meiton! Is this the power of darkness?

(An orange light flickers across the earth joining the clone situated in front of them.)

Both Naruto's: (Creates a Bijuu Dama and fires, roaring loudly.)

(The attacks meet in midair, creating a red buzz when they collide, briefly overwhelming each other sequentially before exploding, causing a massive crater between the opposing sides. Meanwhile, their is a double-panel showing Obito and Kakashi staring off each other while the explosion appears behind them. Naruto's clone disappears and the original reverts back to his base state, sweating)

Madara: (He's walking out of the dust cloud as dark tendrils left over from the blast swirl around him, creating a dark aura around his frame. he's gripping his left shoulder, purple energy seeping through the enclosed fingers. A sinister smile is spreading across his face ... !

Obito: ... Come Kakashi, our duel has been postponed for too long. Hold absolutely nothing back! Because I sure as hell won't!

Kakashi: ... Right, (thinking of Naruto and Sasuke), were both top class Ninja's so even if you won't hear me out, my blows will do all the talking!

They both sprint towards each other, Kakashi - two Raikiri's in his hands, Obito - a wooden lance gripped by both hands, the background flashing memories of the two in their old group, joined by their sensei and Rin.

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