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Naruto 598 Prediction: To the nitty gritty

Naruto 598 Prediction: To the nitty gritty
(Naruto is rushing towards Tobi with fire in his eyes. Naruto turns his head to face Kakashi’s briefly.)

Naruto: “Kakashi sensei!” Do what you did before!”

Kyuubi: “The gloves are off now, Naruto. It’s time we show him what we’re made of!”

(Naruto is closing the distance between himself and Tobi. Naruto stops abruptly, about 30 ft away from Tobi.)

Naruto (in thought): “I hear ya. I’m fed up with his nonsense. I’ll shut him up for good this time.” (Meanwhile, Kakashi is overseeing the area from a cliff, overlooking the battle.)

Kakashi (in thought): “Have to pick my spots carefully.” (The scene switches over to Naruto vs. Tobi. Tobi is seen rushing towards Naruto. Tobi, with both hands on the chain, swings his fan at Naruto’s left side. A chakra arm emerges from Naruto’s left shoulder allowing the chakra hand belonging to that arm to grasp hold of the fan.

Naruto then extends his right arm, which creates a chakra arm that is propelling a Rasengan towards Tobi’s face. Tobi puts up his left hand as the jutsu collides, causing the Rasengan and chakra arm to be absorbed, which heals the minor scratches on Tobi’s damaged shoulder and arm.)

Naruto (in thought): “That’s right, the Rinnegan.” (Tobi lifts up the flap of his mask near the bottom, revealing only his mouth, as it is tilted to the side.)

Tobi: “Katon: Karyuu Endan.” (A large jet of flames is continuously blown at Naruto. Naruto lets go of the fan and runs to his right, however, Tobi, as he is continuing to blow the flames, grasps hold of the chain of his fan, reels it in, and grasps the hilt with both hands. Tobi then fans the flame, causing a tidal wave of flames preparing to overlap Naruto.

Naruto turns to face the flames, grinds his teeth then lets out a blood curdling shout, which generates a huge chakra wave that dissipates the flames; Tobi re-positions his mask. Naruto, using his speed, instantly closes the gap between him and Tobi.)

Tobi (in thought): “He’s very quick.” (Naruto leads in with a jab, but it is blocked by the flat side of the fan, which is cracked from the impact.)

Naruto: “UHAAAAA!” (Naruto then delivers a powerful cross, which shatters the fan. Tobi then uses his right hand to send a small wave out that carries the shrapnel from the fan racing at Naruto. Naruto covers his face with his forearms, as they sustain lacerations.)

Naruto (in thought): “Another one of Pain’s techniques, but the force was much weaker than his… Is his control over the Rinnean more limited than Pain’s?”

(Tobi races at Naruto, prompting Naruto to perform a side kick, however, Tobi just phases right through him. As Naruto turns around, Tobi’s chain loops around Naruto’s neck. Tobi then strengthens the choke by crisscrossing his arms in place, with a hand on each end of the chain. Naruto slumps to his knees, gagging and struggling for breath.)

Naruto: “AAHHHHHH!!!”

Naruto (in thought): “He’ll choke the life out of me. (Naruto reaches for the chain around his neck with his hands, but his body doesn’t work right.) I know this feeling. He’s disrupting my chakra with these strange devices, just like Nagato…”

(Naruto starts foaming at the mouth.)

Tobi: “Once I’m done with you I’ll finish the others and tend to the Mazou. (Tobi yanks Naruto to his face.) Look at you… At the height of your powers I have you gasping for air… This is why Eye of the Moon is necessary… Even if you try your best, odds are, only few can succeed. I want to create a world where everyone can succeed.”

(Meanwhile, Kakashi, on top of a cliff, stands up.)

Kakashi: “Naruto!”

(The scene switches over to Bee and Gai’s location.)

Gai: “I think we should help Naruto out!”

Killer Bee: “Yeah, it’s about that time.”

(The scene switches back to Tobi and Naruto’s location. Naruto stands to his feet.)

Tobi (in thought): “What!” (Naruto slips his right hand between the chain and the front of his neck, causing some slack.)

Naruto: “Controlling us is different from controlling some subdued zombie-pet!” (Naruto shatters the chain.)

