Thursday, 29 November 2012

Naruto 612 ten tails vs the shonobi allince!

Naruto 612 ten tails vs the shonobi allince!
Obito: so many

madara: calm down bito these fodder will make no differnce!

obito: Naruto allow me to show you what war really is then see if you can continue to make these claims!

Naruto: bring it on I'LL NEVER LOSE TO TRASH LIKE YOU!

obito: !

Tentails goes rushign forward choji and choza appear infront of it with their butter fly punchs knocking ten tails back there neji and hinata with the whole hyuuga clan stand pushing their hands forward releaseing a large blast of chakra at the tentails it jumps into the air releaseing tailed beast bombs the hyuugas use rotation all at once forming a large scale rotation stoping the tailed beast bomb from hitting Then the inuzukas all in two headed wolf form appear above ten tails and use wolf fang over fang the ten tails lets out a loud roar pushing the inuzkas back from below many ninja fire each one of teh five elements at the ten tails it opens its mouth swallowing each jutsu naruto appears behind teh ten tails holding a rasen shuriken.

naruto: take this futon rasen shuriken!

obito: useless!

the ten tails smacks the rasen shuriken away with its tails and hits naruto but naruto poof as it was a shadow clone teh real naruto was teh arsen shuriken he transforms back to naruto landing on the ten tails he use's rasengan to hit obito off of the tentails obito phahes through him while distracted kakashi had kamui'd himself to behind obito and slashed his connection to the ten tails obito turns around in surprise while naruto attempts to hit him again madara swings his fan knocking everyone except himself to the ground. kakshi has a flash back to a similar plan of narutos back during the first arc when he was transformed as a demon wind shuirken. All 3 land the shinobi allicne looks on as they see tobis face. Madara looks down on obito grinning.

obito: so i was right your motives were never peace!

madara: thats right and i no longer need a brat like you, before i kill you you deserve to know one thing, that girl i caused her death!

obito: !!!

to be continued

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