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NARUTO 597 Prediction: Who hits first?

NARUTO 597 Prediction: Who hits first?
TOBI : "He figured out my jutsu.....I must stop him before he figures out anything else". You're trying to hold your title ...huh?
KAKASHI : That doesn't matters now......lets go guys...we must hurry before I die..
NARUTO : ?!!!
GAI : ?!!!
NARUTO : What do you mean Kakashi Sensei?
KAKASHI : To defeat that mask man I have to use Kamui. And to use it many times means..... death due to exhaustion.
GAI : Hehehe..then I won't let you die first because you're my eternal rival. Then it means I also have no reason to stay back. Lets see who kick that mask man off.
KAKASHI : Gai don't be hasty...After me, you are the one protecting Naruto. This is not the time to compete but... "you'll always be my rival"
GAI : But...what?
KAKASHI : Nothing...(Removes a shuriken and covers it with lightning).
NARUTO : Uncle Bee, can you make those ink clones of yours again?
KB : Yeah, I can (spits out 8 ink clones).....Hey kid I have a trick
NARUTO : Trick? what are you doing...?
(KB holds each of the ink clones with its tentacles)
KB : WHEEEEE (throws them at Tobi. Due to full speed throw, the clones forms into a sharp ink arrow)
TOBI : ?!!! Pathetic useless tricks (Some of the arrows pass through Tobi and some falls before him and liquifies into ink on the ground)
NARUTO : (looking at the fail attempt)You say that an intelligent trick....You're old now!!
TOBI : Is that your trick?
KB : Hey Kakashi do it now, or the chance will go somehow!!
KAKASHI : ?!!! "What does he mean?" (Looks at Tobi).." Thats it!! Nice Bee.
(Kakashi throws the lightning covered shuriken towards Tobi)
TOBI : after another (tries to become intangible)
TOBI : ?!!! "What, why I'm not becoming...?" (looks on the ground) "The ink"
NARUTO : What's happening?
GAI : ?!!
KAKASHI : The ink spread on the ground stick to Tobi and is holding his chakra due to which he is unable to become intangible to attacks..This is our chance..
TOBI : "I'll just warp it into other dimension."(His eye starts swirling)
KAKASHI : I thought so....Shadow Shuriken jutsu.(the lightning covered thrown shuriken increases in number)He can't absorb all of them...Lets see how will you counter this.
NARUTO : Nice one Kakashi sensei.
TOBI : I'll just absorb it(Stretches his hands and starts absorbing the shadow shuriken jutsu)
KAKASHI : ?!! How will you counter this?
(Some of the shurikens hit each other and are diverted in opposite direction in a circular path like a Boomerang behind Tobi to attack him from back)
TOBI : ?!!!
NARUTO, GAI, KB : ?!!!
KAKASHI : He can't dodge it now and not even absorb it.
(The shurikens gets pass through him)
NARUTO : But how did he managed to pull that off?
KAKASHI : Its because he absorbed the chakra from the ink fallen on the ground which were holding him and free himself.
NARUTO : This man is tough.
KAKASHI : This one failed....Bee you try to break through the barrier and attack the mazo, we handle the mask man..
KB : Okkaaaay.....!!!!
TOBI : Its useless to break through the barrier.....Heh
GAI : We will see that....
(Tobi stands still at his place)
KAKASHI : Naruto, I require two clones
GAI : ?!!
NARUTO : ?!! Okay...Shadow clone jutsu....(Two clones are created)
KAKASHI : (Pointing at the clones) You two keep that mask guy intangible....And Naruto....
NARUTO CLONES : Yes...(Runs towards Tobi and splits on either sides and extends their chakra hands to each other surrounding Tobi. Their chakra hands branches into many hands and each pair creates a rasengan. Both the clones runs closer to Tobi)
TOBI : ?!! (Absorbs some of the incoming rasengans) " I can't absorb each of them or else I'll be in trouble " (After some time goes intangible and the rasengans goes through him)
TOBI : "I can't remain like this for more time, I have to find a way" (Jumps on the rocks which are hurled in the air to avoid the rasengans)
KAKASHI : (To the clones) just keep him busy (Wind is blowing from back of Kakashi and a sound is heard)
(Naruto clones creates more clones and each of them creates rasengan and tries to hit Tobi wherever he leaps)
NARUTO : Its ready.....
(Tobi in air)
TOBI : ?!!
(Naruto with his other hand makes a seal and releases his Shadow clones)
(Tobi lands on the ground in the white smoke of the released clones)
TOBI : (Solidifies) "I must act fast"
NARUTO : RASENSHURIKEN!!!! (Twice bigger than the previous one's)
(Extends it to Tobi with his chakra hands)
(Tobi goes intangible again to avoid the attack)
KAKASHI : Earth style : Giant Mud Wall Eruption
(The chakra hand with the rasenshuriken reaches near Tobi and stops. Tobi watches the Shuriken infront of him with a confused look)
TOBI : ?!! (From the smoke) So you can extend your chakra hands to this limit.....?!!! Wait!! (thinks about Kakashi's attack)
KAKASHI : BEE!!!......
KB : Ready!!! (Creates a Bijuudama)
(Naruto's stretched hand with the rasenshuriken is retracted with full speed and is thrown in opposite direction)
(Kakashi's jutsu lifts the ground near Gedo mazo to a height within the barrier and is opened to them)
(Bee launches his Bijuudama in upward direction and Naruto's Rasen shuriken travels towards the Gedo)
TOBI : Damn it!!!! " All this time they made me to think that they are attacking me "
KAKASHI : Atleast we attacked the Mazo " I exhausted a lot to lift that statue " (And falls on the ground)
NARUTO : Heheh we land an att....(looks Kakashi)...Kakashi Sensei...!!!
GAI : Kakashi....!!
(The Last panel shows the attack about to hit the Mazo and Naruto & Gai rushing towards Kakashi while Tobi standing as a fool)

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