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Naruto 598 Prediction: Tobi's face

Naruto 598 Prediction: Tobi's face
Tobi: useless I don’t care what your dream is when the ten tails is revived it will all be meaningless just words.

Naruto: you don’t seem to get it! I don’t care if you revive the tentails 11 tails 12 tails or whatever I’m gonna become hokage and I’ll defeat whatever stands in my way!

Kakashi: Naruto…

Tobi: more empty words.

Bijuu Naruto smashs the ninetails arm into where tobi stands his phases though it Naruto then roars and smash a bunch of rock right back into tobi but he still evades them.

Kakashi: naruto prepare a bijuu dama I have a plan!

Guy: kakashi, I hope this works.

Kakashi: its our last hope.

Tobi continues to dodge each attack Naruto sends at him guy appears behind tobi and tries to punch him but phases right though tobi Naruto roars ( while still charing the bijuu dama) sending guy backwards into tobi elbowing him in the face sending him backwards.

Tobi: didn’t expect him to attack his own comrade just to land a hit on me.

Kakashi: you will never crush our dreams!

Tobi: what about the dreams you crushed? By killing you kill not only a person but every thought every dream every statement that person has made, by killing them you have only proven dreams are worthless…
Flash back…

Haku: my dream is to be his tool, and help him achive is dream.

Next panel haku takes kakashis raikiri,
Haku: za…bu…za
Next panel zabzua dying next to haku
Next flash back

Kimmoro: lord orochimaru saved me, delivering sauske it is my repayment for my debt to him and his kindness.
Next panel is sauske attacking orochimaru

Next flash back

Gaara: I want to be viewed as someone important to others to and not as some weapon of terror but as kazekage

Next panel
Gaara is defeated by deidara after saving the village

Tobi: as long as ninja exist and kill dreams will mean nothing my jutsu will put an end to those crushed dreams in my world no one will battle no one will kill, all will obey me. that is the only way to bring this world to true peace

Kakashi: but in a world where everything is controlled that means nothing dreams only mean something when they are done for real!

Naruto unleashes the bijuu dama tobi phases though it kakahsi uses kamui to make it disappear tobi thinking it will eappear in the next world re metalizes Naruto then smahss his arm into the ground where tobi stands he teleports back to that world when he arrives he finds the bijuu dama still there unexploded.

Kakashi: now

the bijuu dama explodes with tobi there.

Naruto: its a timed bijuu dama although I though it its up to kurama when it explodes.
Tobi starts to teleport back.
Tobi: you shouldn’t have done that, kakashi.
Tobis face is not shown but his maskis seen falling to his feet.
Kakashi: no, you can’t be…

To be continued

599 comes out is all about sauske

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