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Naruto 599 Prediction: Matser and student

Naruto 599 Prediction: Matser and student
kakashi: farewell guy we'll be rivals in the next life as you said...

the rest of teh army arrives guy falls.

lee: guy... guy sensei no!

hachibe: we're to late!

ten tails: ROAR!

lee: guy sensei... * tears in eyes*

teenten: lee what...

hinata: we're to late.

shino: this chakra my bugs are reacting to it as if it is posiones.

kakashi: cough we failed naruto its up to you.

lee and teh rest of the konoha 11 jump down to help kakashi and guy.

sakura: kakashi sensei * starts healing*

kakashi: its to late sakura have faith in naruto if he stops tobi... he'll need healing so he can stop this monster save your chakra, i'm sorry i couldn't be there to stop sasuke its all my fault. * closes eyes* ( rin, sensei... obito, naruto sakura, and even you sauske please forgive me if i had done soemthing maybe sauske...)

lee: guy sensei what happned?

guy: lee i'm sorry, my time of youth is over its up to you to inhert my will i believe in you lee don't let the will of fire die use your youth and win this war...

guy and kakashi are now dead.

Lee: Guy sensei, that monster will feel the full fury behind my youthful fists!

sakura: kakashi sensei.

shino: lets buy as much time as we can for naruto

tenten: yeah!

neji: this monster will feel the wrath of the hyuuga clan!

hinata: for naruto!

shino sends his bugs in front of him and makes a gaint clone made of bugs the same hight as the juubi it holds it down while absorbing its chakra but the foul chakra begins to kill the bugs. lee appears at teh top of teh clone entering the 6th gate.

lee: mourning peacok!

the mass amounts of punchs sends it backwards sakura who is at its foot punchs it triping it neji and hinata appear under it as it falls.

hinata/neji: hyuuga secert jutsu 1000 palms rotaion!

neji and hinata begin hitting it with small jabb and ending it with one large rotaion one from hinata at its foot one from neji at its head sending it up it uses its tails to smash into the ground and stand up lands on its feet causes an earth quke making everyone lose balance.

choza and choji appear on the front and back of the juubi using butterfly bombing the ten tails releases a roar sending them backwards shikamaru and bunch of otehr nara clan members have binded the juubi. at the yamamka try to enter its midn but only end up hurting themselfs.

tenten: take this bansho fan.

tenten releases a large amount of each element at it but she is punched by the juubi right into the ground the elements she made eaten by it.

kibaa: clone wolf fang over fang.

jubbi smacks the wolf transformed kiba and the other one to teh side

sai is busy trying to draw his sealing jutsu but is almost stomped on sakura knocks him out of the way and holds its foot to but stuugles to keep it up.

lee: after noon tiger!

the juubi is hit and send flying but stands Right back up.

scence swithcs to madara

madara: seems its done the ten tails has been revived.

oonoki is dead mei and a are on the ground out of chakra tsunade and garra on their knees.

tsunade: did naruto fail?

gaara: no it can't be.

scsne swicths to a dark room.

???: looks as if you've found me.

naruto: you'll pay for kakashi sensei and bushy brows sensei.

sasuke and orichimaru appear shortly after.

???: sauske and orichimaru to.

naruto:!!! sasuke!

sauske: why have your brought me here orichimaru.

orichimaru: this is the man you wnat to talk to he is.

???: your funny orichimaru, bringing sauske right to me.

the man turns around his face shown.

orichimaru: the man spoken in legend the sage of six paths oldest son.

naruto: what?

sauske: !!!

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