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Naruto 599 Prediction: Revelations Part 1

Naruto 599 Prediction: Revelations Part 1
The mask falls off Tobi's face and lands in Kamui's dimension as he flies back into the real world and Naruto's clone dissipates from his dimension.

Tobi struggles to stand up, feeling his face with his back turned towards the alliance, Naruto stares triumphant waiting to see his face.

Kurama-Naruto: No more mask to hide behind.

Kakashi: yourself.

As Tobi turns towards the alliance he shows his wrinkled face, one eye sharingan and one eye rinnegan.

Gai: Kakashi...I don't think that is Obito.

Kakashi: How is this died during the war?

Naruto: Who is this guy?

Kakashi: It's Obito's father...Ka...

Kagami: My name is Kagami and clearly I am not dead Kakashi.

Kakashi: But...that is Obito's right eye, I am sure of is this...

Kagami: I guess if I am going to explain how I came across my son's eye, I should start from the beginning.

"As you know Kakashi and Gai, I was an elite Uchiha, I trained with Tobirama and I was well on my way to becoming a top official in the Uchiha clan. I was born into a family with only my mother, she never spoke of my father, no one did, I assumed he died in a battle during the formation of the Hidden Leaf. When I was young Tobirama and Harashima took a special interest in me, Harashima put me under Tobirama's guidance, at the time I thought it was a privilege but I would learn that there was more reason behind this. A few days before the death of Tobirama, he pulled me aside and told me of my father, Madara."

Kakashi: You are Madara son?!

Kurama-Naruto: I see, this makes sense.

Kagami: Kyuubi let me finish.

" Tobirama trusted I would not betray him, he told me that during the fight between Harashima and Madara, both sides were wearing down, both knew if this continued that they would both die, Tobirama was still young at the time, and had not advanced his S/T jutsu far enough to be a leader of the Leaf, so my father decided to make a sacrifice."


Madara: Harashima if we continue, we will both die, and the Leaf will fall, as much as I want my clan to lead the Hidden Leaf, I do not want them to be fodder for another hidden village.

Harashima: What are you saying?

Madara: I will vanish, I will not set foot in the Leaf again, you can go back and lead the village, as long as you do not bring harm to my clan, I have told them if I do not return to shun me, in hopes of bringing peace for them.

Harashima: How can I trust you?

Madara: My wife just had our first child, we named him Kagami, I will entrust him to you, as long as my child is not betrayed by the Senju clan, I will not return.

**End Flashback**

Kagami: Tobirama died a few days later in an ambush attack, leaving Hiruzen in charge. I continued to live in the village out of respect for my father and the sacrifice he made until my son Obito died and that is when I had Danzo help fake my death.

Gai: Why would you do that?

Kagami: There had been rumors, that my father was still alive, I needed to find him, after losing my son, Minato Namikaze was named Hokage, Kakashi became known as a hero, and my son was left with nothing. Danzo agreed to help me, on one condition.

Kakashi: What condition was that?

Kagami: We will arrive there soon.

"After I left the village I was able to locate my father, he was old and his body was in no condition to fight. He was angry at me for leaving the village, I told him about Obito and he introduced me to Zetsu, who was able to bring Obito's body to me, where I took his eye. One thing the Uchiha legend never had was a father who took his sons eye, MS activated right away, the sheer emotion of me receiving his eye was enough to awaken it, fortunately for you I received the Kamui eye that was for defense and you had the offense. I only needed my father to teach me one thing, how to control the Kyuubi."

Gai: The condition....

Kakashi: It was to....

Kagami: The condition for the Uchiha to help the Root in a coup of the Hidden Leaf, little did I know the end game Danzo truly had in mind.

End of Chapter

--Revelations PT2---

Kakashi: Danzo wasn't the most honorable man, but he would not betray the Leaf like that.

Gai: Yeah I could not imagine him betraying the Leaf, he only wanted to protect it.

Kagami: You must understand, when the 3rd Hokage stepped down, many people had thought that he would name Jiraya or Danzo Hokage because Orochimaru had betrayed the village, Minato was very young, a good choice, but very young, which angered Danzo.

Kakashi: What does this have to do with Obito?

Kagami: Nothing, you know what I did, this is for Naruto, so he knows what truly happened.

" I needed to learn how to control the Kyuubi, Madara was not sure if I would be able to do so, so we decided to inject myself with Zetsu cells, he thought maybe having Senju cells would help my power, and at the time it did, my regeneration was amazing, I healed really quickly, and my overall chakra increased as well. I learned how to control the Kyuubi and next came the attack, although the consequences of using Zetsu were severe, I aged very quickly and my body became scarred. The good thing is, my chakra is even larger the Sasuke's which gives my Sharingan endless possibilities."

Naruto-Kurama: How did you know about the seal weakening when Kushina was going to give birth?!

Kagami: Ah that was Madara, he was always watching the village, he saw what Harashima's wife had to deal with so we were aware.


" Danzo told me the location of the birthing, I arrived there and eliminated the ANBU stationed outside, I worked my way in and took you from the 3rd Hokage's wife. The plan was I would awaken the Kyuubi and attack the village, during the distraction, the Uchiha clan would wait for the signal from the Root and attack from the opposite time, working through the village and clearing all men stationed around the attack, the Root would then form into the battle with the Kyuubi preparing to corner all ninja who would try to stop the coup."

Kakashi: I don't believe you, the Uchiha would never align with Danzo, the risk would be to high.

Kagami: Kakashi ask yourself how many Uchiha were fighting the Kyuubi? Were any Uchiha with your level? No, they were all in their section of the village and late to arrive. The were the Police, if there was an attack why would they not respond?

Gai: Kakashi, I don't remember any Uchiha that night, in fact I don't remember the Root very well either.

Kagami: That is because I was betrayed, while I was fighting Minato, the Root had already left the village and found Madara, they had him cornered and he was too elderly to take them on by himself, Zetsu had come along with me in case something went wrong. Madara was murdered and the Uchiha never attacked because they never received the signal. After that night, Hiruzen never trusted the Uchiha again, and the Uchiha never trusted Danzo...or myself. I arrived back at my hideout that night to find Danzo with Madara's body, he told me if I came near the village again, I would face the same fate.

Kakashi: This would explain why the Uchiha planned another coup...

Kagami: Hiruzen knew they had something to do with it, and they began to shun me for my actions that were brought onto them, that is why when Itachi came to me for assistance, I didn't mind giving him a hand.

Naruto: You left your own clan out to dry?! You are nothing but a coward!

Kagami: Shut up you little brat, you know nothing of the situation.

Kakashi: Why did Danzo betray you? You never explained why he decided to kill Madara.

Kagami: That is the proper question Kakashi. Minato had become legendary within a few months of being named Hokage, Danzo probably figured out that if he ever tried to take over your generation would stand in his path and without youth in a village, there is no hope.

Kakashi: I see, he was right, I personally would not have stood for it.

Gai: Nor would have I.

Naruto-Kurama: I think it is time for us to finish this fight Kagami.

--End Chapter--

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