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Naruto 598 and 599 Prediction: In the other dimension.

Naruto 598 and 599 Prediction: In the other dimension
We see the group of Naruto standing ready. There are six of them.

Naruto(1): "hey guys do you feel different? Like just kinda different with your chakra?"

Narto(2), " yeah i do, almost like we have our own almost like..."

The Real *Naruto,"...separated from me."

He is talking to Bee as they *look at Kakshi and Tobi with Gai close by.

Naruto continues, " usually when i make a clone i can feel my chakra missing pieces but now its like none of my chakra is gone. You think that other place blocks chakra from this world?"

Bee to Gyuki, { i finished school with flyng colors, but i can't understand this mothafucka!}

Gyuki to Naruto through Bee, " it seems your clones have become totally separate from you while they are there. Ut if the get cancelled you still feel he effects."

Naruto, "oh okay."

Back in the other dimension.

Naruto(1), " hey its been quit a while maybe the fight is over? We should explore this place!"

Naruto(2), " yeah sounds great,who is with us?!"

The last Naruto is standing in silence while the others talk about exploring or staying put.

Naruto(6), "hey guys,we been writing inthis book for a while now." he pulls out a small but thick book from his back pouch. I think we can we should start working on a couple things."

We see the others pull out a book and flip through it. We see a close up of six pages.*
First page, "make friends"
Second page, "get stronger"
Third page, "become Hokage"
Fourth page, "surpass [scratched out] save Sasuke"
Fifth page, "surpass pervy Sage"
Sixth page, " surpass 4th Hokage[scratched out] Dad"

Naruto(1), " well it seems to me we need to master both jutsu Dad made!"

Two others," yea! He never it took FTG to level three!"

Naruto(4), " how are we going to do that, we don't have him, mom or even Kakashi Sensei *here to teach us!"

Naruto (6), "well we can work it out. We just gotta remember what we know so far about the technique and go from there. It takes seals and chakra."

Naruto(5), "summoning jutsu, its a summoning jutsu. Like when we summon the toads or when they summon us to a Toad Mountain!"

Naruto(3), "well we don't know the seal or..."

Naruto, "yes we do, its the same seal we have had all this time." he points at his stomach, at the seal used to place Kurama inside him."

Suddenly one of the other Naruto interrupts, "hey guys look!"

They look to see a clone that has water swirling rapidly in*
A rasengan shape.

"cool huh, i was getting bored with all that talking, i was gonna gather see if I could do a rasenshurikken then i got thirty and thus happened when i thought about a glass of water!"

Naruto(6), "wait you thought about water and then u made water?!"*

Naruto(1), "hey maybe we can do all the elements?!"

Naruto, "well Kakashi Sensei said most Jonin can do two some can do three."

Naruto(6), " multi shadow clone jutsu!"

Suddenly a hundred show up.

"every body make a hundred clones i git an idea!"

Back to the battlefield.

We see Kakashi talking to a battered Tobi, you can't be alive! No way not after all this time!"

Tobi, " yea, its me. I am here but where is Rin. Kakashi, i asked you to take care of her, where is she?!"*

Kakashi makse a shadow clone, " no thus is a genjutsu! How can you be alive? !"

Gai, " who is this guy Kakashi, you all riled up?!"

Tobi, " my name used to be Obito Uchiha, member of Team Minato. Now i am no one. But Kakashi the hero is a legend. A legend that can't save one person!"

Obito jumps back and takes off his robe and mask revealing and old variation of a *ninja uniform *aged and battered from he past.

"fine i will tell you what happened."

Flashback begins.

We see the collapse of the rocks and then darkness.

Voiceover, " in order to get awaken Sharinghan abilities you must have the right circumstances."

We see a body laying in darkness it is Obito, " ahhh, i am alive?!"

His eye is bleeding but intact. Obito is in obvious pain and can't get up completely

"i laid there until i convinced myself to crawl, dragging one side with the other."

We see him puling himself until he falls off a cliff.

Obito, "ahhh..."

A voice, " shut up and get off of me!"

It is a Madara Uchiha, "where did you come from kid?"

We see him later bandaging his eye and tending his broken bones. Madara is aged and has the war fan on his *back.

Madara, " you will lose the arm and the leg they are infected, unless."

Obito, " unless what old man?"

Madara Uchiha, " i can make sure you live and never lose a limb permanently again. For a favor."

Obito, " yes whatever it is yes!"

Soon after we see Madara inject Obito with something.
When he dies a faint flicker of his EMS appears in Obito's eye.

Voice over, " he saved me and told me all about his life from the wars to the fight with the first and even the legend of the So6P and the *10 tails. He talked endlessly it seemed, even about how he found a family with sickly little Uzumaki child. *He gave him a blood transfusion, he told me that he will have the RG just make sure he uses it when the time is right."

Madara is walking alone when a young man comes out of nowhere and tackles him, but it is clone.

Young man " dammit."

Madara comes from behind and speaks, " you need to train harder. You have been gone for a while now, a year is it?"

Obito *noticeably older , " yes, but there it felt longer, look i go older!"

