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Naruto 597 Prediction: Dark Side

Naruto 597 Prediction: Dark Side
 It has been ages since I wrote a Prediction , But I will give it a try.

I hope you guys enjoy.

Tobi : Kakashi you may have figured out a tiny bit of my Jutsu , but you are not close enough , the same trick wont work on me twice.

( The injured part heals fast )

Kakashi : Senju Hashiramas Power!?

Kakashi : I never thought you had something like this in your sleeves.

Tobi : It's not exactly Senju Hashiramas power it's a regenarative ability granted by fusing Uchiha and Senju DNA , it's far superior and it also grants the ability to have infinite amounts of limbs , in other words I cant die.

Naruto : Bee who is that monster we are fighting!?

Bee : I have no idea Naruto , but we have bigger things to worry about.

Guy : Look out all! He's about to do something.

Tobi : Dark Funeral Of Flames!

(Dark Red Wall of Flame approaches Bee and Naruto it's massive , taller than Bee and Mazo.)

Bee : !!!! Covers Naruto with hes body and takes the blast.

Bee is injured Guy rushes to bee.

Bee: Thanks Naruto I leave the rest for you.

Naruto : Yes!!

Tobi : It was far easyer than I thinked.

Teleports to Guy and Bee

Guy is thrown away with by repulsive rinnegan path.

But gets a hold of himself by jumping in other directions and is unfazed.

Tobi : (Absorbs bees soul)

Tobi : One down one to go.

(The Body turns into ink.)

Tobi : A bunshin !!!?

Suddenly a huge hole is beneath Tobi and he's falling in the ground.

Naruto : Bee!!!??

(Kakashi throws Kunais At Tobi.

Naruto is doing a RasenShuriken in SM and jumps in the hole.)

Kakashi : Do not rush this Naruto wait until by Kunais pass hes body.

Kakashi : We have to wait for the right moment.

Naruto : Undersood!

(Inside Narutos mind)

Kurama : RasenShuriken will not work for this oponent.

Naruto : Why , My rasengan worked when Kakashi sent it to other dimension with Kamui.

Kurama : Lets us change for a second.

Naruto/Kurama : Kakashi Ninetails speaking here , The Kamui wont work twice for this Oponent also he posseses the Uchiha fan , it can deflect all ninjutsu and even by sonic roar like it is nothing.

The fan was bested only by Hashirama Senjus extremely fast Mokuton abilities.

I thought the fan was damaged to a point where it is not longer useable , but it seems it has been repaired.

Kakashi :
Have any ideas then Ninetails?

Bee/8tails : You will be surprised Kakashi , Ninetails is the most wisest among us all

maybe even more wiser now than granpa sage.

Tobi : ( Still falling ) , Deflectting the constant wave of Kunais.

I have to get a hold of myself and this hole seems to be deep.

It will be only few more moments when I touch the ground and I can teleport swiftly or I could use my chains to pull myself up.

Naruto / Kurama : We have to wait for the moment when he touches the ground me and Naruto have made a plan.

(Inside Narutos mind)

Kurama : Few more moments when our link is perfect.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 0, 255)"]Kurama :[/COLOR] Your clones must have gathered a vast amounts of nature energy allready.

Naruto : I made 30 clones gathering nature energy , but if I disperse them at once I will be turned into stone.

Kurama : Dont worry Naruto I can controll these amounts of nature energies with no effort at all and turn the energy into my own chakra and later disperse it to you.

Naruto : How is that even possible?

Kurama : because I was the second after grandpa sage who was able to accomplish this feat.

Grandpa Sage also founded 3 hidden places , where he teached : Frogs , Snakes and Snails to use the Nature Energy.

(In thought ..too bad your gone old man , if you where here you would witness your succesor right over here , thinking about Naruto)

Tobi : Universal Pull!!!

(Deflects all the Kunais and gives Tobi a chance to teleport back to mazo.)

But suddenly huge chakra arms envelope Tobi and throw him into stone rubble.

Tobi : ahhahahaah this is nothing I can keep it up all day.

(serious look on hes face)

(Appears on top of head of Mazo with no damage.)

Naruto/Kurama : Why it didnt work it was timed perfectly...He's hella strong , seems like he's out of this world.

But atleast we have more cracks in hes mask , I want to see that bastards face before we crush him.

Tobi : It will be only short few moments before all you will fall under infinite Tsukiyomi.

I think I can reveal my identity to you guys , but before I have to check something.

Takes a crystal ball out of hes pocket : Looks for Sasuke...

Impossible , How come Orochimaru is with them ..that sneaky bastards cant wonder he was obsessed with rebirth so much.

And they are heading towards the Uchiha Shrine...

If they do "that" then it might work for my favor.

My identity has to wait for a moment , I have to finnish this quick.

(Tobi and Naruto Rush towards each other At incredible speed and Facing each other)


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