Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Naruto 598 Prediction: FAILURE!

Naruto 598 Prediction: FAILURE!
(Naruto dashes towards Tobi in KCM v2)
NARUTO : Don't you talk about what my dad and pervy sage entrusted on me.......because that is also a part of my dream.....and I already told you I won't give up my Dream!!
(Naruto while dashing towards Tobi smirks)
TOBI : ?!! (goes in defensive mode)
NARUTO : (shouts)And I won't let you smash my dream!!!
(Naruto is close to Tobi and punches him in a frontal attack)
(But Naruto's attacking image passes through Tobi)
TOBI : ?!!! *Where is he?*
NARUTO : I'm here!!
TOBI : ?!!! (looks down and Naruto lands an upward punch but again its just an image)
TOBI : ?!!!....Whatever you are planning to do is useless....
(Moves his Sharingan right left up down to sense Naruto's attack)
(Tobi lifts his right hand slowly)
TOBI : Your level of Yellow Flash has surpassed your father's but.....(blocks the incoming punch and grabs it)...I said everything is useless infront of me...Its finished (Starts to suck in Naruto)
TOBI : A Clone?!!
(Naruto from behind kicks Tobi in upward direction)
NARUTO : NA......!!!
(Tobi while getting hit and moving upwards moves his head down to see Naruto)
TOBI : You!!
(A Yellow Flash is seen again)
(Naruto dashes towards Tobi upwards)
NARUTO : RU.......!!!!
(Throws him up one more time)
TOBI : Damn it!! * I can't even use it..*
NARUTO : TO.......!!!
(Lands another kick throwing him much higher)
TOBI : ?!!!!
(Naruto is shown high in the air above Tobi with a giant Rasengan about to hit Tobi)
TOBI : ?!!!......(looks at Kakashi who is still in a shock)....Hmm.
(And hits Tobi with the Rasengan but he passes through Tobi)
TOBI : Is it over!!
(Naruto along with the Rasengan in his hand is still passing through Tobi)
NARUTO : Hehe....not yet!!
TOBI : ?!!! *Shit!!!! I forgot about him...*
---In the other Dimension---
NARUTO CLONE : (Wandering in space) where he will be appearing now??
(Suddenly sees Tobi's body part which was attacked by Naruto's Rasengan in the real world)
NARUTO CLONE : There he is!! (reaches near Tobi's body) R..A..S..E..N..G..A..N!!!!
---In the real world---
(As soon as Naruto passes through him Tobi immediately becomes solid)
TOBI : (looks at his partly burnt outfit) *Fuuuh....I barely managed to knock the attack in that dimension*
NARUTO : (looks up to Tobi) *I lost my chance*
---In the other Dimension---
NARUTO CLONE : Damn it!! I was so close.....(Poofs away)
---In the real world---
(Tobi in the air falling down turns himself towards the ground)
(Naruto who reached on the ground makes another attempt)
(As Tobi turns, Naruto punches hard on his mask in a flash of light)
TOBI : ?!!! *He got me*
(The right portion of the mask cracks)
(Tobi falls on the ground which breaks the cracked portion)
(Tobi stands holding his right side of his face and then removes his hand)
KAKASHI : ?!!!
GAI : ?!!!
KB, NARUTO : ?!!!
(A smashed face is shown with the Sharingan in a wide opened eye)
KAKASHI : You can't be?!!!!
OBITO : My right side is almost smashed....my half portion is going numb....I already going to die...
OBITO : Kakashi...you'll become a great jounin....and as a present....I'll give you my Sharingan.
KAKASHI : ?!!!
OBITO : I can...become your eye....and from now on I will see the future...
----Back to present----
KAKASHI : Are you Obito??
GAI : ?!!!
KB, NARUTO : ?!!!
TOBI : .........Well wh...
KAKASHI : No!!!....you can never be Obito!!
GAI : ?!!
TOBI : ?!!
KAKASHI : Obito can never do such a thing....How in the world I recognized you as my best friend.
NARUTO : *Best Friend!!* (Remembers Kakashi saying "Those who abandon their friends are worse than scum")
GAI : Kakashi!!!
TOBI : Yeah...you are right.....I am not Obito of whom you are talking about...Its just a luck of mine that during the Third Shinobi War....at the Kannabi Bridge.... Madara found this kid dying and he revived my soul into this kid using his Mangekyou Sharingan.
KAKASHI : ?!!! You are not worthy of using Obito's Sharingan....He never wanted to see the future like this!!!
TOBI : Well.....Me and Madara..... wanted to destroy Konoha and bring success to our plan INFINITE TSUKUYOMI!!!....for which .....we will go to any depths required...
NARUTO : ?!!!
KAKASHI: We won't let you take any further steps!!!....And we will not fail..
NARUTO : Yeah....You are a Failure....... You just want the world for you....... just because you want your revenge on Konoha in the name of PEACE.
TOBI : ?!!!.....Failure!!.....you called me a failure....don't you know the burden of being called Failure....(shouts)don't ever dare to spit that word infront of me....I AM NOT A FAILURE!!!
(Tobi lost his temper.....What happens now?)

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