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Naruto 599 Prediction: Who i am

Naruto 599 Prediction: Who i am
The bijuudama disperses and Tobi is seen laying on the ground mask shattered.

Naruto and the rest approach him.

Gai, " be aware, don't let your guard down."

Kakashi looking at Tobi, "
No, it can't be!"

Tobi struggles *to one knee, "yes it is, me."

We see an aged Obito with wrinkles under his Sharinghan.

Naruto, "so who is he?"

Gai, " Obito Uchiha, member of Team Minato, along with Kakashi."

Obito with both eyes bleeding," i guess you want to know why?"

Kakashi, " no I want to know how?"

Naruto, " how could you be this Obito guy when my Dad fought you when Kakashi sensei was still a kid!?"

Obito, " simple, I didn't. My cause is shared as well as this eye. It is simply a tool to be used for our cause. It was passed to me by the one that fought the Fourth Hokage."*

Bee, " ain't that some shit, theres more than one of this bitch!"

Obito, " the one that fought your Father was you rival's Father, one reason that you two are destined to fight."

We see Naruto thinking about Sasuke, "so you guys were just Using this guy's eye and planning a bunch of stuff behind the scenes? Just to get the bijuu? You just used people to get what you wanted!"

Obito,"this eye was mine to begin with, but Fugaku unlocked it's abilities. Once it was passed to me I took it even further."

A voice from the side, "that is enough boy, they need not know all the details, in a dee moments...."

We see that it is Madara, " they will be dead."

Naruto yelling, " hey, you Uchiha Zombie how sis you did you get away from the Kages?!"

Madara, "they are of no one's concern now."*

He is standing on wood element roots and branches he sends one to Obito and it grabs him. Bring him close to his face.

Madara, " your eyes are damaged you are defeated, i have no use for you."

Naruto, {that bastard, no you don't}

The roots begin to squeeze when Naruto smashes them with a chakra arm and grab Obito.

Over away from the fight he sits Obito down.

Obito, " what are you doing?!"

Naruto, " you are my Dad's student and my Sensei's teammate, that makes you family. You lay here i can get you fixed up{Sakura or Grandma Tsunade can do it}, you are gonna pay for what you did but not like that!"

Naruto as he makes a clone and speeds off, " he will watch over you Uncle Obito, just leave it to us!"

Obito in thought sitting against a rock exhausted,{Uncle?}

Madara is attacking the others, Gai is *making sure Kakashi doesn't get hurt while bee is trying to take little damage, even though he is chained in one spot.
Gai, " come on Kakashi I need you."

Bee," time to realize, i need to lose some size!"

He goes back to base form grabbing*

Naruto is coning straight for Gai and Kakashi.

Naruto,{This better work Kurama}

Gai with Kakashi on his shoulder, "what are you..?"

Naruto with a Kurama cloak colored rasengan(not bijuudama), "chakrasengan!"

He buries it into Kakashi's chest sendung him back a bit but standing up still.

Kakashi, " you, you just gave me some of your chakra?!"

Naruto gies full Kurama cloak covering all four of them, "let's go."*

Suddenly Madara gets knocked yards away. As he sits up he sees everyone standing in front of him.

Naruto with arms folded, " you are done here."

Next: "new vs. old"

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