Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Naruto 599 Prediction: An unstopable force!

Naruto 599 Prediction: An unstopable force!
(Tobi's face is revealed. Tobi stands firmly and some blood is going down his face)
Tobi: *Darn you kakashi! i underestimated you, but no more.*
(clone)Naruto: "who are you!?"
Tobi: "..."
(clone)Naruto: "answer me!!!"
Tobi: "i am no one"
(clone)Naruto: "i guess ill have to beat the truth out of you!"
(Tobi laughs mysteriously)
Tobi: "you should've thought things through before rushing into situations naruto! now you will die!!"
(Tobi attacks naruto and they go on a blocking spree of taijutsu)
(clone)Naruto: "i dont know who you are but we will stop you no matter what the cost!"
Tobi: "you are a fool to believe you can stop me!"
(Naruto attempts to hit Tobi with a chakra arm)
Tobi: Shinra Tensei!
((clone)naruto is sent flying back, and poofs away)
Naruto: Rasengan!!
(tobi turns around to see a whole lot of naruto clones behind him and before the rasengans land on him he shifts to the regular world)
Tobi: *damn it! i will show these roaches their place!!*
Kakashi: (looking at Tobi) *so it wasnt Obito after all*
(kakashi attempts to stand back up, Guy helps him up)
Guy: "Kakashi you have done well, no less to expect from my rival. now its my turn, let me take the oppurtunity to show this guy the true power of youth!!!"
Kakashi: *i hate admitting it but if i continue to fight ill die. itll be best if i rest and gain some strength back meanwhile Guy, and naruto handle things*
Guy: "prepare yourself, you are now dealing with the leaf's handsome green devil, mighty guy!"
Naruto: "and Naruto Uzumaki!"
Guy: "6th gate, gate of view open!!"
(Guy opens 6th gate meanwhile naruto charges towards Tobi)
8-tails: "Bee we cant just stay here while naruto and guy fight him!"
Bee: "i know ya', ima bring the pain to that *******, buh we cant take down the barrier protecting the Gedo mazo"
Tobi: "you are but a couple of insects compared to my power!"
(Guy and naruto charge towards Tobi with amazing speed)
(meanwhile.. scene switches to madara vs the 5 kage)
Onoki: *this is bad, we wont be able to hold out for long*
(Madara activates the perfect susano'o again)
Madara: "you cant win when going against an unstoppable force!"

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