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Naruto 599 Prediction: Bonds

Naruto 599 Prediction: Bonds
(recap) Sasuke with the help of Orochimaru has freed the previous Kages. Bee has sensed some troubling chakra heading their way so he scouts out the danger without notice. Tobi (in my story was revealed to be Izuna Uchiha as he was defeated by Naruto's ultimate FTG. Izuna gives Naruto a war prize for Kakashi. Uchiha Madara solely faces the remaining alliance party.

Scene shows eight elite ninjas looking over the war. As they stand perched on a mountain cliff Sasuke's EMS is shown close up. Kakashi is revealed using Kamui to open a portal so Naruto can be freed from the dimensional space. As Naruto exits he senses an evil so immense he gets a cold creep over his body. Madara stands on top of the Juubi's head. Madara: Face it, you all will perish. As the new world is born I will cast you all under eternal sleep. Scene shows Sasuke's face distorted with anger. Orochimaru: Do we really have to join the fray? It looks utterly boring down there. So little to gain from this confrontation. Sasuke: Let us just see what HE has learned. Standing not far from Sasuke and his mentor is a blue eyed man with shiny blond hair. Minato: I have faith in you SON.

Madara activates his rinnegan as he places his hand of the body of The Juubi. Madara: Juu Abyssal Seal! We see large stakes coming from out of the hands of Madara. As the chains that bind the stakes are stabbed into the Juubi he is pulled into the body of Madara. As the fierce chakra rips away at the torso of Madara a seal is seen forming on his stomach. Madara screams in agony as the heavy chakra takes a toll on his body. The Juubi's body breaks down from his solid form into a ghostly chakra version. As his menacing face expands like a cloud of gas over the Alliance party quickly the remaining chakra is sucked up. With the last traces seen going straight into Madara's eyes he reveals a new pair of Sharinnegans.

Naruto: Kakashi sensei how are you holding up? Kakashi: (Panting) I don't have long Naruto, with any step now I can bite the dirt. Guy : Kakashi! I won't let you end our battle like such. If I have to fight for the both of us you are still involved here. Kakashi looks over at Guy and manages to give him a thumbs up. Guy i: Kakashi is starting to feel the drain of using the Mangekyo Sharingan. I won't let my rival be belittled in my presence. Naruto: Kurama I need you to help him if you can. Kurama: What ever I give to him only takes away from you. Naruto: Not entirely true, I can boost him with Nature if you can transfer it. Naruto quickly makes a Kage Bushin. The clone walks over to both Guy and Kakashi. Kurama: Chakra purge! Suddenly Kurama's eyes change forming what seems to be a cross. Guy : The bijuu can go sage mode? Kurama: NO! As Naruto's partner obviously I can use his techniques. Though I am sure I can learn sennin mode. As all animals have the ability to do so. I will restore what I can and give you two an edge in this fight. Kakashi is seen standing more upright and strength is slowly returning. Kurama hands Kakashi something that brings shock to Kakashi's face.

Madara also standing upright starts to walk towards his foes. This power...the toll it takes on the body. I would never believe it to feel this way. I feel slow, it feels as if gravity is pulling me with great force toward the ground. Though some flaws on the other hand my reach seems limitless. Kurama: I am sorry guys but it seems my time is up. I need to sync back with Naruto. The clone vanishes as Naruto looks on into the eyes of Madara. Madara: I feel as though the world around me is my puppet. I can sense and see so much with these perfect eyes. My brother....if only...Madara grows furious as he lashes out towards Naruto and company. Naruto: Oh no you don't! Just as Madara takes off with incredible speed Naruto matches it. Naruto resumes cloak mode forming dozens of chakra arms around him. He waves in front of him with each arm as they form mini rasenshurikens. Naruto sends them out like flying saucers. Madara: Childs play!!! SHINRA TENSEI! As Madara envelops his body in the godly force each mini shuriken is thwarted and sent else where on the battlefield. Naruto extends his own reach using a huge chakra arm grabbing and squeezing the breath from Madara. Madara: That is what I would expect coming from a Uzumaki! Though still not enough! Madara holds out both arms sucking in the precious power. Naruto drops his cloaked form. Naruto: I don't have those eyes of yours..if you resort to using such tactics I can do the same. Madara: Just bring it kid! Naruto disappears! Madara: He vanished! This time though I can sense his power though I still cannot follow it fully. How is he moving like that? Suddenly Naruto appears behind Madara. Right below his bottom. Naruto: Thousands years of Death! Launching Madara up into the sky Naruto meets him with an aerial assault.

With thirty chakra arms or so he sends out a flurry of punches that impact Madara's body with tremendous force! Madara falls like an anvil into the earth. In a split second a large chain with a sickled blade is seen racing and strikes Naruto in the arm. (He gasps) being pulled downward Naruto twitches in pain. (Naruto in thought) This blade?! It is the same material used when I was fighting Pain. It seems to be the same power used to Trap and tame Son and Uncle Bee! (removing the blade) Naruto quickly catches his bearings and turns his body landing on his feet. Madara looks on at Naruto as he begins to smile. Naruto: What is with that smile? Madara: Nothing child, this nostalgic remind me of him so much.. Hashirama Senju! Naruto: Well you should of met my father! Naruto flashes out of sight. Madara: You can't beat possess a jutsu that would threaten and eradicate a being of my level does not exist. Suddenly Naruto flickers in and touches Madara's chest and flickers back out. Madara holds his arm up as if it was an antenna. Naruto races in touching Madara's back this time leaving his imprint. Lightning strikes the earth digging up deep trenches into the soft dirt. The lightning gets closer and closer to Naruto as Madara's eyes get used to the yellow speedster.

