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Naruto 610 Prediction: The Ones not Coming Home

Naruto 610 Prediction: The Ones not Coming Home
Orochimaru and Sasuke stand outside the remains of the Naka Shrine. Sasuke remarks in his mind that he never promised Naruto about not defending himself. Flash back to the K11 running towards Naruto's location. The elder's stand in Sasuke's path. Sasuke's eyes focus and he begins using a technique

The sky darkens

Hinata: Tsunade-sama's chakra...
Sai (shocked): No way.
Rock Lee: ?!

Sakura, Tenten and Ino and Choji all rush towards Tsunade and the Kages. Shikamaru, Sai, Rock Lee, Kiba, Hinata and Akamaru continue to pursue Naruto.
Sasuke: So, this is it...

Orochimaru: Are you sure you want to know the truth? Once you enter, there's no turning back.

Sasuke: Do it, or I'll put you back in Kabuto.

Orochimaru smiles with his tongue out and enters
Suigetsu: Here's the scroll, Sasuke! I still don't get why we have to travel with this creep.
Jugo: ...

The burning corpses of both elders are shown nearby. Orochimaru looks like he's having fun in a creepy way. Orochimaru and Sasuke enter the building and retrieve the tablet.

Flash back to Kage's

Tsunade: It should be enough...

The other 4 Kage's seem like they're not dying, but not really able to move well or speak.

Sakura: Sensei, what happened here?! (she looks like she's about to start crying)
Tsunade: Sakura, come here..
Ino is crying and Tenten appears to be consoling her.

Tsunade takes Sakura's hand
Tsunade: Don't cry, I've lived a long life. Madara is planning to destroy the entire shinobi as revenge against the 1st. You have to carry on the Will of Fire, for the future generations. Protect Narut-

The slug summon lowers its head and Sakura starts sobbing uncontrollably after punching the ground and blowing a sizable amount of it away. Tsunade's hand loosens and she appears to be dead. The sky continues to darken.

Flash to Kiba and Shikamaru's group jumping through the terrain quickly

Shikamaru (looking unsettled): This is not good.
Kiba:The smell of the Kyuubi is weakening quickly...
Lee: We need to hurry and get to where Naruto is!
Hinata: Naruto...

They arrive in the clearing to see Naruto face up and unconscious on the ground, with the Nine tails just having finished being extracted from him. Killer Bee is visibly dead. Kakashi is unconscious and is picked up by Sai. Hinata runs to Naruto's side. Rock Lee rushes to Guy-sensei, who appears near death and surrounded by the Mokuton.

Madara stands atop the refuse, arms extended and looking down with a falsely pleasant smile at the new arrivals. The moon stands closer to the Earth and casts an eerie shadow down over Naruto's body. The 10 tails roars to life behind Madara.

611: Redemption

Flashback to Obito and Madara (Kishi explaining how Obito went down and what happened)

Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Gai are not not able to be seen. Some time has gone by

Obito: You... lunatic. You killed her, you killed Rin!
Madara: What's that you said, trash should stay put right? Thanks for doing your part. (Madara makes a crooked smile)

Obito (in thought panels): Don't worry, Kakashi. This time I'll protect them. I'll protect everyone. Image of Rin and Kakashi from Gaiden chapter and of child Obito admonishing Kakashi "those who don't protect their friends are worse than scum"

Obito attacks Madara and a brief exchange of techniques takes place with Madara canceling most of them with the Preta path to block Obito's jutsu and Deva path to block the Mokuton. The fight ends abruptly when Madara uses Preta to cancel Obito's Kamui warp and avoid being absorbed and simultaneously using Shinra Tensei to violently impale Obito through the heart on his gunbai. Obito starts hacking up blood and has a single man tear rolling down from his remaining eye.

Madara: Done already? Oh well, it will all end soon.
Obito (thoughts) Sensei, I'm sorry... Kakashi... Rin.. Obito's face is panged with regret as he falls to the ground over 3 frames. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect them. He turns his face towards the now visually restrained-by-Mokuton Naruto. Bee's head is hanging and it seems the 8 tails has already been extracted.

Obito (an ironic smile on his face): Save your friend...

Obito falls to the ground, lifeless and dead, dropping first on his knees.

Naruto struggles in futility as the Mokuton suppresses the Kyuubi chakra. The 9 tails mode at last breaks and Naruto begins to prepare sage energy while inert. Madara easily knocks Kakashi unconscious and restrains Guy.

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