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Naruto 608 Prediction: Desperation

 Naruto 608 Prediction: Desperation
Scene starts with Naruto facing Madara.The wooden dragon biten by Kurama starts screaming in agony.Madara seeing as the jutsu is worthless cancels it

Madara:I'm impressed boy...I didn't think you could stand that dragon. (starts smiling menacing) But now the game is over,I will face you at my full power

Kurama: (talking to Naruto) Damn,he's going to use that...I don't think we can beat him in that form at my current power level

Naruto: (talking to Kurama) What is he doing now?And why can't we beat him?

Kurama: (talking to Naruto) He's going to use Perfect Susano'o.The mode that made him even more powerfull than a Bijuu.As I stated we can't beat him because of my power level,because of your father half of my power is sealed inside the Death God.

Scene shows Madara entering Perfect Susano'o.Naruto has a terrified look on his face,but he quickly gains senses and confronts him at his bijuu form.The bijuu form and Perfect Susano'o are equal on height and they start emmiting huge power.Guy,Gyuki,Kakashi and Obito look on astonishment at the huge power emmited.

Madara: (smiles) Ha ha ha.You know what?I'm starting to enjoy this.Try to be a little competitive alright?

Naruto:I'll show you what I'm capable of!

Susano'o takes out his sword and start attacking Kurama.Kurama is dodging all of the attacks and uses a momentum to deliver a punch to Susano'o only to send him a few inches back.

Naruto: Damn,he's got resistance

Madara:Let's see you now! (The sword of Susano'o starts glowing blue)

Kurama: (talking to Naruto) Be careful now,if you get caught by that you're done for.

Susano'o swings his sword and an energy line starts to go at Kurama's direction.Kurama jumps and the energy goes below him onlu to cut the mountain at his back in half.Kurama boosts and starts going on a huge speed towards Susano'o.As he 's inches away starts preparing to deliver a kick but the kick is caught by Susano'o's sword.At that second Kurama send a bijuudama from the mouth.Susano'o takes off the sword from the leg of Kurama and tries to cut the bijuudama but as soon as the sword touches the bijuudama it explodes making a huge blast and the aeria is covered in smoke.

Naruto:That hitted him full!



As the cloud disperses we see that Madara is unscathered.

Madara:This Susano'o is special boy,it can stand anything with it's great defence.

Naruto:Each defence has it's gaps (remembers defeating Gaara)

Madara:Then why don't you find it!

Kurama: (talking to Naruto) Naruto, I know Susano'o's gap.Just do as I say

Kurama thrusts his palm to the ground creating a huge cloud of smoke.From the cloud two chakra arms appear and grab Susano'o.Susano'o uses his sword to cut the chakra arms.Immediatly Kurama goes out from the smoke holding a huge bijuudama on its mouth and throws it to Susano'o

Madara:This again...

Susano'o dodges the attack by jumping on the left side.As he puts his leges to the ground a piece of the ground inside of Susano'o cracks and a Naruto clone comes with a huge speed holding a mini-bijuudama and hits Madara full on his stomach.As the bijuudama makes its impact Madara uses the Rinnegan to absorb the attack.As Madara is absorbing the technique another Naruto clone comes from behind holding a Rasenshuriken and hits Madara on his back.The impact creates a huge blast and Susano'o explodes from the inside along with the clones.

Kurama: (thinking) I knew that the weak spot of Susano'o was the ground,thats the only place unprotected so during that smoke we created two clones ready to attack from the ground,one to confront the Rinnegan and the other to attack freely.

As the smoke clears up we don't see anything

Naruto:Hah, the attack disintegrated his whole body.

???:I wouldn't be sure

Naruto: Don't tell me...

Madara appears behind Naruto

Madara:The wood clones surely come in hand.

Naruto:It was a clone the whole time?Arg....

Naruto goes back to RS v1

Naruto: Damn our sync time finished...

Madara:You're weak and it would be a sin to go back to Perfect Susano'o.I'll finish you off in this form.(deactivates Rinnegan and goes to three tomoe)

Naruto:You're taking me too lightly

Madara appears in front of Naruto and cuts his body in half only to go in smoke.

Madara:A kagebunshin???

Naruto appears behind him in Sage mode holding a rasengan.

Madara switches to Rinnegan and starts absorbing the attack,but his legs start turning into stone.

Madara:???Shinra Tensei

He sends Naruto back

Madara:I see... Sage Mode.It's been a while since I fought a Sage style user.

Naruto:And it will be the last!

As henplaces his palm on Madaras chest he starts sending Sage chakra to his body turning him completely to stone.

Naruto:I told you not to be so confident about winning

As he walks away he turns his head in shock to see the stone crack and Madara appearing

Madara:I fought with Sages before and I know how to withstand such attacks.Now what will you do?


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