Naruto: His attacks are closing in on me. How is he able to see me like this? Kurama: Throw a marker behind you, we will transport our self back towards Madara. The lightning continues to flow forward as Naruto lands before Madara's fearsome glare. Madara: You think I did not see this coming? Lightning strikes Naruto over and over again until we see a portal open above Madara. Kakashi springs into the fight piercing Madara with Rikiri. Madara grows volatile as he recognizes the Mangekyo eyes implanted in Kakashi's scull. Forming metallic arms from his back Madara rips into Kakashi's torso ripping it into two. Kakashi's face starts to fade revealing a ration clone. As the wound starts to heal Madara peeks up and is decked in the face by a speeding Dynamic Entry. Guy: I may not be known for my ninjutsu but lets see how your taijutsu is Uchiha Madara. Madara smirks as he wipes the blood from his lip. Madara: Fine I have yet to face someone on par with my fighting style. Madara starts out in a defense stance. Madara (in thought) I know he can use the forbidden Hidden Eight gates Jutsu. As long as he doesn't go nuts in this bout I should come out the victor. They exchange many punches and kicks and they both smoothly evade one another. Naruto: Wow look at Bushy bro sensei go!!!! Kakashi: Naruto, thanks! My body is still getting use to both eyes. Naruto: He told me to give it to you as it would be something Obito would of wanted. Also he said that you won't have such a drain in using his eyes. Kakashi: I feel it! I mean at first I thought it was the natural energy you were pumping into us. I now know this is the power of the Shodai. Even with Obito's other eye my body is not an Uchiha. I think his dna somehow registered within this eye. Boosting my own stamina and chakra reserves. Naruto: Well Sensei what plan have you concocted??

Guy sweep kicks Madara, as Madara begins to fall Guy handstands and starts to do a Hurricane kick. Spinning violently over and over smashing his forceful kick into the cheek of Madara. Madara quickly rises from the debris. Madara: I give you credit no one has ever made me sweat like this in a battle of fists. Sadly I grow tired of this game. Raising his hand he pulls Guy toward his deathly grip. Kakashi: OH HELL NO! I won't let another one of my comrades fall before me. Kakashi warps Guy to his side. Guy: WOW Thanks KAKASHI! That was too close. I wasn't even done! (What seems like teleportation) Guy opens the six gate of View above Madara's stance. Guy (in thought) I have to be insanely fast for this to work right. Morning Peacock! As his fists ignite the air around him, he sends thousands of fireballs in his foes direction. Madara: Uchiha Technique Mirror of Flames! A huge mirror made of fire rises from the ground. The flamming mirror tilts in the direction of Guy. As his flames seem to move downward they reflect upward back at the caster. Guy is bombarded by his own attack. Guy:?! He reversed my Morning Peacock? Ok then Mister Uchiha I have something that I know you can't throw back at me. As he starts to descend toward the ground, Guy: Daytime Tiger!

A huge Tiger face is seen projecting outward toward Madara. Madara: Piff, have you forgotten I have the rinnegan. Such an attack is meaningless before my divine eyes. As the attack strikes Madara he is seen puzzled. Madara: it was not chakra?! Madara is hurled into the ground as his body is badly broken. Madara lay on the ground as his body starts to heal itself. Naruto: My Turn! We see our hero fall from the sky. As he drops he lets out a loud bellow! Naruto: TAKE THIS!!! Slamming into Madara's body Naruto tackles him with a potent bijuudama! Madara: This is too much! Shinra Tensei!!!! Madara lets out the largest Shinra Tensei to date. Smashing everyone back on their asses. Before our allies have time to react a missle is seen racing toward them. It detonates dividing one from the other. Madara pulls Guy once again to his position. Guy: I can't maneuver out of his jutsu! Madara grabs him and pulls out his soul immediately. Guy falls unconscious on the ground. Kakashi screams out! Madara: Phantom Dragon Nine Consuming Seal! White ghostly dragon figures race toward our allies. Kakashi: Kamui! As he manages to evade the attack Naruto isn't as lucky. Madara: It seems your speed wasn't enough this time. Genjutsu! With these eyes being one I am the most powerful shinobi in the world. Now that I have you captured no one stands before my might....(In the real world we see two blades trickle cleanly down the body of the infamous Uchiha.) As their ration blades chirp away we see Sasuke standing beside eight ninjas including Bee.

Sasuke: So you are Uchiha Madara...the real one...?!
Madara: So our clan does live on?! Why would you strike me child?

Minato, Tobirama, Shodai, Orochimaru, Suigetsu, Juugo, and Hurizen prepare their battle stances.

Madara: Well what a swell reunion, wouldn't you say? Hashirama!


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