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Naruto 599 Prediction: Tobi's last stand

Naruto 599 Prediction: Tobi's last stand

Tobi and naruto are both rushing towards gedo maza.

Tobi thinking: "Let this work!"

Tobi ports away at the last second and appears in front of naruto who is mere feet away from striking gedo maza.

Tobi: "I will not let you destroy gedo maza. In mere seconds gedo maza shall be complete and I will be the juubi's jinchuriki."
Naruto: "Not if I destroy it and you first."
Tobi: "That will never happen. I will trap you forever rather than let you destroy gedo maza."

Tobi attempts to suck up naruto but naruto moves backwards really fast thus tobi continue to increase the intensity of the suction. Naruto moves back and then suddenly a kunai wizes by naruto almost striking Tobi. Tobi looks behind naruto to see kakashi, guy, and kirabi rushing towards them. Tobi stops the suction.

Naruto: "Even if I don't get to gedo maza in time the others will. You are running out of options tobi. If I don't succeed Im sure the others will."
Tobi: "Than I will just have to flee this battle and take gedo maza with me."

Tobi attempts to port gedo maza. Naruto charges forward and tobi suddenly turns around porting naruto away. kakashi and the others seconds later reach Tobi.

Tobi: "Its too late. I have sent that brat to another dimension."
Kakashi: "Hachibi stay back and cover me. Guy Tobi is all yours."

Guy rushes in to attack at tobi with several punches and kicks which tobi parries with his fan. Kakashi heads over to hachibi and stands behind him.

Hachibi: "What are you doing?"
Kakashi whispers: "Im attempting one last kamui so I can port naruto back to here."

Kakashi struggles to build up chakra as guy is starting to get beat up by Tobi. Suddenly a portal appears over head near gedo maza.

Tobi thinking: "Damn it not again! Damn you kakashi!"

Tobi jumps up in front of gedo maza in front of naruto as naruto flies out.

Tobi: "Back inside you go and next time I will kill kakashi so you can't come out."
Naruto: "Hachibi! Guy! Do it!"

Tobi looks down to see both guy and the hachibi attacking gedo maza. Tobi suddenly yelps in pain as naruto hits him point blank in the stomach with a rasengan. Tobi screams in agony and shock as the rasengan pushes him straight into the open jaws of gedo maza. Naruto then uses a rasenshuriken, guy opens the gates to use morning peacock, hachibi uses bijuu bomb, and kakashi uses kamui all at once on gedo maza. The blasts all hit at once causing gedo maza to be ripped to pieces. Naruto lands and starts running away fast as do the others from the tremendous explosion as gedo maza explodes to pieces.

600: The fate of the 7 bijuu.

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