Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naruto 611Prediction: Borrowing Power

Just as the 8 tails is about to hit the 10 tails with a bomb, the 10 tails holds up a giant Susanoo shield and deflects the blast. Madara is holding a hand seal, and some how he's able to wrap his Susanoo around the whole 10 tails giving the 10 tails new armor and a giant spear. The 10 tails throws the spear at the 8 tails but Kakashi warps it.

Kakashi:... (panting)

Obito: Impressive *throws shuriken from his sharingan at Kakashi*

Naruto/9 tails extends a chakra arm and grabs Kakashi before the shuriken hits him

8 tails: damn, what the hell is that

Kurama: Not even I knew that the 10 tails could use susanoo like that...

Obito: You should be more conservative, I don't want you wasting the 10 tails' power like that.

Madara: (while making a hand seal) No, it's the opposite... I'm the one giving the 10 tails MY power.

Obito: what?!

Madara: (evil grin) that idiot, Kabuto his name was? he essentially made me a giant inexhaustible battery for the 10 tails. We don't even need the other beasts this way.

Obito: Well then...

Kurama (inside Naruto): Naruto... do you feel that?

Naruto: Yeah... that dead Madara is funneling his chakra into the 10 tails

Kurama: Yeah, and he doesn't seem to be letting up either. That must mean... that edo tensei jutsu is allowing him to have infinite stores of chakra. That means the 10 tails..

is impossible to defeat...

Naruto: What do we do?!

Kurama: This time Naruto, I don't think there is anything we could do. This is a much worse situation than I ever could have intended. With that Susanoo we can't even try to knock Madara off the 10 tails...

Naruto: shit...

Kurama: Naruto... there is one thing we might be able to do, but it's a long shot.

Naruto: Yeah? spit it out because he's attacking! *the 10 tails goes on the offensive, 8 tails and Naruto/9 tails mode defend themselves*

Kurama: Do you remember the chakra you got from the other tailed beasts?

Naruto thinks back to the fistbumps he got from 2, 3, 4,5,6, and 7 tails from like 20 chapters ago.

Naruto: Yeah! but I have no idea what do do with that chakra, plus we don't have chakra from the other 2 beasts do we?

Kurama: heh, no, I stole chakra from the 8 tails a while ago, and...

I stole chakra from the one tail years ago when you fought that kid Gaara.

Kurama pulls out a small ball from inside his chest, and Naruto pulls out a much bigger ball from inside his, they combine the two.

Kurama: okay Naruto, this is where it gets tricky, because I'm not sure what's gonna happen. We could die.

Naruto: WHAT?!

Kurama (making a handseal - the 10 tails is about to stab the 8 tails with a susanoo spear): NOW!

All of a sudden, blinding light makes the 10 tails recoil and fall back, as the light begins to dim down the outline of a young man holding a staff can be seen.

Obito and Madara: what?!

Madara:.. that... can't possibly be

Naruto steps out looking older and taller - like he's in his 20's wearing the Sage Of the 6 Paths' close and holding his staff

Madara: Rikudo Senin!?!?!


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