Monday, 13 August 2012

Naruto 598 Prediction: The end of the One Jutsu

Naruto 598 Prediction: The end of the One Jutsu
*Naruto runs towards Tobi*

Naruto: Kakashi Sensie by now I hope you know what to do

Kakashi: yea

"Kakashi: if I have enough chakra"

Guy: Kakashi, that battle, I think somebody was watching

Kakashi: yea but who

*Naruto tries to punch Tobi but slips through, Tobi turns and tries to grab Naruto, but before he could grab him Guy sees whats happening stopping the conversation with Kakashi and attempting to stop Tobi grabbing Naruto*

Tobi: such pathetic attempts from a lousy excuse for a shinobi

Guy: don't talk lightly of my youth

*Tobi grabs his war fan and blocks Guy's attack, but right before Guy hits he teleports and before the fan could hit the ground Guy tries to hit Tobi, but Tobi sees through it and retracts into the ground*

Naruto: how are we suppose to fight him now

*Tobi rises from the ground*

Tobi: your not, thats why i'm proposing this once again... Hand over the 8 & 9-tails to help with the 10-tails

Naruto: like hell we will

Tobi: fine then your fate is sealed

* Tobi starts to charge towards Naruto, we get a shot of Tobi's sharingan as it begins to swirl, and what looks like Kakashi's MS*

*Naruto begins to form a biju bomb*

Kakashi: Naruto and Bee, this right here can make us win, Bee use you eight tails to continually try to hit Tobi

Naruto: now ur catching on to my plan Sensie

"Kakashi: he came up with this plan before I could, good job Naruto, you are Hokage material now"

*Bee starts to attack*

Kakashi: NOW NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Bee's attack lines up, Tobi goes into the alternate universe at the same time Naruto sends the bomb Tobi's way*

Kakashi: now its my turn... KAMUI

*The bomb warps away at the same time Killer Bee retreats, Tobi is still in alternate universe, Tobi is shown to be hit by the bomb, throwing him into the ground, his mask shatters*

Kakashi: Guys its done now, hes dead

Tobi: I'm not done just yet

*Tobi stumbles to his feet, the mask cracked to where it was during the Konan fight but his Sharingan eye is closed*

Tobi: this world will be mine

Naruto: how....? how in the hell did you live

Tobi: Izanagi, did you think taking me out will be this easy

"Tobi: hmmm to think it would come this far, taking this eye, now all I have to fall back on is the Rinnegan"


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