Tobi: “So I’ll just have to kill you then! ”(Naruto makes a handseal, and then the ground begins to shake.)

Naruto: “I’M NOT DYING, my will is that of everyone-A flame that can’t be distinguished by the likes of you!”

(Two small chakra arms form on each finger of Naruto’s hands. Mini Rasen Shuriken forms above each finger, for a total of 10 mini Rasen Shuriken, prompting the small chakra arms to retreat. Naruto leaps backwards and sends off a mini Rasen Shuriken. It is heading towards the ground where Tobi stands. Tobi flips away and rushes off as a basketball sized sphere of the destruction roughs up the ground. Naruto gives chase. Naruto manages to quickly close the gap as he’s right on Tobi’s heels.)

Tobi (in thought) “I can’t afford to use my sharingan’s jutsu so casually. I’ll have to use my Rinnegan and Sharingan to outsmart him.”

(Naruto slings off two mini Rasen Shurikens, one near the back of Tobi’s head, the second near Tobi’s legs. Tobi turns his head backwards, spins his body to face Naruto, and jumps in between the gap separating the two Rasen Shuriken, avoiding them effortlessly.)

Naruto (in thought) “Shit he’s too close for the Rasen Shuriken!” (Tobi does a quick jab cross combo to Naruto’s face, followed by an uppercut, then a round kick to the gut, sending Naruto crashing to the ground. Naruto holds up his hands as he slides across the ground to avoid losing the jutsu.

Tobi then proceeds to pick up a rock.)

Tobi: “This is a grudge match…”

(Tobi throws the rock at the downed Naruto. Naruto barely avoids it by moving his head. Chakra arms from Naruto’s torso forces Tobi backwards. Naruto then tosses two mini Rasen Shurikens at the ground, knocking up dust and debris, clouding Tobi’s vision. The scene switches over to a random spot some good distances behind Tobi. The ground breaks apart, as chakra arms appear to be the culprit of the disturbance. Naruto appears from the hole made by the chakra arms.)

Naruto (in thought): “Good, he doesn’t suspect me yet.” (Naruto tosses two of his remaining five mini Rasen Shurikens at Tobi’s location. Naruto then speeds off, rushing ahead of the recently thrown Rasen Shurikens, leaving them in the dust. Tobi hears Naruto as he gets close, prompting Tobi to turn around.)

Tobi: “How you get behind me!?”

Naruto: “Don’t worry about it!”

Naruto (in thought): “Have to have his eyes focused on me so he doesn’t see my jutsu too soon.”

(Naruto leads with his left hand, the hand with no Rasen Shurikens on it, Tobi simply smacks the punch out of the way. Naruto then throws a high round kick, Tobi just ducks it.)

Naruto (in thought): “Now!”

Tobi (in thought): “That noise!” (Naruto cartwheels out of the way, meanwhile the Rasen Shuriken are flying towards Tobi’s feet. Tobi jumps up into the air.)

Naruto (in thought): “He’ll have trouble dodging in midair!” (Naruto tosses a mini Rasen Shuriken near Tobi’s torso; Tobi absorbs it using the Rinnegan’s power. Before Tobi realizes it, another mini Rasen Shuriken is nearing Tobi’s face.)

Tobi (In thought): “The jutsu’s so fast at this range I can’t dodge it. Damn it, I didn’t have enough downtime for me to use that path's power again! I’ll have to use my sharingan.”

(As the mini Rasen Shuriken is passing through the right side of Tobi’s mask, the last mini Rasen Shuriken above Naruto’s finger warps away. Instantly, Tobi’s mask is blown open, causing blood, and debris from his mask to spew forward. Naruto notices that Tobi’s stunned, so he uses this opportunity to charge up a Rasengan, and blitz Tobi’s torso with it as they both slam into the ground. The scene switches over to Kakashi’s location.)

Kakashi: (in thought): “I finally found an opening… Huh, huh…” (Kakashi’s Mangekyou retreats. Meanwhile, Gai and Bee are in a state of amazement from watching the battle unfold favorably. The scene focuses back on Naruto and Tobi’s location. Naruto stands up as his super-powered form dissipates. Tobi, whose back is to us, holds his chest in place.)

Naruto: “Soo, that’s how you look…”

Next Time: “Tobi's Past

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