Madara, " yes be careful you have advanced in years but that wont be a good thing as you get older. You may want to find a limit to how long you are gone."

Tobi, "yeah i know after this next training trip. i have been working on just sending parts of myself there to avoid attacks too."

They begin to walk together, Madara pulls out a familiar set of cloths and mask.*

"the next time you come back i wont be here, carry out my plans as if I were. Follow *them and i will one day return."

Voiceover, "the next time i surfaced I followed his plan, i fought our old Master, he didn't even recognize me, I was older stronger, smarter!"*

Naruto interrupts,"my Dad beat you!"

Tobi continues, "yes he did, but after that defeat i left to come up with the best plan to achieve Madara Uchiha's goal."

Naruto, (he trained in that other place? I wonder.)

Kakashi, " so the dimension has a different time effect? So after a certain of being their you begain to age, no time there speeds up. You go through things faster. The body develops faster. You even became..."

Naruto voice interrupts, " smarter! "

The other dimension.

"we are smarter, i can under stand stuff better!"

We see hundreds of Naruto in the other dimension all training around this one but we can't exactly see hat they are doing.

Smart Naruto, " at this rate..."

He turns around and is taller and has longer hair. Looking more like Minato.

"i will be stronger than Dad and Mom!"

Back to war.

Madara vs Kage.

He is seen hovering above all of them.

"chibaki tensei!!!"

The same jutsu that leveled Konoha levels the area and the Kage are at first glanced crushed.

Madara leaves.

Raikage *comes from under the rubble with Tsunade and Gaara raise the ground from off of him and Mei.

They all gather round to see Oonki lying still after Raikage and Gaara uncover him.

Back to Obito and the others.

Kakashi looks at Obito then takes out a small booklet, opens it and shows him.

Obito, " what, really?"*

We see pictures of Rin in different stages of her life. Then a picture of her Kakashi and a plaque with Obito Uchiha"hero" engraved on it.

The last page is a grave stone with Rins name on it. With a ninja dress in ANBU gear standing in front it looking down.

Kakashi, "dont worry, She is the best."

Obito is silent then throws it back, " this changes nothing! You cannot stop he ten tails, I will succeed!"*

Obito looks up and smiles.

Voice from behind, " you, boy you have my nine tails, i want it back. "

Everyone looks shocked as Madara has entered the fight.

Kurama forces Naruto to switch, " you, i will mot be your pet ever again. You cold hearted..."

Madara, "so yo choose to be this boy's instead then?"

Naruto to Kurama inside, {don't let him get to you Kurama, your smarter than that! We can beat these guys!}

Madara looks at Obito, "failure is not tolerated."

He sets Obito whole body ablaze with Amaterasu.

Kakashi looks on in shock as Tobi screams in pain, "no!"
He uses his MS to get rid of the flames.

Madara looks at Kakashi, " you don't deserve that eye."

Before anything can be said Obito grabs Kakashi and warps away.

Gai, " where did...No use dwelling on it now. I will face you Madara Uchiha, i the green beast of Konoha!"

Madara makes wood clones to face Bee , Naruto, Gai and a could to guard the statue.

Kurama(using Naruto's body) goes RS mode, " let's go Gyuki!"

A Madara clone uses RG and drains the chakra from Bee, bring him down to base mode. As be tries to use his lightning cloak the other clone use mokuton to grab him.*

The first clone is starting to pull out Bee's soul.

Gai is fighting three *Madara clones with his soeed and agility he is evading any genjutsu or chance cor mokuton to grab him.

The Original Madara is above watching it all.

A clone uses chibaki tensei on guy as the other one does the same. The third comes from above and does i as well. Gai is out his body crushed from three sides.

Kurama is using chakra arms to keep them at bay and speed to avoid the clones pin pointing him.

Then all the clones go Susan'oo, except the one puling out Bees soul and the one using mokuton to hold him in place.*

Bee, " hey little buddy I know you got my back and thats a fact..."

Suddenly the mokuton using. Lone is getting weaker, Samehada is draining his chakra through he mokuton extending through his hands.

Kurama and Bee end up close to each other starting to be surrounded by the Susan'oo clones.*

Kurama, " hey you son of a bitch, you are not going to win!(Naruto switches) No way are you putting everyone under a genjutsu!"

Madara, " i really don't know what Tobi told you, but I want *to bring the ten tails back to become it's jinchurikki, not for a genjutsu. I need you and the 8 tails to be a part of it, but I will settle for one of you."

Suddenly mokuton wraps around Bee and pulls him under. He resurfaces infront of the statue.

Naruto, "Uncle Bee!"

Gedo extracts Gyuuki from Bee. Dropping bee motionless to the ground. Before he can hit the statue knocks him away.

Madara clones surrond Naruto.

Madara brings up a huge root and lands on it, " now you are alone child."

Naruto just looks up thenis slightly startled then smiles.*

Madara sends a sharp root speeding towards naruto when it suddenly is set a flame, blue flames.

Madara, {blue flames?!}

we tun and see Kakashi with two MS eyes, " my student is never alone, as long as I am around!"

Kakshi is back with anither gift from a friend!*

Next: "Kakashi vs Madara"

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