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Naruto 600 Prediction: Friends

Naruto 600 Prediction: Friends
Scene starts with everyones shocked faces

Kakashi: (heavy breathing and painting) Obito!!!

Guy:What does this mean?How can he be alive?

Naruto:Kakashi-sensei,Bushy eyebrows-sensei you know this guy?

Kakashi:Yea,I'll explain it to you later,but now (he turns to Obitos side) I'm going to ask you once and I want you to be honest with me,just tell me why?

Obito:.....You can say I'm Obito but not quite.


Naruto:How can he be and not be the same person,I'm not understanding?

Guy:Me neither,but now (turns to Kakashis direction) Kakashi we must let our emotions aside and fight him,it's our duty!

Kakashi:Yea,you're right (cleans the eye from the blood and switches to Mangekyo) even if you are Obito I'm sorry but as a member of the Shinobi Alliance I must stop you.

Obito:I never said to spare me,infact now that you saw my face i cannot let you live anymore (switches to Mangekyou)

Obito(in thought):Who would have thought that they would actualy be able to hit me.I must go all out if I wanna win

He disappears from the ground leaving everybody on guard

Kakashi:Be ready I have a bad feeling about this time...

We see Obito coming from ground behind Kakashi and Guy,he hits Guy which is unable to block because was holding Kakashi and sends him flying away.In the same moment Naruto makes a kagebunshin which goes to save Guy while the real one is heading at Kakashis direction

Obito(in thought):I must get rid of Kakashi,without him the others can't fight me but I can't kill him now because it would take time and Naruto wouls stop me so this leaves me with only one choice.

We see Obito touching Kakashi meanwhile Naruto comes in light speed and tries to punch him but the punch along with Naruto phases throught him.

Naruto:He teleported at the other dimension at the last second!

As soon as Naruto goes behind him Obito uses the momentum to kick him and send him flying away.He then turns to Kakashi

Obito:I don't have time to kill you now but I will make you useless

Kakashi:!!!Don't tell me you're going to...

Kakashi can't finish his sentence when he is sucked in the other dimension by Obito.Everyone is shocked at the scene they just saw.

Naruto:You bastard!!!

Kurama:Calm down or you'll en up there to.

Obito:Now let's see what you can do

Scene switches to other dimension.We see Kakashi looking at the place,it is a deserted place with no life.

Kakashi:So this is the other's huge (he starts walking around when suddently he spots a closed place below) what is this place?

Suddently a voice starts to speak but he is on a dark place and we cant see him.

???:You're finaly here.I was waiting you old friend

Kakashi:Who are you?(he starts to walk to him but when he sees him he has a shocked expresion) What does this mean,why are you here ...Obito?

We see Obito chained and with sealing marks on him

Obito:It's a long story but i suppose you have time.

Scene switches to another place on the dimension.We see the Naruto clone that was send there by Kakashi

Naruto clone:!!!This chakra!Why is Kakashi-sensei here?I must go and find out.

He rushes to Kakashis direction meanwhile scene switches to Naruto vs other Obito.It shows Naruto,Guy and Killer Bee,they are all exhausted and are painting

other Obito:I told you withot Kakashi you are no match for me


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