Thursday, 15 November 2012

NARUTO 610 PREDICTION: Juubi revived

Scene starts off with the ground cracking and lava erupting.

Gai: We're too late, the juubi has revived.

Kakashi: There has to be a way to beat the juubi

Madara: You are forgetting that the Juubi is an eternal being, it cannot be destroyed for it will always be revived.

Naruto: The Juubi is still incomplete, it only has 6 tails worth of the 9 tails and 1 tentacle of the eight tails.

Obito: Regardless your powers are no match for what is to come.

Juubi creates a TBB and aims it at Naruto, Bee, Gai, and Kakashi.

Naruto gets them out safely before it hits them.

Madara: Ignoring the fate of this world is pointless. I would seal the juubi inside me, but I intend to have it completed so I will capture you both.

Gai: Your opponent is me!

Gai lunges at Madara but Madara shoots him into a pile of rubble with shinra tensei

Madara summons 2 meteors to crash down upon naruto.

Naruto shoots a tailed beast ball destroying the meteors meanwhile Bee is fighting Obito.

Obito: You have no hope left the Juubi has been revived.

Gyuki: We will never give up.

Obito: Then I will demonstrate why you should.

Obito makes hand seals as he disappears to his dimension

Switches back to naruto.

Naruto: I have to think of something to end this fight.

Suddenly Madara rushes naruto using the preta path attempting to drain his chakra.

Kakashi lunges from underneath the earth slicing Madara in half with raikiri.

Madara: I see you both are not to be taken lightly when working together.

Madara focuses his EMS on the juubi's eye and starts to control its movements.

The juubi creates a TBB.

Madara: This time you are not escaping!

Naruto: I have no intention of running.

Naruto: Kage Bunshin No jutsu

Naruto creates 300 clones and they go into sage mode. With 100 rasen shurrikens they throw them at the juubi

Obito: Not so fast!

Obito uses his Kamui to create a swirling vortex within the TBB mixing his fire release with it.

Madara creates a wall of Amaterasu around kakashi and naruto.

Kakashi: Damn were in a tight spot!

The TBB mixed with fire collides with the rasen shurrikens creating a massive firestorm.

Gyuki grabs kakashi and wraps him in his tentacles.

Obito: Do you feel like there's hope now! I'll save this world!

The firestorm quickly overwhelms Bee and Naruto!

Obito: With "The masters" out of the way there's no hope for you now.

Madara makes seals for his wood dragon when suddenly the entire landscape splits.

Gai can be seen exerting a powerful force that is ripping Madara in half faster then he can regenerate. Obito's right arm has been cut by the powerful gust and the juubi remains unphased.

Gai: Its true that hope is fading fast, but I am utilizing the death gate i'll take down the Juubi!

Madara: Obito do not let him get close to the juubi.

Obito: I'll just warp him aw...

Obito is punched on his right side and its instantly vaporized.

Obito coughing blood: How is this possible...I was in my dimension...

Gai: The 8th gate gives me the power to punch through space. Your technique is fruitless in the face of mine!

Gai delivers a kick to obito's neck causing a flashback to the day they fought in the chuunin exams.

Gai then punches the juubi to the other dimension.

Gai: Naruto you must take down Madara the juubi will be back and obito is not finished yet.

A white zetsu clone appears and forms with obito revitalizing him.

Obito: I am immortal with the power of hashirama. I have both the powers of Senju and Uchiha I cannot lose!

Naruto creates kage bunshins that barrage Obito with kunai!

Obito: Is that the best you got? Its going to take a lot more then kunai's to take me down child!

Kakashi rushes Obito in the other dimensions and rips out his sharingan.

Kakashi: Now the playing field is evened out and you will be eliminated.

Next time -Kakashi vs Obito and Bee and Naruto vs Madara

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