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Naruto 598 Another Prediction

Naruto 598 Another Prediction
Naruto Dashes towards Tobi, a rasengan begins forming in his hand. He strikes straight at Tobi’s mask and phases right through.

Tobi: Foolish foolish Naruto, what exactly do you think has changed?

Tobi moves a little to one side moving away from naruto whilst keeping everyone within his line of sight.

Tobi: So you now know how my justu works, what of it? For you to exploit that advantage you would have to create the perfect situation of your attacks overlapping with my phasing, do you think it will be that easy now that I know what you’re aiming for.
Kakashi: (how do we create an opening now that he’s watching for it…)

Tobi keeps moving across and now he stands halfway between Gai/kakashi and Naruto

Tobi: and not to forget that Kakahsi has to keep using Kamui for this to work, I wonder Kakashi, how much longer can you keep going?

Tobi raises his hands arms out wide to either side, his hands are open, one pointing towards naruto and the other towards kakashi. He turns his head to one side to look at naruto

Tobi: Then again…I could just kill him first! *Shinra Tensei*

Naruto struggles as the full force of the Shinra Tensei hits him, *but even in his current form he is thrown back, the force is that strong that the trees behind have all been torn away at the roots and flung back destroying each other. Tobi turns his head to the left, looking at Kakashi. *Bansho Tenin*
Kakashi is caught up and pulled towards Tobi

Kakashi: (Sh, the Rinnegann!! I was too focused on his Sharingan, he’s too close *I can’t escape!)

A long knife slips out of Tobi’s sleeve into his hand, he holds it out pointed directly at Kakashi’s oncoming head.
*Flaming Peacock* You see Gai appear just above Tobi and shoot down his Fireballs. Tobi phases letting kakashi fly right through him to the other side where he crashes to the ground. You can see Naruto a little way away in the back ground.

Gai: Your technique is still no match for my speed, I won’t let you have my rival that easily.
Kakashi: Naruto!!
Kakashi: Listen to me! He is just another villain like the many you’ve faced before, you do not need our help to defeat him, He is just another Zabuza Momochi!

Naruto puts his hands together and forms a seal. A double handed shuriken almost as large as him appears in his hand.
Tobi: ??!
Naruto throws the Kunai directly at Tobi. Tobi looks at the Shuriken flying towards him, in the background he can see Kakashi holding his hands together looking directly at him.

Tobi: (So that’s there game. Kakashi tried to bluff saying naruto could do this on his own, if I fell for the bait I’d try to phase through it, and as I did that Kakashi would use Kamui to send it to the other dimension effectively cutting me in two)
Nice try Kakashi.

Tobi jumps towards the shuriken and grabs it out of mid-air, as he lands back down holding the shuriken he looks at it in surprise.

Tobi: You’ve condensed a lot of chakra into this Naruto, most likely to increase its cutting power on the off chance i*blocked it instead of phasing through it. *I guess you didn’t want up to mess up your only chance.

Tobi warps the Kunai away into his other dimension.
Tobi: I might have use for that later
Naruto: heheheh, I can’t believe that worked first time around, I thought I’d have to try it at least a few times before you fell for it.
Kakashi: Nice one Naruto
Tobi: Are you trying to fool me once again Kakashi?

Kakashi gets up and pats himself down, he seems to be completely at ease now. He begins to casually walk over to Tobi. As Tobi’s attention is focused on Kakashi, naruto gives a meaningful look towards Killer Bee.

Kakashi: You see the first bluff was actually a double bluff.
Kakashi: I do believe Naruto can defeat you on his own, especially once I figured out how your technique works, but I wanted you to think that I was bluffing and was actually going to help him.
Tobi: …you obviously did not wish me to just phase through the shuriken he threw, why? I dodged it easily it was that slow…!!!
Kakashi: Yes I think you understand, we didn’t want you avoid it at all , in fact-

Suddenly a pencil is swirling in Raiton chakra right next to Tobi’s eye. You see Killer Bee off to one side still in octopus mode, he has a massive grin on his face and one of his tentacles is stretched out as if he’s thrown it. Tobi Phases not having enough time to dodge or do anything else. The pencil travels through his head and out the other side. Suddenly there’s an explosion in front of Tobi’s face, His mask explodes into little pieces as he is violently thrown back into a tree. He drops to the ground on his hands and knees and you can see blood spilling to the ground from beneath his face.

Tobi: !!! What did you-
Kakashi: Naruto was the prankster of the hidden leaf before he was its hero
Naruto: hehehe
Kakashi: you were just tricked into believing that that was just a shuriken when it really was one of naruto’s clones transformed.
Naruto: You wanted some of my chakra and now you have it. I’ve got one of my friends in there ready to give you a big rasengan welcome anytime you wish to head back.
Tobi: gwah

Tobi splutters coughing up blood, he stands shakily with his right hand covering the side of his face.
Tobi: I will make you pay for this*

Naruto points at Tobi
Naruto: I've made all your time space jutsu useless you nobody, now it's my turn!

Next week: Naruto 599 - desires

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